10 life rules that classy women swear by

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Classy women have some classic, tried-and-tested rules that they follow to live a more dignified and fulfilling life.

If you want to be a bit classier yourself, here are 12 rules that every classy women swear by.

1) Never beg for attention

Classy women know that attention is only worth something when it’s freely given. And the other way is true—that it becomes less genuine once you start begging for it.

This is precisely the reason why classy women know better than to beg for it. They don’t play coy or try to be someone else just to earn people’s attention and admiration.

They don’t care if people will find them “boring” or bland—they simply live life the way they want to and don’t care if people give them attention or not.

Most of all, they won’t throw themselves at bosses, clients, and groups of people just to get what they need.

So…if you want to be classy, don’t force any reaction on anyone. Simply focus on being awesome and the right people will give you the right kind of attention.

2) Never beg for love

Just like how classy women never beg for attention, they don’t beg or debase themselves for the sake of love either.

There are women out there who would try to act extra affectionate to woo men. Others would see their boyfriends start to grow distant and start begging for them to stay.

But classy women won’t do that. No way!

Sure, they will still try to pursue someone they like or see what they can do to save a relationship gone south, but they will accept it if things simply aren’t meant to be.

It’s not like they have hearts of stone, because they still do feel sad when they see their relationships go sour or find that the person they have a crush on doesn’t love them back as they are.

But they know better than to disrespect themselves just for the sake of love.

3) Women should inspire other women

Classy women don’t want to be classy so they’re “different” from other women. They want to be classy FOR other women.

They won’t pull other women down. In fact, they strive to help and become a good example to other women, especially to their future daughters.

They don’t really need a 1000-long list of guidelines on how to be a good, classy woman. As far as they’re concerned, it might as well be full of rubbish intended to keep women in pretty little boxes for men to choose from.  And hey, we’ve had enough of that!

Instead they just think “What could I do that would make my mother/ daughter/ besties proud?”, and they do that.

In the end, they do act prim and proper (because that’s what a decent PERSON has to do), but they aren’t afraid to speak up and stand up for themselves and other women.

4) Walk tall even if you’re the “smallest” person in the room

Classy women are not classy because they’re rich and famous like Rihanna or Michelle Obama or skilled enough to make a change like Marie Curie or Rosa Parks.

No—you can be classy even if you’re a broke nobody. They don’t equate their “smallness” with their worth, they see it as a great opportunity to become better.

They don’t surround themselves with people lesser than them just so that they can feel important, but instead surround themselves with people bigger than they are so that they can learn.

Truly classy women know that it’s alright to be the “stupidest” or “smallest” person in the room, because it only means that they have plenty of opportunities to learn from others and elevate themselves.

5) Speak your truth even if you’re scared

Classy women know that lying and not speaking up can both lead to misery. Lying can get us in deep trouble and not speaking up can keep us stuck in place, unable to move forward.

So they try their best to not lie to anyone—not to the cops, not to their boss, and most especially not to their friends.

And when they have an opinion on something, they speak up even if they’re intimidated by the other person.

They know that what’s on their mind is as important as that of the other person’s…and so they might as well express them, especially if it could be good for someone else.

6) Integrity comes before “class”

Classy women aren’t classy because they have good clothes and plenty of money to throw around. They’re classy because of the way they think of and act towards others.

They know that what people think of as “classiness” is simply a consequence of being a good and honest person deep down inside.

They don’t lie, steal, or cheat. They stay true to the promises they make without any ifs or buts.

They try to be a decent person that people can rely on because they know that no matter how pretty, smart, and interesting you are, if you lack integrity, you can never be classy.

7) Know when to push harder and when to walk away

Classy women are generally go-getters. They try to excel in every aspect of their life—from their craft, to their careers, to even their relationships.

But a classy woman, through their personal experience, has developed the skill to know when to walk away. In other words, they have wisdom. They know life more than the average girl.

They know when to fix things and when enough is enough.

While they’re optimistic and ambitious, they have the grace to acknowledge that some things aren’t just meant to be. So they let go.

8) We are our own superhero

Classy women don’t act like damsels in distress who are waiting for their knight in shining armor to rescue them. They’re no Cinderella who waits to get noticed by a Prince so she can live happily ever after.

A classy woman knows that the best person who can help her is herself—not her rich parents, not her lover.

So she works hard and tries to be as independent as can be. But she also makes sure she’s tender to herself —she showers herself with self-love—because superheroes do that, too.

9) Not everyone is going to appreciate you…and that’s ok!

It doesn’t matter if you tried doing good things quietly or if you were to be all bombastic about it. There’s always someone who won’t appreciate what you’ve done.

And that’s perfectly alright for a classy woman.

Despite popular perception of the classy woman as someone who’s prim and proper and always eager to please others, she very much is not.

A truly classy woman—especially in this day and age—is someone who simply doesn’t care too much for what others think of her, so long as she knows deep inside that what she’s doing isn’t doing anyone harm.

10) Be classy for yourself, not for others

The thing with being genuinely classy is that it must come from deep within. It’s not something you can have when you’re doing it to make an impression on the people around you.

Being classy is a state of being and not a performance act you play for an audience.

A classy woman stays classy, even when she’s all alone in her home. She doesn’t stop being classy just because there’s nobody there to watch her “perform.”

So if you want to be genuinely classy too, then do it for yourself—perhaps because you like the feeling, or because you want to impress yourself—but never others.

Courting the approval or opinions of others is futile anyways, simply because you’ll always have people thinking otherwise.

Last words

A classy woman is someone who stays true to herself, regardless of whatever the people around her may think of her.

It goes without saying that to be a classy woman, you also have to be strong inside and out.

Resisting the desire to cave in to pressure and care just a little bit too much about what others think of you isn’t easy, and staying truthful and honest takes a lot of conviction.

But hey, that’s why classy women are so special.

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