Lisa Nichols Speak & Inspire review: Is it worth it? My verdict (2023)

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Are you the type of person who dreads speaking up at meetings?

Do you loathe doing presentations?

Or have you even frozen up when meeting a stranger at a party because you couldn’t think of anything to say?

If any of these situations are relatable, then Lisa Nichols’ Speak & Inspire course is perfect for you.

Unlike other public speaking classes, Lisa Nichols’ exclusive Mindvalley class will teach you how to be the most engaging and charismatic speaker in the room using techniques to boost your confidence.

You will be instructed on how to tell exciting stories, make an impactful first impression, and more.

Check out my review of the course below.

Why I Decided To Check Out The Speak And Inspire Mindvalley Class

Being an introvert can be difficult. It’s easy for me to muster the confidence I need when I’m talking to people I’m comfortable with.

My problem is that I tend to shy away when talking with strangers because I’m afraid of putting my foot in my mouth, so to speak.

And because I never overcome my awkward first impression, it’s harder to develop personal or professional relationships further.

Still, I’ve always wanted to become a more polished and poised speaker so I could share my ideas in forums, business meetings, and networking parties.

It’s always been the case where I felt like I had good ideas and insights but I lacked the natural charisma to properly express them to others.

So obviously, I became intrigued when I heard about Lisa Nichols’ Speak and Inspire class on Mindvalley.

I first encountered Lisa Nichol’s when I came across this clip.

Although it’s on the shorter end, I thought she was promoting a wise habit.

I decided to dig deeper into her Mindvalley class because I was sure she would have other inspiring tips to impart.

Her course promises to make you unforgettable as a speaker, as she teaches:

  • How to include stories to capture your audience’s attention
  • How to articulate your message to move and inspire others
  • How to make the perfect first impression
  • How to forge deeper connections with people, whether it’s 1 person or a crowd of 1000 at a time

Aside from the official course description, I also checked reviews about the class to see what I would be signing up for.

Each daily video lasts anywhere from 11 – 25 minutes, so you can squeeze it in your morning or evening routines.

As mentioned in one review, it can get pretty intense (but insightful!), as Lisa Nichols is truly passionate about the subject.

You’ll really see her expertise shine through, but expect to possibly shed a few tears as she encourages students to reflect and be vulnerable.

In fact, I was a little wary before signing up as one review warned me that one of the first Daily

Action assignments involves posting a Facebook Live video on the Speak and Inspire group.

Although it only needs to be two minutes long, it can be a slightly stressful experience.

I did think that it was necessary, though. Lisa Nichols encourages you to cry and feel deeply in order to understand your story better.

Overall, I was pumped to try the course out because so many glowing reviews said they had never experienced any class like this before.


What Is Mindvalley?

If you’re a newbie to Mindvalley, here’s everything you need to know:

Mindvalley is a learning platform for passionate people who are committed to learning more about personal growth, self-development, and total transformation.

As an alternative educational platform, Mindvalley courses are designed to inspire you for living a creative, meaningful, and excellent life.

Each Mindvalley class is broken down into daily, digestible clips that help you work towards gradual improvement.

Although Mindvalley might not offer as many classes as other platforms, they continually add high-quality, unique courses taught by renowned professionals — making sure every penny you spend counts.

How Much Does Mindvalley Cost?

If you’re only interested in Mindvalley’s Speak and Inspire Quest, it will cost you $349 for the Digital Access Pass.

However, I highly recommend signing up for the annual Mindvalley All-Access Pass for $499 instead so you can unlock over 30 Mindvalley programs covering a wide range of topics.

Aside from the course packagers, the All-Access Pass also entitles you to membership in Mindvalley’s exclusive workshops and mentoring classes.

And if you suddenly decide that Mindvalley is not for you, they offer a one-time, 30-day refund guarantee.


What the Speak and Inspire Class Is All About

Through this course, students learn how to listen to others, how to speak your truth, and how to speak with intention.

The Speak and Inspire Class is divided into the following four major parts:

1) Mastering The Power of Your Voice and Message:

The first section of the Speak and Inspire class is a deep look inwards so you can uncover your unique communication gifts.

The first concept is language, which builds connections with others through the value in your words and the essence of your stories — even if you think you don’t have any to share.

The second concept is voice, which is the doorway to your needs and wants as it influences the people you engage with.

