How Meditation Literally Changes Your Brain (and 5 Tips to do it Properly)

I’ll be honest – I’ve tried meditation on and off for the last two years, but I always found it too difficult.

I never stuck to a routine and couldn’t see the point.

But thanks to reading countless ideas on meditation on, I started taking it more seriously.

Over the past 3 months, I meditated every single day for 10-15 minutes. The result?

I was always a skeptic, but now I really do understand where all the research is coming from.

Meditation really is wondrous for your health and mind in so many ways.

For me, I’ve become more attuned with my own body and I can catch myself starting to stress and combat it before it takes hold.

This infographic from Happify is the perfect introduction to for any of you skeptics out there.

Hopefully this will be the catalyst to get into the routine and give it a go! Enjoy!