8 low-key habits of women who always seem to exude positivity

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Positive women are like a ray of sunshine, always making life more bearable for the people around them.

And it’s not that hard to be more like them either.

You can just start by trying to understand these 8 habits and making them part of your life.

1) They acknowledge the bad things in life

There are those who try to make themselves look “positive”, but always end up feeling fake no matter how hard they try.

There are many reasons for that, but one of the biggest things is that they disregard or minimize negativity.

Those women who genuinely exude positivity do so because they actually accept that negativity is part of life. 

And because of that, they know how to truly lift people up when they’re down, whether by words or actions.

2) They count their blessings

There’s plenty of good and bad in life, and often whether life is a blessing or a curse depends entirely on what it is that you look out for.

Positive women are the way they are because while they acknowledge that life isn’t all roses and sunshine, they would rather count their blessings than obsess over what they don’t have.

The thing is that if you make a habit of acknowledging your blessings daily—preferably in the morning—and being grateful for them, you’ll be naturally inclined to think positively eventually.

Sure, life is hard. But at least you have a roof over your head! Life could be better, but life could also be far worse…so while working on their goals, they try to appreciate the present.

3) They hack their happy hormones

Positivity isn’t all because of one’s outlook in life. Our bodies and environment have an incredibly strong effect on our mood, and this fact is not lost on positive women. 

They know, for example, that they’ll be a bit more depressive during wintertime, and more irate during their monthly period… as well as when they’re hungry.

So they anticipate these times when their mood is more or less guaranteed to take a nosedive so that they can find ways to deal with it.

Depending on the situation, that may mean eating comfort foods, petting their cat, taking a warm shower, or listening to upbeat music. 

4) They stay away from controversy

They know that the content they consume and the people they listen to can have a huge effect on the way they see the world.

That is why they make it a point to avoid shows intended to drum up controversy or hate, and to stay away from people who are addicted to taking part in drama.

That’s not to say they won’t make a stand for their principles when they need to, of course. They’ll defend them fiercely if they need to.

In general, however, they would just rather stay in their lane and avoid bringing needless drama into their lives.

5) They use positive words

The words we choose to say can have a huge effect on the mood around us, and those people who always seem to exude positivity are aware of that.

That’s why they choose their words with care. Instead of just saying “it’s impossible now!” they would try to say “things just got harder, but we can still do this!” 

People may call this being fake, but that’s far from the case. They simply choose to say the same thing in a more positive way. 

And of course, if their opinion is not important and they simply have no kind words to say, they’ll just keep their mouths shut instead of saying “that’s garbage!”

6) They refrain from being judgmental

Another thing that distinguishes genuinely positive women from those who are simply pretending is that genuinely positive women are open-minded.

They try to listen and see the goodness in everything and celebrate the things that make us unique, even if they don’t exactly understand what those things are.

Because of that, people feel at ease around them. They can simply speak their mind without feeling like they have to justify themselves.

They know that they’ll be accepted for who they are, and sometimes that one fact means the world to the least of us.

7) They surround themselves with positive people

Positivity encourages more positivity, and it should be no surprise that positive women tend to hang out with other positive people.

They bring out the best in each other and subconsciously inspire each other to continue being positive.

It’s not even something that they necessarily do consciously—similar people somehow end up gravitating to one another.

And sometimes, their positivity simply changes the people around them for the better.

8) They are supportive of others

Positive women are, unsurprisingly, a very optimistic sort. They believe that so long as there’s a will, there’s a way no matter what goals we might have set for ourselves.

So rather than tell someone they’re too ambitious, positive women would instead cheer them on and help them find ways to achieve their goals.

And this is the reason why we love sharing our goals with positive people.

Rather than try to tear us down with criticisms and harsh “truths”, they would rather believe that we can and help us find ways to overcome our challenges.

Last words

Genuinely positive women don’t just see that their cup is half full, they also acknowledge that it’s not full.

That is to say that they’re realistic. 

They acknowledge the negativity we all face in our daily lives, and try to be as understanding and positive as they could be. 

It’s not easy to just start thinking this way, especially if you’ve always been negatively inclined all your life. It will seem like it’d be easier to simply pretend that everything is alright.

The habits I’ve described in this article should be a good start, however. Just work on one habit at a time and you’ll find yourself slowly becoming a woman who’s overflowing with positivity.

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