Lifebook online review (December 2020): Don’t buy until you read this

When was the last time you stepped back from all the chaos of everyday life and asked yourself, “Is this really the life I want?”

The answer would probably surprise you because I know it surprised me when I asked myself the question earlier this month.

That was when I first started the Mindvalley Lifebook Online Quest by Jon and Missy Butcher, and it has changed quite a bit about how I live my every day.

In this review, I talk about everything I experienced with the Lifebook Online Quest on Mindvalley — one of the most popular programs on the learning platform with the promise of helping its students take charge of their lives — and whether this course is worth your time and money.

Meeting The Instructors: What You Need To Know About Jon and Missy Butcher

When you start a new class, it always helps to know who your teacher is (or in this case, who your teachers are).

If you don’t trust that your teachers know what they’re talking about, then you might not really hear the truth behind everything they say.

So before I started with Lifebook Online, I needed to answer — who are Jon and Missy Butcher, and what gives them the expertise to teach an online course about redesigning your life?

What I initially found surprised me.

Jon and Missy Butcher aren’t the usual motivational speakers that you’d associate with a course like this.

They haven’t spent a lifetime teaching people about personal growth and building careers in public speaking.

In fact, their background is quite distinct from the usual “online teacher” profile, in that they’re not teachers at all; they’re business owners.

Jon and Missy have founded nearly two dozen companies over the last several years, with billions of dollars in sales to their names.

Some of their companies include Purity Organic Coffee The Blak Star Project, and Precious Moments, meaning they don’t just understand a single kind of business; they know how people work, and they know how to build successful teams and organizations.

But Jon and Missy are more than just their businesses, as they talk about in their course and in videos you can find online.

They’ve lived a very… interesting life, to say the least.

In their own words, they call themselves “conscious rebels”; instead of living by the rules and norms of regular society, they made their decisions according to what felt natural to them.

Fit grandparents in their fifties with an entire lifetime of stories and adventures about their relationships, their home life, their journeys across nearly a hundred different countries, and their unique parenting; the Lifebook course couldn’t be made by a more unique couple, and Jon and Missy definitely fit the bill.

And that’s what Lifebook Online is all about — there’s not one single topic that it promises to teach.

The Lifebook Online Quest is all about getting the most out of your life, and learning how to live by your own rules to reach your fullest potential.

The best teachers for a course like this are people who are exactly like Jon and Missy; people who left the beaten path and succeeded happily in the end.

Before we get into what the course entails, don’t be too turned off by the marketing of Lifebook Online

I’ve read some people on the Internet complaining about the over-hyped nature of the sales page for Lifebook Online and the fact that it focuses on money and wealth.

I don’t blame them; I felt the same way.

But once I listened to Jon and Missy Butcher talk in their free masterclass, my fears were put to rest.

They are down-to-earth, practical, and, best of all, relatable.

That’s not what I expected, but I was pleasantly surprised. In hindsight, I’m grateful that I gave them a chance (I’ll get more into that later).

The truth is, Mindvalley just does its marketing in that way. They want to hype up the course. I don’t blame them for it.

But what you need to remember is that you’re not enrolling in Mindvalley, you’re enrolling in the teachings of Jon and Missy Butcher.

So my advice?

Listen to their free masterclass. It will give you an idea of how they teach and what you’ll learn in the Lifebook online course.

I think that you’ll be much more impressed than how the sales page reads.

No matter how big or small your goals are: whether you just want to be more mindful throughout the day, or you want to lose weight, I believe that Lifebook Online is an excellent place to start.

It’s a course that can be helpful for everyday people like you and me.

About The Quest: Lifebook Online

What’s the Quest like?

Lifebook Online revolves around the idea of taking charge of your life and redesigning the way you live with a simple 4-step process that helps you cut through all the chaos and focus on your goals in all areas of your life.

The Lifebook helps you find fulfillment in 12 separate areas of your life; these areas are:

  • Health and fitness
  • Intellectual
  • Emotional
  • Character
  • Spiritual
  • Love Relationship
  • Parenting
  • Social
  • Career
  • Financial
  • Quality of Life
  • Life Vision

You can think of the Lifebook Online program as the complete life designing system that helps you understand the game plan you want in your life, and how to achieve that game plan every step of the way.

What are some interesting ideas in the Quest?

What makes the Lifebook Online Quest so unique is that by the end of it, you will actually have a physical Lifebook to hold in your hands.

This Lifebook will be something you can refer back to for the rest of your life, helping you realign yourself with your goals and your true north every time you feel a little lost, and set you back on your right path, make the right choices, and develop the best habits.

Another concept I loved about the Lifebook program was that it doesn’t focus on one specific area of your life like other courses tend to do.

It teaches you that a powerful mindset and resilience are equally relevant in all aspects of your life, whether it’s about your career or your relationships or your parenting.

What’s everything you get for your money?

