10 signs you have karmic debt (and how to clear it for good)

Welcome to the Karma Cafe, where you get served with what you deserve. Have you ever heard of that expression? I have, and countless other sayings, warn about Karma coming to get you!

So, what about Karmic debt? Is it a real thing, and can it affect you?

Absolutely! Just as you rack up debt with creditors, Karmic debt is no different. You have assets and liabilities, and when you go into a negative balance, you have Karmic debt.

Does everyone have karmic debt? Not necessarily; there are some cut and dry signs that you owe the bank of Karma and outstanding balance, so there are numerous factors that come into play when calculating your karmic debt.

In a nutshell, Karmic debt is the main consequence of past life choices. This article looks at everything you need to know about Karmic debt and how to find your back your great karmic credit score.

Here’s the scoop.

Karma 101

Karma is often misunderstood, and few actually understand its true spiritual meaning.

For starters, the fundamental principle of the law of Karma is to do unto others as you would have them do to you.

Do good things, and they will come back to you in abundance, do bad things, and well…the same happens.

You might think it’s your lucky day because the teller accidentally gave you a $100 note instead of a $10 you were supposed to get.

However, when you knowingly accept the $100 and run off delighting about your great fortune, know that Karma will come back to haunt you.

Essentially you will pay back that $100 tenfold. Every action has a consequence and a reaction. Remember that it’s the basis of Karma.

If, on the other hand, you pointed out to the teller that she had given you the incorrect amount in change, you would have thwarted negative karmic consequences because you inevitably had good intentions.

No good deed goes unnoticed, and no evil deed goes unpunished.

With that said, karmic debt can be either good or bad.

The more good you do, the better your karmic credit score.

Your karmic credit score takes a tumble when you act evil and with ill intentions.

What’s more, you can accumulate karmic debt throughout various life incarnations, so then they’re that as well (which we will delve into a bit later)

Karmic Lessons, Buddhism, and Reincarnation

Sometimes in life, despite our best intentions, it seems like we continually fall into a cycle of destructive behavior patterns.

There just doesn’t seem to be a balance, and it looks like bad luck or bad Karma is stalking you.

Some of these destructive patterns include:

  • Continual financial struggles
  • Addition (Substances, gambling, sex, etc.)
  • Shirking responsibilities
  • Sabotaging current and potential relationships.

If you’re picked up on some of these patterns within your life, you likely have a karmic lesson that you need to learn.

Before you understand karmic debt, you must be aware of the Buddhist belief in reincarnation. It’s the cycle of birth and rebirth.

Buddhists believe that when the physical body dies, the soul comes back to life in another form and tries to right the wrongs of the past or waits to receive “payment” for past good deeds.

Regardless of the debt, it has to be paid in the current life or the next. This perpetuating cycle of cause and effect is one of Buddhism’s most important universal laws.

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What is Karmic Debt

Karmic debt refers to the lessons and consequences you have to face in this lifetime due to past actions, either in this life or from a previous life.

Karma is closely related to the concept of reincarnation and the idea that previous actions you’ve taken and the decision you have made will directly impact your reality.

The amount of karmic debt you have is determined by the amount of unresolved negative energy you’ve accumulated based on the negative actions and behaviors you’ve taken throughout your lifetimes.

For example, karmic debt is accrued by performing destructive acts like criminality, abusing your power, or knowingly cheating others.

It can also result from harboring negative emotions or ill intentions that have gone unresolved. An example of this would be your inability to forgive someone holding or harboring grudges.

The only way to get rid of this debt is by making amends for the mistakes you have made in this lifetime. If you acknowledge and address your current Karma, you will be less likely to repeat these destructive patterns and snuff them out before your subsequent lifetimes.

Clearing up karmic debt improves your Karma and keeps you moving forward positively.

Signs You Have Karmic Debt

Having Karmic debt is not the end of the world. There are ways to repay your debts, but the first step is determining whether or not you are karmically liable.

Here are 10 of the most common signs you might be in karmic debt

1) You notice reassuring, destructive patterns in your life.

I’ve already touched on this one, but it’s a biggie so take note.

If you are constantly struggling financially or battle with addictions to substances, activities like gambling, or sex, it’s a sign that you have karmic debt.

If you don’t check the finance or substance abuse boxes, you might find that the relationships you find yourself in are particularly toxic and unhealthy.

This is also because of karmic debt.

