17 signs of magnetic attraction between two people (complete list)

Have you ever met someone where the attraction was incredibly strong and almost a physical force?

This magnetic attraction can be overwhelming and incredible. Magnetic attraction is also quite different than just mere lust or romantic infatuation.

Here’s a guide to how magnetic attraction functions and how to recognize when you’re experiencing it.

17 signs of magnetic attraction between two people (complete list)

Magnetic attraction is like regular attraction on steroids.

Yes, it’s really that strong.

Here are the top signs that you’re experiencing it.

1) You can’t stop looking at them

First off, let’s talk eye contact.

There are so many articles out there about attraction, dating, sex, marriage and romantic topics.

But I want to emphasize this very simple and very true point:

It all starts with eye contact and looking at someone.

Let’s put it this way:

We look closely and for a long time at things we find interesting in some way.

On an evolutionary level, we look at something closely when it can harm us or bring us physical or emotional pleasure and fulfillment.

If you can’t stop looking at someone and they can’t stop looking at you, you either hate each other’s guts, are scared, or have intense magnetic attraction.

Simple as that!

2) The feeling you get when you touch them is out of this world

Physical contact with someone you’re attracted to feels very good.

Physical contact with somebody you’re magnetically attracted to feels like a dose of pure joy and summer flowers wafting their scent over you while you skip for joy.

Yes, it’s that good.

Magnetic attraction really is like two magnets meeting, two very strong magnets.

You can feel the pull and you can almost hear the subtle click as you nestle into each other’s orbit.

It’s like you were made for them, and touching of any kind never gets old.

Even just holding hands feels like Heaven!

Like the Beatles sang:

Yeah, you’ve got that something

I think you’ll understand

When I feel that something

I want to hold your hand

3) They fill a hole inside you that you never even knew existed

The idea of being incomplete or spending your life looking for your “other half” can be really disempowering.

I think, however, that there is some truth to the idea that many of us can find real fulfillment in a loving partnership if it’s at the right time with someone who challenges us and stokes our strong interest.

One of the top signs of magnetic attraction between two people is that it feels like they fill a hole you never knew existed.

They scratch an itch that you always thought was unscratchable!

Whether the connection goes beyond the physical depends on this exact connection.

Maybe you’re just very much in lust.

Either way, you won’t doubt for a second that this is a level of desire of another magnitude.

This isn’t saying “wow, they’re hot!”

This is you trying not to let your mouth hang open and completely speechless when you see them.

4) An intense sensation of deja vu

Some people believe we have lived past lives and meet our other half in various lifetimes.

The idea of a twin flame actually has a backstory of this kind of some in their spiritual worldview.

Basically, our twin flame is someone who’s our other half and we come into contact with them in various lifetimes.

I don’t know if I believe it!

I do know that I’ve learned to keep a bit of an open mind about this stuff in some ways because truth is often stranger than fiction!

That said, an intense sensation of deja vu is a huge tell in terms of magnetic attraction between two people.

5) You can speak to each other with your eyes

At the very start, I mentioned the importance of the visual gaze and eye contact in falling in love and magnetic attraction.

This is a related sign.

You find you can communicate through looking at this person.

Seeing them gives you all sorts of clues into what they’re thinking and feeling, and you have the sense you can send signals and thoughts right back to them.

6) You’re not afraid to bare your soul

It’s not every day that you meet someone where you feel like you can really be yourself around them, but that’s how it is with magnetic attraction.

The words flow, the silences aren’t awkward, and the mutual interest is blindingly obvious.

Insecurity is gone, because you have no doubt they’re feeling that burn as well as you.

This makes you unafraid to bare your soul because you know that you’ll find a sympathetic (and beautiful) ear listening on the other end.

You can talk for hours about almost anything, and open up about personal subjects without feeling that you’ve become overly vulnerable or exposed.

It’s a great experience.

7) Your body language is a mirror

When we like someone or something, we mirror it.

It’s a biological and behavioral truth as old as time.

We copy what we like.

When you meet someone and there’s magnetic attraction, you will notice that your posture, the direction you’re pointing and even some of how you talk and act starts to mirror each other.

This is basically your body’s “tuning up” for each other and getting in sync.

She may twirl her hair and you twirl your mustache only seconds later.

Taking a conscious eye to it you’ll notice many serendipitous echoes between the two of you.

That’s magnetic attraction all right …

8) You feel you know them on a deeper level

In addition to the deja vu feeling I mentioned earlier, another wild phenomenon of magnetic attraction is a feeling of X-ray vision.

I don’t mean this in a physical sense (although you probably will find yourself how they look naked in record time).

What I mean is more like a soul x-ray.

It’s like you know them on a deeper level right away.

You see their smile at the bar or the conference table or in the bank office and it’s like you get a text message direct to your heart.

“Hi, it’s me.”

And when they say “me,” you get a whole rush of images, words and ideas about what that means.

It feels like you just know them and connect with them on some powerful wavelength that’s hard to define.


9) Outer labels effortlessly peel off you

One of the most important signs of magnetic attraction between two people is that labels don’t stick.

You could be from opposite ends of the political spectrum…

Different faiths, different ethnicities, even clashing business interests or warring nations…

But like Romeo and Juliet your attraction can’t be stopped (except by strong poison in their case. Hmm. Well, let’s think positive!)

The point is that no matter what society thinks of you or what category and identity label you’re in, the magnetic attraction overrides all that.

Even if you’re stressed, one look at this person wipes away your memory of the drama.

You just want to keep looking (and holding, and touching…)

10) You’re confused by the intensity of your feelings for them

The intensity of feelings that come up in magnetic attraction sweep over you in a thousand ways.

