Jon Butcher’s 30-Day Lifebook Quest by Mindvalley: Complete Review

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We inevitably come to the point where we ask ourselves this question:

“Am I truly living the life I want to live? Have I found my purpose?”

The answer to this question can be unsettling.

Sometimes, we discover we’re living the life that others want us to live.

But Jon Butcher and Missy Butcher created Lifebook with the idea that it would answer these questions and help you discover what you’re supposed to be doing with your life.

Lifebook Online is created by these two millionaire entrepreneurs and is published by Mindvalley. The claim behind this course is that you’ll live your ideal life.

So, does it work?

I took the course myself to see whether or not it could hold up to its claims. Then, I wrote this comprehensive review that will tell you everything from what I like about the course, what could be different, and whether or not you should spend money on it.

About Lifebook’s creators

At first, I was a little skeptical about Lifebook Online. It’s not that I didn’t think the material behind it wouldn’t work, but I had looked at the creators and figured it wouldn’t be worth my time.

John and Missy Butcher are highly successful entrepreneurs, and I couldn’t see why they would want to create a course that would make people live their best lives. If they’re successful millionaires, how can they relate to the regular population?

However, it turned out I was wrong about what Lifebook was. I knew that it was supposed to help you create success in your life, but not the success that Missy and John had experienced—external success.

Instead, Lifebook is supposed to focus on the internal success. And these two entrepreneurs attribute their successes to their internal success of knowing exactly what they want in life.

So, after learning this, I was more intrigued. The course itself is supposed to help you realize what you want in life in 12 different categories. It covers nearly every aspect of your life.

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What is Lifebook?

Lifebook is what it sounds like…a book about your life.

But, to get to that answer is a bit difficult. When you go to the website, there are a bunch of words about creating success and finding what you want in life, but really, I just wanted to know what was actually in it.

It sounded great, but again, how was I going to get to that success through the course? What is so special about the course material?

As it turns out, Lifebook is a course that has multiple videos, templates, and pre-set questions that help you recognize who you are and who you’d like to become. As I mentioned earlier, there are 12 categories that cover the different aspects of your life.

These 12 categories come with their own videos, templates, and questions. In the end, you can create your own personal book about your life. Or, your “lifebook.”

The concept is similar to manifesting what you want, but it’s a lot more in depth.

What are Lifebook’s 12 categories?

Lifebook is made up of 12 categories, which include:

  1. Health and fitness
  2. Intellectual life
  3. Emotional life
  4. Your own character
  5. Spirituality
  6. Love
  7. Parenting
  8. Social life
  9. Finances
  10. Career
  11. Quality of life
  12. Life vision

How does Lifebook work?

Now that you know the 12 categories, you might think you could do your own journey with them. And while you can, I don’t think you’d get the same thing from it.

They give you the questions and videos you need to complete each category, but it goes even further than that. Let’s go through the process of how Lifebook works, and then I’ll explain what I’m talking about.

Signing up

When you enroll in the Lifebook Online course, you’ll have to pay. I think this was what held me back originally. It’s a $500 fee upfront, and most of us don’t have $500 to throw on a course that we’re not entirely sure about.

But, then I learned that you can get the $500 back. So, it’s basically a free course (if you do it right).

I’ll admit, that had me intrigued. All I had to do was complete the course in the timeline that they set forth, and I’ll get my money back.

However, I also know how busy I (and the rest of the population) am. So, I had to decide whether or not I thought it was realistic to complete it in their recommended six weeks. In the end, I decided to do it.

You sign up online, which begins your journey. Once you pay the $500 fee, you get started on the life satisfaction quiz.

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Take a pre-assessment

Right after you sign up, you have access to the online courses that you paid for. But, before you dive in, you need to take the pre-assessment.

They call it the Intra-Spect Assessment, and it’s an assessment that they’ve created to measure your life satisfaction. While it’s not research-backed or anything like that, I still thought it was an interesting way to measure your success in the course.

The assessment starts out with basic questions about yourself, like your age, gender, and your relationship status. It was pretty simple to fill out, but then it goes into deeper, somewhat uncomfortable questions.

It talks more about your happiness and satisfaction in how it relates to your life. And while it can be tempting to lie and say that you’re happier than you are, there’s no point to it. In fact, this course only works if you’re going to be honest in your pre-assessment.

I found this to be the most introspective part for me, and while there’s no right answer, some of the questions do feel a little awkward. However, as long as your honest with your answers, this is an important part of the course.

No one will see these answers but you, which helped me to really be open with myself and talk about what makes me unhappy and what makes me happy.

The whole test takes about 20 minutes, and then it gives you a score. This is just your baseline score, and the goal of Lifebook Online is to help you increase your score.

Welcome videos

After the assessment, you don’t jump into the 12 categories. You actually have six welcome activities, like videos, FAQs, and more. While this can be a bit overwhelming when you’re working on a tight schedule, it does help explain the whole process.

One video about how to find time for your Lifebook was interesting. It basically talked about how though we’re all busy, if you make Lifebook a priority, you can get it done.

The 12 Lifebook categories

After the welcome video, you can hop into the Lifebook categories. How it’s set up right now is that you’re supposed to complete two categories each week. All in all, this amounts to three hours of lessons each week.