2) You put others first to your detriment.

You care too much about other people and often put yourself last to make everyone else happy.

However, it seems that despite how much good you do for others, it’s just never enough.

They always want and need more. You’re a doormat, and a people pleaser and just cannot say no.

If you run yourself ragged for others, so much so that it’s taking a toll on you, this could be another sign that you owe a karmic debt.

3) Karmic relationships are part of your life.

Karmic relationships aren’t normal. They’re the overwhelming toxic type that makes you feel exhausted.

Regardless of whether it’s a romantic relationship or a friendship, this seems to be the norm when it comes to you.

These karmic relationships are unhealthy and can harm you in the long run. If you experience these often, it’s yet another sign that you have a karmic debt to settle.

One experiences soul-filling and overwhelming strength in a karmic relationship and experiences toxic effects and emotional exhaustion.

Perhaps there is some debt owed to that person, or there is a lesson to learn why that relationship is not working.

4) Now, sit there and think about what you did!

Do you find yourself acting without considering the repercussions or saying something that you would later regret?

You are accumulating karmic debt in your current life.

If you’re not acting with pure intentions and you’re always having those “I shouldn’t have done that” moments that eat at your conscious, it’s a sign that you’re accumulating karmic debt

5) Your numerology chart contains karmic debt numbers.

This is a rather unfortunate sign, seeing that you have no control over this; however, it is the main contributor in terms of whether or not you have karmic debt.

Depending on your birth date, you will have different life path numbers. Numbers associated with particular birthdays may carry karmic debts.

We will park this one here for the moment because I have an entire section covering karmic debt and numerology coming up shortly.

6) Good things happen, followed by bad.

This one really sucks. A great example would be getting a sum of money that you weren’t expecting.

You’ve already spent it mentally on that new Gucci belt and the latest iPhone when BOOM, your car packs in, and it’s going to cost you an arm and a leg to repair.

It’s a case of one step forward and three steps back.

Yet another sign of your karmic debt coming back to haunt you.

7) Your relationships with others are toxic.

I touched on this point above, but it deserves its spot.

Whether it be friend, romantic, or family-related, there’s always unpleasantness and unease at play.

Several of your relationships are in a bad way, and it appears that they are past repair. Yet, you hold on to them even though they’re broken and cannot be repaired.

8) You feel like you’re being made an example of.

As a result of negative behaviors, you face punishments time and time again.

This could further indicate that your karmic debt isn’t being cleared but is growing.

You know what I mean; those “what else could go wrong” moments frequently happen to you.

For example, the one day you forget your driver’s license at home, you get pulled over and shafted with a heavy fine. Urgh!

9) You are constantly nervous and anxious.

You feel extreme despair and nervousness due to oppression; you cannot move forward.

These keep you stuck in the past, stagnating instead of progressing. This is a telltale sign that you’re in karmic debt.

10) Nothing ever seems to go your way.

They say bad things happen in threes, but this rule does not seem to apply to you.

They happen all the time. Maybe it’s the new car you’ve just bought that’s broken down, the job you applied for that you were confident you would get, or your flight is canceled.

Regardless, everything goes wrong for you.

Problems and heartaches in life are inevitable; however, when they frequently show up, it’s a sign that you have karmic debt that needs to be repaid.

Why Clearing Karmic debt is important

Clearing Karmic debt is more important than you think.

It helps to free the soul from all earthly ties so that one day you are able to experience complete and total harmony.

When our earthly bodies die, it doesn’t end there, so why would you want to be in debt in the spiritual world.

You are where you are because of all your past Karma.

The laws of Karma may seem to be an inescapable cycle, but it is still possible to transcend it.

To break the chains of karmic debt, you need to make a concerted effort to eliminate the de.

You shouldn’t owe anyone anything and vice versa.

Karmic Debt and Numerology

Karmic debt is deeply rooted in numerology, and based on your numbers; you likely have to learn a few karmic lessons during this incarnation to help pay off your karmic debt.

If you can’t see any reason why you might have karmic debt, it could be due to the karmic debt number you possess.

If you don’t have karmic debt numbers, you might likely be a new soul, or you might have started your current incarnation free from any karmic debt. Lucky you!

However, if you present with a Karmic debt number, there are some lessons you need to learn to square off your karmic obligations.

In numerology, karmic debt numbers include 13, 14, 16, and 19. These can also be simplified and broken down.