2) Defining Your Listener’s Experience:

The second section of the Speak and Inspire class talks about your intention as a speaker and how you want your listeners to understand what you’re saying and what you want to impart, whether it’s motivational, informational, or transformational.

Lisa Nichols teaches you techniques to boost your confidence in communicating, diffuse and heal tensions, and unlock a new level of passion for the causes you value.

3) Muscle Developed Through Action:

The third section of the Speak and Inspire class is all about practicing techniques to improve your communication style and make you more persuasive, engaging, and charismatic.

Some of these techniques include:

Safe Environment: Creating a space free of judgment so a listener trusts and opens up to you.

Body Language: Strengthening your message through small but significant gestures.

Echo, Repeat, Respond: Allowing listeners to feel like they are active participants, rather than passive audiences in the conversation.

Verbal Highlights: Emphasizing on vital elements in your story to attract your audience’s attention and keep them focused on you.

Pregnant Pause: Staying silent during key moments to amplify the impact of your words.

Speaking To 1 or 100: The final section of the Speak and Inspire class puts together everything you’ve learned so you can rock every speech, presentation, and conversation you become a part of.

Strengthen bonds with loved ones, persuade listeners, and influence people with your authenticity and uniqueness as you share your truth.

Lisa Nichols gives instructions on how to use music and sensory stimulations so you can give awesome speeches and presentations as well.


Who Is Speak and Inspire Mindvalley Class For?

Communication is a skill every person should develop, whether you’re 18 or 80 years old.

Strong communication skills are a huge factor in gaining wealth, developing higher self-esteem, and maintaining good relationships with people.

Unfortunately, few of us are naturally blessed with powerful communication abilities.

Try as we might, it can be difficult to share your ideas or persuade people to see your point if you’re struggling to find exactly the right words to say.

If you feel like your communication skills could benefit from additional instruction, then Mindvalley’s Speak and Inspire class is for you.

The course is developed with busy people in mind, as each lesson is a bite-sized video for 30 days.

Many of the assignments are designed to help you open up to communicate authentically and effectively. I especially recommend this course for:

  • Creatives doing podcasts or YouTube videos who want to have more impact, draw in loyal subscribers, and grow their following
  • Professionals who regularly have to deliver messages, reports, presentations, and the like in front of various audiences
  • People who want to improve their bonds with loved ones or heal broken relationships through communication


Other Mindvalley Classes You Might Be Interested In

You might be wondering if Lisa Nichols’ Speak and Inspire course is right for you.

If you decide that you don’t really have a need for instruction on public speaking, why not try other Mindvalley course offerings? Here are three of my top related picks:

The Power of Boldness: Have you ever had a Big Idea that you really want to fulfill but you find yourself stuck? The Power of Boldness can help you unlock a new mindset that will allow you to disrupt what is and shoot for success. Check it out here.

Ultimate Leadership: Rethink leadership as you know it. Mindvalley’s Ultimate Leadership course studies the best practices of leading business consultants, C-suite execs, and top industry performers for insights on brilliant leadership amidst disruptive and chaotic times. Check it out here.

Mastering Authentic Networking: In the Mastering Authentic Networking program, students learn how to develop authentic, transformational relationships in their personal and professional life, letting them become well-connected and unstoppable. Check it out here.


What Makes Lisa Nichols The Perfect Mentor?

Lisa Nichols is a best-selling author and motivational speaker who has been invited all over the world to share her secrets on public speaking and communication.

From a struggling single mom to a speaker who connects with 80 million people per year, Lisa Nichols will show you how to cultivate your self-confidence and embrace your vulnerability.

So who was Lisa before all the success?

Lisa was a single mom living on government aid.

At the time, she only had $11.42 to her name and used a towel as a diaper for her infant son.

She eventually found a job running the Family Resource Center for the LA Unified School District, saving part of her paycheck to fund her future.

In 2006, she made an appearance in the self-help documentary film called The Secret and began attending more lectures on how to encourage and empower people.

Eventually, she was invited as a speaker for several events herself.

Lisa Nichols is now the CEO of her own company, Motivating the Masses, one of the top training and development companies around the globe.

Aside from being an influential speaker, Lisa Nichols is also a bestselling author of six books, including New York Times’ bestseller No Matter What.

As one of the most sought-after speaking coaches around, she has been invited to speak on the Oprah Winfrey show and has made appearances on the Today Show, the Dr. Phil Show, and the Steve Harvey Show as well.