When you sign up for the Lifebook Online Quest, you gain access to a number of things, including:

  • The complete Lifebook Online Quest, which is an 18-hour program experienced over a 6-week curriculum of high-quality coaching calls and training videos
  • Beautifully designed, printable Lifebook templates to choose from when designing your own Lifebook
  • Access to the course on a variety of devices, including smart TVs, computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones
  • 6 different coaching calls with the instructors themselves, answering the most common questions from students in each category
  • Lifetime access to the program and the Mindvalley course community, helping you find other students and local meet-ups
  • Bonus exclusive pages from the Lifebook of Jon Butcher himself, showing students how it’s done (this was my favorite part, actually, seeing some of the first pages that started the Lifebook idea)

Another great thing I love about Mindvalley is their very liberal refund policy.

If for whatever reason you don’t enjoy the Lifebook experience, you can ask for a full refund within the first 15 days after your purchase.

15 days is more than enough time to know whether Lifebook is right for you or not, so there is literally no risk.

How do you sign up for the Quest?

Signing up for the Lifebook Online Quest on Mindvalley is pretty straightforward. After paying the $500 fee for the complete course, you gain access to the Lifebook Online materials and the pre-assessment test (or the “Intra-Spect Assessment” as they call it).

It asks basic personal questions about your life, your goals, your relationships, and more. Afterwards you’re given a score based on your answers, which will stay relevant as you continue the program.

What are the pros and cons of the Quest?

Pros Cons
The course does a great job of personalizing it for you with the pre and post-assessment tests, giving you some of the “1-on-1” experience even without any real 1-on-1 time A lot of personal introspection is involved, something some people might not be comfortable doing on their own
The Lifebook is an amazing idea, because even the cleanest and most advanced digital spreadsheets can’t be the physicality of having a real book in your hands You need to have some creativity in you, and the desire to actually make and design a real Lifebook for yourself. If you aren’t “into” the idea of writing your own book, then the novelty of this course won’t impress you
The course is built in a way that you understand the importance of every aspect of life, and what you might be neglecting It can be difficult to make a course about every aspect of your life, and it shows in the program, with some areas feeling a little less developed than others

Real talk — is this Quest a scam?

If you’re looking for something deeper and more philosophical or spiritual, then you might feel that the Lifebook program is slightly lacking.

So whether this Quest is a scam or not really depends on what you’re looking to get out of it.

All-in-all, this Quest is amazing for people who are ready to plan out and organize the rest of their lives.

Who Is Lifebook Online For?

Lifebook Online might be for you if…

  • You’re tired of feeling like you’re bouncing from one thing to another without any direction
  • You don’t know how to balance the various parts of your life, and you can’t succeed in one area without neglecting another
  • You know what you want and where you want to be, but you don’t know what you have to do every single day to get there
  • You’re a creative individual, an old-soul, and you enjoy the idea of creating, holding, and reading a book dedicated to your life
  • You are the type of person who needs a sense of self-accountability to truly push yourself forward
  • You feel like you’re almost there, but you need that little push to truly overcome that final wall

The Lifebook program is great because it’s so flexible.

It’s not just for people who want to progress in their careers or people who want to find the best relationships or people who want to figure out their health and fitness.

It helps you work out everything that falls under this huge umbrella called life — your social life, your intellectual life, your emotional life, your fitness life, your love life, and everything else.

If I had to imagine the type of person who wouldn’t enjoy Lifebook, I would say it’s people who don’t like the idea of planning out every step of the process.

Some people like to live without stressing over every little detail, and that’s totally fine and understandable.

If this is you, then Lifebook might not be your cup of tea.

My Personal Experience With Lifebook Online

Compared to other quests on Mindvalley, the Lifebook online quest is only live twice a year.

This makes it a pretty exclusive experience compared to the other courses they have on the platform.

Once you sign up, there is a “warm up” period which is really just an introduction to the course.

This includes a welcome video, an assessment, and some instructional how-tos to get you started.

I thought this was a nice touch since it really adds to the overall experience.

The quest in its entirety was really unique and engaging. It’s tangible in a way most online courses aren’t.

On top of the online video courses you unlock on a weekly basis, you actually get to print and bind your own Lifebook.

A lot of students have shared that the act of putting thoughts to paper really revolutionized their goal-setting.

At the end of the course, you don’t just have a clearer direction for your life and your goals; you have an actual, physical manifesto of where you are now and where you’d like to be in the future.

Overall, the course itself was fun.

Every week, you get two categories out of the twelve areas of your life. Each lesson takes about an hour to an hour and a half, which is really not that much of a time commitment.

Even if you’re busy and struggle to find pockets of free time in your daily schedule, dedicating three hours of learning a week is definitely doable and sustainable.

Like all the other courses on Mindvalley, the production is topnotch. The videos themselves are enjoyable to watch and all the more enjoyable to work with.

