He could be pulling away... 😢

Based on your answers, it seems that his commitment to the relationship is shaky. He’s pulling away for one reason or another, and you’re right to be concerned.  

Luckily though, this doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road for you guys.

There are ways to build back the connection you once had once you work out what the issue is. 

But, it can be tough to pinpoint exactly where the problem lies, especially if he’s not communicating this with you. 

So, why is he acting this way? 

Most of the time, men pull away if they feel like their emotional and physical needs aren’t being met in the relationship. 

Now, there’s no surprise that intimacy plays an important part in relationships. It’s how couples bond and connect.

But when sex takes a back seat, it can make your man feel unwanted and undesired. 

Even though a relationship is more than just the physical, if things haven’t been going well in the bedroom, this could be the reason why he’s acting withdrawn and distant. 

So does this mean that he’s done with the relationship for good?

Not at all!

There is a relatively easy way to fix these issues and regain his love and interest.

Here’s how.

The ONE thing he really wants from you

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When it comes to sex and intimacy, what do you think he really wants?

Men don’t necessarily want a woman who’s a firecracker in bed. Or a big chest and flat tummy.

Instead, he wants to feel like he’s doing his ‘job’ as a man.

Nothing speaks to a man’s masculinity more than satisfying the woman he loves. Men are hardwired to want to please women inside the bedroom and out of it.

And when a man doesn’t feel like he’s satisfying her in this way, it’s only natural for him to pull away.

The good news?

There are certain things you can do for him right now that will feed this very natural male ego.

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This drove her to seek out answers.

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