We all desire comfort and security. Unfortunately, this is what causes most of suffering.

We desire a fixed state for our attachments, without realizing that the world is in constant flux. Nothing ever stays the same, and if we want to flow with the conditions of the universe, then we need to learn to accept change.

Fortunately, mindfulness expert Leo Babuata has explained practically how to deal with uncertainity.

Below we go over some of his suggestions and how you can implement them in your daily life.

Leo describes adopting this attitude as the way of openness. If you want to overcome fear and negative emotions, then you to be open to life and all its miracles.

It’s about accepting all our feelings, without running away from them and being open to the constantly changing nature of what comes at us.

It takes a lot of courage to adopt this mindset, but it’s worth it. Here are 6 suggestions for embracing the Way of Openness:

The Art of the Way of Openness

1) Identify patterns

Try to recognize when you’re procrastinating, seeking distraction, becoming addicted to something, withdrawing….because these kinds of actions usually mean you’re avoiding the discomfort or fear of something. Notice what you’re comforts or distractions are.

2) Stay in touch

Once you understand your habits, you begin to notice them and instead of running away to them, you can face what is making you feel uncomfortable. Get in touch with the feeling of that negative emotion. Try to welcome it as a friend. For example, if it is an anxious feeling, recongize that is simply being an overprotective friend and learn to accept it.

3) Be open to the present moment

As you go throughout your day, try to focus on the present moment. The best way to do this is to focus on your senses and what they’re experiencing. Try to do this as many times as you can, even if it’s just for 5 seconds, as it will rewire your brain to be more in the present moment and less in the past and future.

4) Step into uncertainty

When things get difficult, try to stay with it. For example, if you’re starting a meditation practice, when it becomes uncomfortable, instead running away from those feelings, try to embrace them as a friend. Use curiosity, an open heart and a friendly smile to embrace these uncertain times.

5) Open your heart to others

So many of us naturally criticize others. Take a step back from your mind and simply observe it. When you notice that you’re judging, stop yourself and find something to appreciate about that person. Rewire your brain for compassion, instead of negativity.

6) Find gratitude for everything

Instead rejecting the present moment, or reacting negatively to situations or people, find a way to be grateful. Appreciate life for all that is and blessings that have been out forth on your journey. This can be one of the most powerful ways to shift your mindset from negative to positive.

If you adopt all of these strategies, you’ll become pretty good at being open to the present moment so you can enjoy the miracles of life. In the end, it’s about realizing that there’s nothing to be afraid of in this changing, uncertain, uncomfortable and miraculous world.

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