Why I Tried Lifebook Online

Like many other students of the program, I decided to try it because I was feeling a little bit aimless.

Don’t get me wrong; I am happy with my life. I’m satisfied with my job and my relationships but I was feeling like there was something missing, like I could be doing more with my time.

And I feel like a lot of this has to do with the ever-elusive balance. It’s awfully hard to be a productive person, let alone be productive in every single aspect of your life.

I rarely meet people who have it all together.

I’ve met people who were hugely successful and enjoyed vast material wealth but didn’t have a lot of good relationships.

On the other hand, I’ve also met people who were social butterflies but didn’t exactly thrive spiritually or physically.

Jon and Missy were different.

They were successful, had a happy relationship, and projected confidence that could only come from satisfying all aspects of your life.

When I look at them, I don’t just see successful or fit people; I see a couple that’s truly found the balance in life and has strived to raise the level in every aspect of their existence.

I wanted to figure out how they did it and how I could replicate that for my own life.

My Experience: Did It Actually Work?

To be honest, I can’t evaluate Lifebook the same way I’ve evaluated other courses on Mindvalley.

That’s because Lifebook’s value is immeasurable and often very subtle.

More importantly, it takes a lifetime of learning and experiencing to truly see how impactful this course will be in your life.

Unlike courses like Superbrain or Super Reading, you can’t test things out to see if they worked or not.

Lifebook doesn’t work that way. Lifebook is about unpacking subconscious roadblocks you didn’t know were stopping you from achieving your best self.

Lifebook is about asking questions now and finding answers to problems that might not even be there yet.

Lifebook is about understanding who you are now and what things you have to do to bridge the gap between yourself and the person that you want to become.

I guess what I’m saying is that Lifebook can’t be measured in a way most courses can be because you don’t transform into this magical, complete version of you after the session.

Lifebook gives you the tools to succeed and reframes your way of thinking to set you up for success, but it doesn’t grant your wishes on the spot.

That’s not to say I didn’t see immediate changes after I finished the course.

I’m still looking through my Lifebook every day and consulting it to see if I’m on the right path.

Here’s just some of the big and small changes I noticed about myself after completing the Lifebook program:

  • I feel more confident about my decisions. Somehow I no longer feel paralyzed when I have to make life-altering choices
  • I want to be accountable for my actions. Because Lifebook serves as a blueprint on how I want to live my own life, both big and small decisions I make have more weight
  • I started advocating for myself. With the big picture so clearly laid out before me, I no longer felt the pressure to engage in things that wouldn’t help me

What I think about Jon and Missy’s approach to positive change and creating a life you love

As someone who is obsessed with everything to do with self-improvement and goal-setting, Jon and Missy’s approach to finding your purpose and designing your greatest life is deeply interesting to me.

I love that they’ve created an easy-to-follow action plan and strategies for achieving success in every area of life, without sacrificing anything in the process.

Through my extensive reading on self-development, it’s fairly obvious you need a crystal-clear vision of your ultimate success in these 12 key areas of life to be truly happy.

And this is where Jon and Missy Butcher’s Lifebook does its best work.

Unfortunately, many self-improvement courses completely ignore the 12 aspects of life. Most self-improvement gurus focus on one area like money or goal-setting.

It’s a pity because real happiness comes from having a balance in all areas of life.

That’s why Jon and Missy’s approach is so refreshing.

My personal opinion is that Jon and Missy’s teachings hit the right note.

Coupling their teachings with genuine action should set you on the right path to change.

Most importantly:

It’s all about commitment and hard work from your end.

After all, that’s what we all need to do for any type of positive change we want in your life.

Is Lifebook Online Worth It?

Every once in a while we come across something that changes our lives forever and although it sounds cheesy, I’m proud to say that the Lifebook program is one of those things.

It’s technically free as long as you do all the work so the only thing you’re really “losing” is your time. As I mentioned, three hours a week isn’t much of a commitment and it really pays off in the end.

Do I recommend Lifebook? I definitely do.

Whether you’re an avid soulsearcher or just a regular person who wants to find a clearer path moving forward, there’s something Lifebook can help you with.

Lifebook FAQs

How many courses are in Lifebook?

There are 12 courses in Lifebook, and if you take two courses per week, you’ll complete it in the recommended time.

What happens after you finish Lifebook?

Once you finish, it’s time to put your plan to action. The courses, videos, and pages will always be there for you if you don’t submit for a rebate. If you finish your Lifebook but don’t submit for a rebate, you can keep access. If you submit for a rebate, you won’t get that money back.

How long does each course take?

The courses are about an hour and a half long, and you can expect to take anywhere from thirty to sixty minutes to fill out your pages for each course.

What can Lifebook help me do?

Lifebook helps people who have failed to reach the goals that they set. It holds you accountable, and it goes above and beyond traditional goal setting.

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