Lisa Nichols continues to use her voice to transform, influence, and shape lives — especially teenagers.

Her non-profit organization Motivating The Teen Spirit is estimated to have touched the lives of 270,000 teens, prevented 3,800 suicides, encouraged 2,500 dropouts to re-continue their education, and helped countless people reunite with their families.

With all that said, it’s obvious that Lisa Nichols is the perfect mentor because she has known both hardship and success.

She understands what it’s like to struggle and overcome defeat.

And as she has worked with so many people throughout the course of her life, she brings her insights from these experiences to Mindvalley’s Speak and Inspire class.

It goes without saying that she is a fantastic teacher and speaker.

I deeply appreciated how Lisa Nichols showed the power of words and how you should take responsibility for what you say. Expect to learn a lot if you sign up for her class.


Everything You Get With Lisa Nichols’ Speak and Inspire Class

Before you sign up to Lisa Nichols’ Speak and Inspire course, you might appreciate knowing everything you get with the program:

  • Full, lifetime digital access to the course
  • Access to the Speak and Inspire Facebook Community
  • A bonus, pre-recorded coaching call on Creative Visualization
  • 6-hours of video coaching for 30 days

Amongst the library of Mindvalley courses, the Speak and Inspire Facebook Community is incredibly active and supportive as it’s also the portal where you get to practice your newfound skills.

As for the 30-day program, Lisa Nichols guides you through a series of tools, techniques, and principles to bring out the communicator in you.

Aside from daily interactions, the video coaching will let you set aside a few days for reflection so you can think about what you’ve learned so far.

Don’t worry; you can work at your own pace and review the content once you’re finished with it.

To have a better sense of the program Lisa Nichols designed for the class, here is a summary of the curriculum:

Uncover and Own Your Voice: Learn how to unearth the unique and powerful messages in your heart, which you can share with the world. With this section, you will gain the confidence you need to speak up for the causes dearest to you.

Hone Your Natural Magnetism: Lisa Nichols instructs you on how to become a natural leader and charismatic communicator so that when you speak, people definitely listen.

Develop Unshakeable Confidence: Say goodbye to the nervousness and anxiety of public speaking as you learn how to build your sense of confidence and authenticity.

Become A Star Performer At Work: In this section, Lisa Nichols walks you through what you need to share your ideas and impress everyone at team meetings, client negotiations, and more.

Strengthen Your Relationships: No class on communication would be complete without a section on how you can influence the people who are closest to you. With Lisa Nichols’ techniques, you can channel more love, compassion, and empathy into conversations with your loved ones.

Become A Master Storyteller: Lisa Nichols helps you work on how you deliver emotionally-driven stories that can captivate your audience from beginning to end. She also shares tips on how storytelling strategies can enrich your social media content.

Engage Any Audience (As Small As 1 Or As Big As 1000): You learn how to approach an audience comfortably, whether on stage or in front of an intimate group.

Get Higher Speaking Fees and More Engagements: Lisa Nichols shares her secret tools on how to gain standing ovations and become an in-demand speaker like herself.

Bonus: Guided Visualization Exercise With Lisa: As a warm-up to the lessons, you have access to a powerful visualization exercise called “Dreams Unlocked: You, The Master Speaker”.


Is The Speak and Inspire Mindvalley Class Worth It?

If you really want to learn how to talk to people and make impactful connections with people, I wholeheartedly recommend the Speak and Inspire Mindvalley class.

It’s totally worth your money. For my part, I think the course really helped me achieve my goals. I became less of a wallflower and came out of my shell, thanks to the program.

Lisa Nichols gave me the tools to become a better communicator, whether it be through speaking or writing.

You learn skills to make you a more persuasive speaker and captivate people with your hidden charisma.

Lisa Nichols instructs students on techniques to master speaking truths confidently, even if they weren’t strong communicators to begin with.

In terms of motivation and self-improvement, Speak and Inspire will encourage you to become the kind of person who uses your gifts for the community.

It may sound a little cheesy but Lisa Nichols reminded me about the value of honesty and treating yourself and others with kindness.

The course will help you see your limitations and the stumbling blocks that might be getting in the way of your growth.

At the end of it all, you’ll understand what you need to work on in order to create long-lasting, positive changes in your life.

Like everyone else who reviewed the course, I was extremely satisfied with it and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to become a better speaker and a more well-rounded person.


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