However, that’s just the videos. And while you have all the time to complete the Lifebook that you need, if you want your money back, you’ll need to complete it within six weeks on Missy and John’s schedule.

Lifebook pages

After you complete each course, there are downloadable templates that will help you fill out your Lifebook. You can download and print them out, letting you write in your answers. Or, you can type your answers and print it all later.

The pages start out with the same questions:

  • What are your empowering beliefs about this category?
  • What is your ideal vision?
  • Why do you want this?
  • How will you achieve this?

The pages also come with sample pages from John’s Lifebook with his answers. I found this helpful because I wasn’t originally sure how much I should be writing. But, you can write as much or as little as you need.

I found that in some categories, I wrote a few paragraphs for each question. In others, it was maybe three or four sentences.

If you’re struggling to write more, each page also comes with bullet points that can lead you into deeper discussion with yourself.

Misty & John’s weekly coaching calls

So, what’s interesting about Lifebook is that they only offer it twice a year. If you want your money back, you’ll need to enroll of one of these sessions, which lasts about six weeks. You can sign up a few weeks before the session so you can get started with the pre-assessment and warmup.

The reason they only offer it two times a year is because one of the most important parts of the Lifebook Online…

The Butcher’s coaching calls. Each week, they hold a coaching call where you can personally ask them questions.

So if something doesn’t make sense, or you want more clarification, you can ask them about it in the coaching call. But even if you can’t attend the hour long coaching call, you can watch it afterward.

The post-assessment

The last step is to take the Post-Quest, which is basically the pre-assessment once more. After you take it again, it will once again give you a score. This score is broken down by categories and you can see how many points you increased in for each category.

Print and bind your book

Once you’re all finished, you can print out all of your Lifebook pages and bind them so you can have your own personal book for yourself. It’s supposed to help to keep you accountable, and it’s recommended that you read it often.

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Pros and cons of Lifebook

Once I’d taken the course, I found that there were a lot of things I liked. But, there were also some things I felt could be improved upon.

Though I was impressed with the overall course, certain things stood out to me on both sides.

Pros of Lifebook

  • The weekly coaching calls showed me how much Misty and John cared about me succeeding with their program, and it helped to clear up anything that was confusing
  • I liked how the pre- and post-assessment helped me to see how much I improved
  • All of the videos are professionally done and easy to watch
  • The questions were simple but helped me become introspective
  • The $500 fee is refundable, which can make this course totally free
  • It’s set up in a way that’s easy to fill out and complete a personal book

Cons of Lifebook

  • There are only two sessions per year, which can be difficult for many to plan for
  • There’s no long-term follow up to show whether or not the Lifebook truly helped improve life satisfaction
  • Some material left me wanting for more, and because there are so many topics, none of them felt fully expanded upon
  • There’s no process for binding your book, so you have to find someone on your own to do this
  • Not every topic applies to everyone, but you’ll have to do them all to get your refund
  • If you don’t finish on their timeline, you won’t get your $500 back

Is Lifebook worth it?

Though there were a few things that I wasn’t so sure about, in the end, I think Lifebook Online was worth it. Obviously, $500 isn’t an easy thing to give up, but if you prepare for it and do it all in six weeks, you get that money back.

But, even if you didn’t get the money back, I still think it’d be worth it. My Lifebook helped me realize what I needed to do and change to reach the goals that I had set for myself. Everyone wants to change something about their life, but we never know the first step.

What if the first step is to truly know yourself?

I think it could help all of us reach our goals in a more streamlined way.

Lifebook FAQs

How many courses are in Lifebook?

There are 12 courses in Lifebook, and if you take two courses per week, you’ll complete it in the recommended time.

What happens after you finish Lifebook?

Once you finish, it’s time to put your plan to action. The courses, videos, and pages will always be there for you if you don’t submit for a rebate. If you finish your Lifebook but don’t submit for a rebate, you can keep access. If you submit for a rebate, you won’t get that money back.

How long does each course take?

The courses are about an hour and a half long, and you can expect to take anywhere from thirty to sixty minutes to fill out your pages for each course.

What can Lifebook help me do?

Lifebook helps people who have failed to reach the goals that they set. It holds you accountable, and it goes above and beyond traditional goal setting.

Lifebook Online review: Should I buy it?

Ultimately, only you can decide if Lifebook is worth it. I felt like there wasn’t a ton of information out there about Lifebook, and I’m glad I discovered it.

I can’t promise that some parts won’t be uncomfortable, but once you get past that, you are left with a great manifestation of what you want your life to look like.

Though I started out with a lot of inhibitions, I’m happy that I continued through with it. There were moments that made me really think about my life, and writing down all of those answers in my Lifebook was a changing point for me.

I challenge anyone looking to change their life to try Lifebook. What do you have to lose?

If you’re interested in joining Lifebook, you can do so here.

Lachlan Brown

Written by Lachlan Brown

I’m Lachlan Brown, the founder, and editor of Hack Spirit. I love writing practical articles that help others live a mindful and better life. I have a graduate degree in Psychology and I’ve spent the last 6 years reading and studying all I can about human psychology and practical ways to hack our mindsets. If you want to get in touch with me, hit me up on Twitter or Facebook.

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