10 little-known body language signs that someone is truly in love

We all want to believe in love. But how can you tell if someone is truly in love with you?

Often, it’s not as clear as we’d like, which can make things a little tense and uncomfortable.

You spend your time trying to read between the lines, deciphering every word, every glance, every touch. And what do you get in return?

You guessed it; a whole load of confusion and uncertainty.

And this doubt and worry can slowly eat away at you whilst you waste hours picking out daisy petals.

He loves me, he loves me not…

If you’re feeling this way, trust me, you are not alone.

It’s a common struggle to interpret the subtle signs of love. Love is confusing.

But maybe, just maybe, the signs are there and you just don’t see them. You might be sporting a few more crushes than you thought.

Today, we’re going to cover 10 little-known body language signs that someone is truly in love with you.

Some might well surprise you. 

Who knows how many anonymous admirers you have behind closed doors?

1) They lean in when you talk

Our bodies communicate without words and you might find yourself having the best time with someone, getting along like a house on fire. 

Then, you sit back and observe one another’s body language; you’re both leaning in so close to the other, you’re almost touching.

Whilst respecting each other’s personal space, leaning in towards the other person is a powerful body language sign of attraction and interest. It indicates that the person is fully engaged and invested in what you’re saying

They want to hear every word, every detail, and by leaning in they’re expressing that non-verbally.

The next time you’re with that special someone, notice if they lean into your conversations; this might just be a giveaway sign of their true feelings for you.

2) They touch their face

Now, this one might seem a bit odd. Touching their face, mid-convo?

Non-verbal communication such as anxious fidgeting or touching our faces has been long debated. It indicates lying, shout some. It indicates love, shout others.

You get nervous around people you love, don’t you? At least a little bit.

And nervously touching our faces or running or fingers through our hair is a commonly used self-soothing habit.

In addition, when we’re attracted to someone or have deep feelings for them, our body releases chemicals that make our face feel tingly or flushed

This often leads us to subconsciously touch our faces. 

So, if your partner often touches their face when they’re with you, they might be more smitten than you think.

3) They mirror your movements

Mirroring is a well-studied psychological phenomenon where people tend to mimic and repeat-back the actions and behaviors of those they are interested in. 

It’s often subconscious (although some do use it consciously), and often a surefire sign of attraction. 

If your partner often mirrors your movements – they cross their legs when you do, or they take a sip from for their drink at the same time – it’s pretty a good indication that they are at least harboring some positive feelings towards you!

It’s their body’s way of tuning in with yours, and you’d hardly want to tune in to someone you disliked now, would you?

4) They hold eye contact (or get too nervous to meet your gaze)

Eye contact goes one of two ways, when we’re in love.

Either we go all deep and meaningful and want to sink into their irises and live there…

Or, we get so anxious and nervous that we can barely hold their gaze.

So, keep an eye out for any deviations in this person’s eye contact.

Are they staring so deep into your skull, you’re wondering if they might pierce through something?

Or are they getting all hot and bothered, and finding it almost impossible to even catch your eye for a second? 

If your partner often holds your gaze, without the need to look away, it’s as if they’re trying to connect with you on a deeper level. 

They could also want to connect, but be so flustered by you that their body is shocking them out of it. If so, give them a helping hand and be reassuring.

5) They smile genuinely

A genuine smile is not just about the upward curve of the lips. 

I’m sure you know the difference between being told to “say cheese” (the best way to mimic a proper smile), versus staring at your camera roll and wondering why your smile looks so fake and soulless.

This is because a genuine smile involves the entire face, especially the eyes. This was coined the ‘Duchenne Smile’, after a 19th century scientist who first studied the expression.

If your partner often gives you a full-faced smile – one where their eyes crinkle up with joy – it’s a good sign that they’re truly in love with you. They can’t fake that level of glee.

6) They face you directly

As I mentioned above, our bodies tend to give away what the mouth is keeping to itself. 

One subtle sign is the direction our body takes when we’re with someone. If your partner often positions their body to face you directly, it’s a pretty good indication that they’re harboring some heart-fluttering feelings for you. 

Watch out for this, followed by the mirroring I mentioned above.

This body positioning coupled with certain mirrored gestures will undoubtedly signal that they’re giving you their complete and undivided attention and are genuinely interested in your presence.

7) They pay attention to details

You know when you get carried away telling your coworkers about what you got up to at the weekend (quite a boring story that involves little else than a spin class and various glasses of wine.)

Everyone else seems to lose interest in your narrative bar that one person, who actually asks for more details.

Someone who urges you to spill more, who remembers even the tiniest of details you share with them, and shows interest in what you get up to everyday might as well be holding a flag and waving ‘I’M INTERESTED IN YOU.’

Not that your weekend summary is boring…

But we all have finite time, hence giving someone our full attention and even asking that they share more with us is a pretty big sign of interest.

8) Their pupils dilate

Did you play this one at school? Where you stalked right up to your highschool crush and stared down their pupils, breathlessly hoping that they’d dilate a tiny bit and you could sleep in certainty that they were head-over-heels in love with you?

Did you know our pupils dilate when we see something we love

Studies have shown that when we are attracted to someone or have deep feelings for them, our pupils naturally dilate. 

Don’t stare too hard, but use this one to your advantage and see if your partner’s pupils get a little bit bigger next time you’re in their presence.

9) They brush against you

Physical touch is a powerful communicator of affection. 

Where the lips say nothing, watch out for someone who finds reasons to brush up against you.

(As long as it’s still appropriate…)

If your partner often finds reasons to subtly nudge you on the shoulders or skim a hand past your waist, it shows they want to be close to you. 

It’s their way of expressing their affection physically.

10) They nod while you speak

Nodding is a simple yet powerful sign of agreement and understanding.

And although this isn’t to say that you should take your boss nodding along with your work presentation as a sign of undying love, someone who you are interested in and vice versa will likely show appreciation and interest in what you have to say, non-verbally.

This is a small gesture which can go a long way in exposing someone who is invested fully in us and appreciates the opinions or ideas which we want to share.

They love me, they love me not…

Unfortunately, body language can only take us so far.

So even if you notice all 10 elements present in someone engaging with you, don’t jump the gun.

You can use these less known signals that someone is harboring feelings for you to your advantage, to then initiate more conversation, or perhaps even a date.

But don’t rush things nor jump into the arms of someone who is nodding. Especially if it’s the pizza delivery guy, just trying to get his tip.

And above all – make sure you like them too before jumping to next phases!

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