8 mistakes a high-quality man will never make in a relationship

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A “high value” man is a new term floating around online. But it isn’t a new concept.

While the definition is a little open to interpretation, a high-quality man generally means a man who is confident, competent, and committed in a relationship.

They live self-responsibly, communicate well, and treat their partners respectfully, lovingly, and attentively.

When a man is high-quality, there are things he will do and things he categorically won’t do when in a relationship with a woman.

Let’s explore what those things are in this list of 8 mistakes a high-quality man will NEVER make in a relationship with a woman.  

1) Making his partner feel like they aren’t the priority

One thing a high-quality man will never do in a relationship is make his partner feel unimportant.

He won’t make time for everyone except her – always canceling on date night (or not scheduling it at all) and forgetting to text her when he’s going out with friends.

Instead, he’ll make sure his wife or girlfriend knows she’s a priority in his life – even when they’re not spending time together.

He’ll be able to strike a good balance between spending time with each other and having time apart.

And he’ll never make her feel like his mates down the pub, that girl who has an Instagram grid he likes, or his ex-girlfriend is more of a priority than her.

2) Cheating – however that’s defined in your relationship

Cheating is defined as being unfaithful to your partner. The exact definition of what it means to be “unfaithful” is completely dependent on the people in the relationship.

Because what’s classed as cheating in your relationship could be entirely different from someone else’s.

Like for some people, cheating is when you kiss or sleep with someone else. For others, messaging other girls is considered cheating.

And for some, even liking a girl’s picture on Instagram is classed as being unfaithful.

Whatever it is that’s agreed on in the relationship, a high-value man will know where the boundaries lie (ideally without being told) and won’t consider crossing them.

Because he only gets into relationships he genuinely wants to be in, so being unfaithful won’t even be an option.

And he’ll never make the mistake of cheating on his girl – not even “accidentally” or “because he was drunk”.

3) Rarely (or never) giving compliments

A high-value man won’t want his partner to feel any less than the best. So, he’ll make it a regular occurrence to give her compliments.

Like he’ll notice when she’s made an effort for date night or styled her hair differently for work today.

And he’ll tell her how pretty she looks or how nice her new hairstyle is.

Because everyone loves compliments (it’s human nature, according to studies) and a high-quality man knows how important it is to give compliments when you’re in a relationship.

It makes the other person feel special, important, and valued. And never or rarely giving compliments is a mistake no high-value man will make in a relationship.

4) Hiding his true feelings

Historically (and generically) speaking, it’s always been slightly harder for men to talk about their feelings than women.

But in today’s world, it’s becoming more known how important it is for men to be true to themselves and how they feel.

That means letting his emotions out and staying true to his feelings. If he’s feeling hurt about something, he won’t hide how he feels.

Instead, he knows that communication is key in a relationship and will find time to discuss things with the person he loves.

Because keeping quiet will only make the issue bigger and cause more damage to the relationship (and himself) over time.

5) Never letting his guard down

No one likes to be hurt in a relationship. When you’ve been in love and experienced heartbreak before, it’s quite easy to put up your walls and never let them down.

But the only people that really affects long-term is you and your partner – and not in a good way.

Always keeping one foot out the door in case you get hurt again can leave you more likely to get heartbroken than if you give your all to someone.

A high-value man is secure (and healed) enough to let his guard down with someone he loves.

He lets himself be loved and takes the risk of it not working out – because it’s the only way to make a relationship successful.

6) Not carrying his fair share of the emotional labor

Emotional labor is another new term, but it certainly isn’t a new concept.

It refers to the brainpower involved in planning, managing, and maintaining a relationship and/or a household.

As many new reports have suggested, it’s historically been known as the “unappreciated and unacknowledged burden disproportionately carried by women”.

But a high-value man won’t make the mistake of letting his partner carry all the burdens in their relationship.

Instead, he’ll be familiar with the term (or at least be able to recognize what it means) and takes on his fair share of the life admin – ideally without needing to be asked.

7) Neglecting to date

Letting the spark fizzle out is a mistake no high-quality man will make.

He’ll continue to find ways to create new memories and have new experiences with the woman he loves – even when they’ve been together for years.

Continuing to date in your relationship, no matter how long you’ve been together, is something all relationship experts swear by.

By treating your partner, surprising them, and making them feel special, you keep the spark alive in a long-term relationship.

8) Complimenting other women

Everyone has different boundaries in their relationship. But – generally speaking – everyone has a slight jealous trait.

When you’re in love with someone, you don’t normally like to hear about how hot he thinks another person is. Or worse – how much he’d like to sleep with them!

A high-value man knows what boundaries his partner has, and he won’t cross them.

So if his girlfriend doesn’t like knowing he thinks her friend is hot, he won’t say it.

And he won’t excessively compliment other women (or like their pictures) if it negatively impacts her self-confidence.

Final thoughts

A high-quality man doesn’t mean someone who’s rich or fits the traditional idea of “masculine”.

It’s all about his actions, the way he thinks, and the way he chooses to live his life.

And because of his traits and behaviors, high-quality men can often be more successful in relationships with women.

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