Men who get classier as they get older usually display these 7 subtle behaviors

Believe it or not, genuinely classy men in life are still quite rare. 

Sure, you can pretend to have class by suddenly, say, developing an interest in expensive liquors or cars, but this is all surface-level stuff. 

Class isn’t something you develop overnight. 

And frankly, contrary to popular opinion, being classy has very little to do with the contents of your bank account. 

Classiness ultimately comes down to life experiences. It comes from deep within. 

In this article, I’ll take you through the behaviors of men who become classier as they age. 

Let’s get to it! 

1) They communicate mindfully 

When it comes to truly classy men, still waters run deep. 

You may think you’re impressing people by being loud and boastful… but for those that count, you’re likely achieving the opposite. 

Classy men are all about good manners… something that is ultimately rooted in selflessness and humility. 

And there are fewer instances where your level of manners is more apparent than when you communicate with others.

Classy men tend to listen far more than they speak. 

When they open their mouths, they thoughtfully select their words; and, extreme cases aside, almost always keep their interactions respectful and courteous. 

2) They take pride in their appearance 

It may sound a bit superficial, but let’s be real, in life, your appearance matters. 

So if you want to come across as classy, investing time and energy in how you look will go always a long way. 

Classy men dress like, well, men. They dress their age, not like high school seniors. 

Through their sense of style, they consistently exude dignity, intelligence, and elegance.

So if you haven’t already, pay attention to things like grooming and clothing. 

Opt for timeless, classic, and well-fitted pieces rather than trendy, gauchely branded fits. 

Once you start looking good, you’ll notice a difference in how people treat (and respect) you almost immediately. 

3) They have courtesy and manners

We touched on manners earlier, but because of its wide scope, it’s worth mentioning again. 

Manners and classiness go together like the chips and salsa at your local Tex-Mex watering hole. 

Classy men don’t just limit their good manners to their communication styles, they know that when it comes down to it, it’s the little things that truly count. 

Hence, they’ll consistently show impressive manners by doing things like holding doors open, offering their seat, always saying “please” and “thank you,” having impeccable table etiquette, and so on. 

Remember, having good manners costs nothing. You’d be wise to make that investment. 

4) They are discreetly confident 

One of the hallmark traits of insecure, unclassy men is their constant need to seek attention and validation. 

Maybe they’ll post their entire lives on social media, getting a fleeting, dopamine-fueled, and superficial ego boost, from getting a few likes. 

Maybe in person, they’ll brag, name-drop, and attempt to impress others constantly. 

If your goal is to be classy, all the latter behaviors are counterproductive. 

This is because being classy has a lot to do with discretion… and quiet, still confidence.

Classy men rarely feel the need to boast because, for them, their validation is internal, coming from somewhere deep within. 

5) They have a deep appreciation for quality

Fun fact: if you aren’t losing friends, you aren’t truly growing. 

You see… when you’re young, you tend to want to hoard friends like they’re baseball cards or vintage stamps. 

I think we all know a few people who are “friends with everyone.” 

This mentality will often change as you get older and wiser.

Classy men tend to prefer quality over quantity in almost every aspect of life, from their possessions to their relationships. 

They know that having countless acquaintances and shallow friendships isn’t ultimately meaningful. 

They realize that their time in this world is finite, hence they’d much rather spend it on more fulfilling pursuits… and more importantly, more fulfilling relationships.  

6) They are financially responsible 

Classy men know how to handle money.

They don’t instantly blow all their hard-earned paychecks on material things like designer clothes or watches. 

Instead, they have financial literacy and wisdom.

Classy men tend to save, invest, plan for the future, and avoid debt and reckless spending. 

When I had my first taste of entrepreneurial success years ago, I would often live large. 

I’d take frequent business class vacations to exotic places as if I were some seasoned industry big shot, neglecting my business in the process.  

I naively thought the money would keep flowing–and that I’d be able to keep funding my fairly lavish lifestyle indefinitely. 

Well, to make a long story short, because of an extremely unfortunate incident, the cash flow one day abruptly vanished.

I had minimal savings, having spent it all on unnecessary things, on short-term pleasures. 

I was humbled in a flash, learning about money the hard way.  It was the lesson I sorely needed at the time. 

These days, I take a far more astute approach to dealing with my finances–and I’m far better off (and classier) because of it. 

7) They have an appreciation for culture 

Classy men tend to have varied, worldly interests. 

They don’t confine their knowledge of the world to sports, cars, MMA, or celebrities. 

Instead, they value the habit of lifelong learning, whether through reading, traveling, attending events, or immersing themselves in fresh, foreign experiences. 

They have an innate, deep-seated, yet non-pretentious appreciation for culture… for intellectual and artistic pursuits. 

Film, music, art, literature, food… classy men tend to be well-versed in these fields. 

This makes them naturally flexible. 

You can take a classy man anywhere and he can adjust because he has an almost heightened awareness of other cultures. 

He has the intellectual humility to realize that the world doesn’t revolve around him, and his behaviors and treatment of others will often reflect that. 

Final words 

Remember, it’s never too late to cultivate classiness. 

As mentioned, when it comes down to having genuine class, it’s the little things that go a long way. 

You don’t need to have the most expensive car or watch or designer manpurse. 

In the greater scheme of things, none of these things genuinely matter. 

When it comes to class, having good manners and being kind and respectful of others (and yourself) are far more critical than owning any physical asset. 

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