10 little ways truly self-confident people always stand out

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There’s a magnetic appeal to self-confident people that’s hard to put your finger on.

Is it their looks? The way they carry themselves, or the way they talk?

They’re charming and always interesting…

What makes them that way?

While these are all possible factors, it’s actually all about an attitude.

Here are 10 little ways truly self-confident people always stand out.

1) They have unique ideas

Confident people have a strong sense of self-worth.

They’re unfazed by what other people think and say about them. They also don’t find the need to please people—like, at all.

And because of this, they’re able to think differently than the average folk.

They’ll express the most interesting opinions and ideas that you can’t help but go “Wow, this person’s truly one-of-a-kind.”

But the thing is, it’s not that they’re exemplary. 

They just don’t doubt themselves and are not afraid to show their uniqueness!

2) They’re honest and candid

Genuine self-confidence is invisible to the eye.

Some of the most insecure people I know are the ones that SEEM confident—they stand tall and have a booming voice. They’re even the life of the party.

But those things don’t equate to real confidence.

And one sign that someone is confident is that they can be totally honest.

They’ll express what’s on their mind without worrying that they’ll be judged or castigated.

They don’t try to win people over.

And so they say their piece, unrehearsed.

They never feel the need to over-explain themselves, and they don’t overthink things, too. 

This is why amidst other people with rehearsed scripts in their heads, the truly self-confident person’s candid honesty is so refreshing.

3) They know how to win your trust

One study showed that confident people have a much higher chance of getting hired due to their confidence alone.

You see, when someone believes in their abilities, you can’t help but trust them too.

You’d think “Wow. If they can say they’re good, then they must really be good.”

In general, we subconsciously tend to trust a person with just the right amount of self-confidence.

But even the most seasoned headhunters will choose someone with more self-confidence over a person with a similar skillset who has less of it.


Because second-guessing consumes time, and time is money. 

If a person doesn’t know how to win someone’s trust, then it’s a terrible situation.

The truly self-confident person’s energy is focused on the other person, not on their insecurities.

They listen and give their full attention. 

They share with a quiet confidence that has no inhibitions. And this openness wins peoples’ trust.

4) They’re a good sport

The truly self-confident never really lose anything. 

If you win the game, they’d congratulate you while truly admiring your skills and learning from you.

If you give them negative feedback, they’d even thank you for being honest and get back to work, happy to see things from a different perspective.

And if they make a fool of themselves, they laugh and move on.


Self-confident people are not too attached to their ego. Unlike insecure people who take everything too seriously, they take things lightly.

Because they consider themselves always worthy even if they’re not the best at everything.

No matter what happens, their self-worth is fixed and doesn’t ever go down the drain.

5) They keep getting better at things

Generally, people who are lacking in self-confidence have a hard time improving themselves.

They hate getting feedback, they’re shy to ask for help or to collaborate, and they’re always asking themselves “Do I really have what it takes?”

People who are truly self-confident keep getting better at what they do because:

  • They believe they can achieve something (success starts in the mind, after all).
  • They love getting feedback
  • They collaborate with others well
  • They trust their vision
  • They’re not afraid of failure

This is the reason why those who are called “delusional” by critics have a higher chance of making their dreams come true.

Afterall, if you’re just staying in your comfort zone, not aspiring to achieve, nor even pursuing your dreams, you’re already failing.

6) They’re an open book

Let me ask you this—would you rather be with someone who’s guarded or with someone who’s willing to share everything about their life to you?

I’d personally want to be with those who are open. 

This will make me learn more about them, which could make our friendship more intimate and authentic.

Self-confident people have no problems baring their all…and this is one of the reasons why they always stand out.

They don’t ever self-censor because they have no problem at all with having flaws or weaknesses. 

Everyone has it! 

But unlike most, the truly self-confident don’t feel less of a person for having it.

7) They know how to carry a conversation

Self-confident people are always “game” to talk to people—even if they’re introverts at heart.

They ask questions, 

They give their insights,

They even engage in a debate sometimes if it’s on something they’re passionate about.

And people who are like this are a joy to be around. 

You don’t have to always be the one carrying the conversation because you know they’re more than willing to lead, too. 

While faux self-confident people will want to dominate the conversation, the truly self-confident invites others in.

They skillfully coax other people to share and join in the conversation so even the really shy ones find themselves drawn to share and express.

And suddenly, the conversation has such levity and everyone feels seen and deeply listened to.

That’s how it feels to be with those who are truly self-confident, and it’s no wonder they’re everyone’s favorite. 

8) They’re not shy to showcase their talents

People who have low self-confidence think lowly of themselves—even if everyone thinks they’re great!

Because they’re scared of being judged, you would have to beg before they’d share to you their work or their thoughts.

On the other hand, those who are self-confident are always willing to share the things they do.

It’s not finished yet? No worries:“It’s a work-in-progress!,” they’ll proudly share.

They’re still beginners learning a new language? They’ll playfully engage with anyone who will engage and get better with more practice.

They don’t do it to brag per se, they want to do it to connect with people. After all, aren’t we here to share to each other what we’re all about?

They know they’re not the best at everything, but who’s competing? 

Certainly NOT self-confident people!

9) They’re generous

Because they’re willing to share their thoughts and talents, they’re more generous too.

If someone asks “Can someone help me make a video?”

The talented but unconfident will just keep quiet. 

They’ll wait for others to notice them and ask them. And even then, they might still say no because they’re not sure of their skills.

A self-confident person would not hesitate to offer help—they’ll volunteer it.

Of course they know they’re no David Lynch but they’re also aware of their abilities…and that should be enough.

So you see, self-confident people stand out because they’re not hiding themselves like a wallflower. 

And in the end, they end up being well-liked, too.

10) They make others feel good about themselves

Truly self-confident people are loved by many. And it’s not because they’re gregarious or brave or expressive or upbeat.

It’s because they are experts at making others feel good about themselves.

While most insecure people struggle with giving praise, the truly self-confident give genuine praise generously.

If someone’s better at them at say—painting. They won’t hesitate to tell them they’re good at it! A better writer? They’ll buy the book and leave genuine glowing reviews.

Unlike insecure people, they know that pushing others up won’t pull them down. 

They’re also very positive. 

They believe in others the way they believe in themselves.

So when you tell them you’re working on a project, they’d be all ears and even be more excited than you because they truly believe anything can happen if we just try.

Final thoughts:

“Little ways? It doesn’t seem like that at all!”

While it can feel like these are unattainable goals, you must know that even the most self-confident people don’t stay that way 24/7.

Just like most of us, they also have moments when they break down and doubt themselves.

But what really makes them stand out is that they don’t give up on themselves—EVER!

Even when it feels like the whole world is against them or the goal is too impossible, the truly self-confident never abandon themselves.

They trust themselves, even when no one else does. And they give this kind of energy to others, making them everyone’s ray of sunshine.

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