They will generally leave you feeling exhilarated and maybe even a bit scared.

Is this some kind of sacred union or is it sexual savagery?

Another common emotion and reaction you’ll have is just pure confusion.

How did this happen?

Where did this person even come from?

Is destiny real or are pheromones just super powerful?

You’re likely to feel buffeted around like Mike Tyson after a prize fight. But that’s not the result of punches to your head, it’s the result of a real commotion in your heart and loins.

11) No amount of contact satiates you

When you’re into someone a regular amount and find them hot as hell, you usually work it off in a month or two.

Magnetic attraction works differently.

More specifically, it doesn’t fade.

I mean sure, after twenty years together you might not want to jump in the sack quite as much.

But you’ll still want to.

And that’s saying something.

Magnetic attraction is strong beyond belief, and no matter how much you get, you want more.

Just make sure you take care of your ticker because this level of being turned on can elevate cardiovascular exercise to extreme levels.

12) The opinions of others on this person’s attractiveness or ugliness mean nothing to you

Like I said about labels, they tend to fall away when you’re with someone you’re magnetically attracted to.

People might joke about your height difference and petty things like that, but the criticisms can get more serious, too.

Perhaps they say this individual you’ve got the hots for is ugly, or looks “weird” or talks with a nasty lisp, or looks “creepy.”

You hear the words that your friends, family or random people say, but unlike in other situations where they might land and start affecting you, they just glance off you like rubber darts.


It means nothing.

Cool, so some people think your guy or girl is a freak who looks like shit.

It really makes zero difference to you.

In fact, if you’re being honest, the magnetic attraction you feel is so strong that you’re secretly glad when you hear people put them down, because it means you can have them more to yourself.

13) Their kiss is like an electric shock

When I say “like an electric shock” I don’t mean it’s painful.

The only kind of pain here is that it feels so good it almost hurts.

As John Mellencamp put it, “hurts so good.”


The way you feel when you lock lips with this person is like a waterfall of pleasure and emotion that holds you close and won’t let you go.

You feel more than you’ve ever felt in a kiss and you’re left stunned.

You won’t be wondering if the attraction is magnetic because before you even know what’s happening you’ll be kissing them again.

It’s like in Hollywood movies when two characters who are really hot for each other can’t stop making out and the camera starts circling around in big arcs while romantic music plays.

It’s like that, except you won’t be acting.

14) You start organizing your life around seeing them

This next point is not necessarily a good thing.

But it’s definitely common when there’s a high level of magnetic attraction going on.

This person becomes your priority to such an extent that you start basing decisions, scheduling, and your to-do list around them.

It takes a lot of discipline not to start doing this, and before you know it you may find that you are.

The best thing to do if this is you is to try your best to remember that the initial magnetic attraction doesn’t always last, nor is it always trustworthy.

That said, only those who haven’t felt this level of attraction would blame you for falling a little bit under its spell.

15) The judgments of others are easy to disregard

Like I’ve been saying here when you’re feeling this kind of attraction you’re not stressed about what others think.

The only person you’re focused on is the object of your desire.

You want them to put all their attention, intimacy and energy on you.

You want their undivided loyalty, time and focus.

The judgments of others about the two of you, or even about your life more broadly, begin to fade into the background.

Your attraction is at such a peak level that everything else begins to scale down in comparison to it.

This is the power of ultra-high attraction.

In this regard, you may also find yourself aligning in your life purpose as well.

Your attraction goes beyond the physical and emotional into your interest in pursuing a goal in life as well.

It’s great!

16) You love doing things together (even boring things)

Another thing about magnetic attraction is that it makes even everyday things seem great.

You don’t mind doing nothing with this person as long as you’re around them.

Boring doesn’t exist when you’re with them.

Somehow the same old routine never gets old, and new adventures come about naturally.

You feel like you can be fully yourself around them and like your time together never loses its shine.

17) You completely lose track of time around them

Another of the clearest signs of magnetic attraction between two people is losing track of time.

The hours fly by, and if you’re in a relationship or marriage even the years fly by.

You’re not counting, in fact, you may even be freaked out a bit by how much time has gone by without you realizing it.

You treasure every moment with them, yet at the same time, you’re also sometimes struck worrying about what would happen if you lost them or weren’t around them.

If you just met, you’ll notice that you’ve been talking for four hours and it literally feels like you just said hi a minute ago.

You wish it was earlier so you could just keep talking for another four hours.

That’s an uncommon, rare, and valuable connection…

That’s magnetic attraction at its finest!

Your integrity is aligning. Your stars are shining brightly, and you’re embracing this moment and this time which you’ll always treasure whether it lasts an hour more or the rest of your life.

Acting on the attraction

When feeling magnetic attraction, what you do next can make a huge difference.

Do you act on it or just see where it leads and let the other person make a move?

Each situation is different, but rest assured that it means something.

This level of attraction doesn’t come along often, and when it does you shouldn’t let it go too easily.

When you understand how to find love and intimacy in a healthy and real way, you’ll become much more surer about what to do about this magnetic attraction and whether to act on it.

Speaking in general, magnetic attraction can be an amazing start to a deep relationship, but it can also be a passing phenomenon that’s more about physical chemistry.

The difference lies in giving it some time and seeing what develops beyond the initial burst of magic.

Paul Brian

Paul R. Brian is a freelance journalist and writer who has reported from around the world, focusing on religion, culture and geopolitics. Follow him on www.twitter.com/paulrbrian and visit his website at www.paulrbrian.com

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