For example: 14=4+1 and 1 + 4 = 5. With that in mind, 14/5, 16/7, 13/4, and 19/1.

So how do I know if I have a karmic number and just where exactly does it come from?

Most commonly, they are determined from your date of birth, life path, and personality number.

You can use simple calculations to determine whether you have a number that points towards karmic debt.

Karmic Debt Numbers and their meaning

Karmic debt number 13/4

This number represents idleness.

Your days were filled with sheer laziness, wastefulness, and inactivity in previous incarnations.

So, If you have this number, you need to make a concerted effort to balance work and leisure.

If you do your job half-assed and enjoy finding loopholes to make your life easier, all you’ll be doing is piling on further karmic debt.

So, do something to your full ability and do it properly or not at all.

Karmic debt number 14/5

There is a direct correlation between this number and control issues.

Your previous lifetimes may have exposed you to unhealthy behaviors and tendencies.

There was either a lack of control or obsessive behavior related to control.

With this number of karmic debt, you must respect others’ power while preserving your own.

It is essential to cultivate emotional resilience and avoid taking actions that promote destructive cycles during this lifetime.

Karmic debt number 16/7

Karmic debt number 16/7 corresponds to your self-image.

There is a high chance that you have had inflated egos that caused you and others distress or harm in the past.

Chances are you’re still arrogant in your current incarnation, which can lead you down a path of self-destruction in both your choices and behaviors.

You’re going to have deflated that ego and start living with more humility and modesty to avoid accumulating further karmic debt.

Karmic debt number 19/1

The karmic debt number 19/1 represents self-centeredness.

It’s pretty likely that, in past lifetimes, you were pretty selfish. Someone who valued personal gain over the needs of others.

In this lifetime, you must realize the severity of the selfish deeds you have perpetrated. Then, you will have to counteract this selfishness by choosing to serve others, especially the needy.

Pay Off Your Karmic Debt

How do you clear your karmic debt for good?

This is the part you’ve been waiting for.

So it’s not surprising that you want to learn how to eradicate all of that bad juju from your life.

After all, nobody wants to be followed around by a black cloud, so the first and most important step is accepting and acknowledging the fact that you are in karmic debt.

If you’re struggling to identify where your debt is coming from, your first port of call would be to consult with a psychic to help you pinpoint where it is coming from.

Once you know where it comes from, you will have several strategies to overcome it.

Here are some of the most practical and common ways you can go about clearing karmic debt.

Be Grateful

Live with gratitude and accept and be grateful for all of the life experiences you’ve had, both good and bad. Once you realize that bad things happen and that they’re meant to teach you something, you will acknowledge and learn acceptance.

Act with good intention

Being bad and behaving like a villain will only add karmic debt.

Instead, harness the positive energy you have within and be kind towards everyone, regardless of their attitude towards you.

In this way, you’re steering your karmic life change in the right direction, and it will come back to you tenfold.

Then, if you’re lucky, you might be led towards your twin flame reunion.

Check Your Motives

If you do good deeds for acknowledgment, it doesn’t count.

The act basically annuls itself, so you’re wasting your time.

Whatever you choose to do, ensure that your motives are coming from a good place and that you’re doing it because you want to instead of for selfish reasons.

Keep your attitude in check

Besides having awareness about how your actions can lead to consequences, pay attention to your thoughts.

Negative thoughts can create negative karmic energy, which can influence the outcome of your life.

But, again, it starts with you, so always try to keep a positive mindset.


If you want to create good Karma for yourself, you need to forgive.

This goes for forgiving yourself as well as others. This will guarantee a good outcome, and it’s an act that doesn’t come lightly.

In order for Karma to work for us, we need to let bygones be bygones and simply forgive and leave it to the universe.

Key Takeaways

Karma can indeed be a bitch, but you have the power to turn things around and start squaring up your karmic debt.

Remember, Karma is not meant to be a punishment or burden but instead is working to help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself.

It is essential to embrace and accept karmic debts. You can’t hide from them, and they will catch up with you sooner or later.

If you find yourself stuck in a perpetual cycle of karmic relationships, it’s time to start cutting specific individuals out of your life.

The universe puts people in our path for a reason. Sometimes a person is sent to you to teach you a valuable lesson, and it’s no more than just that. So learn what you need to and move on, don’t stay stuck in a toxic cycle. And for goodness sake, try not to make the same mistake twice.

The power of this universal energy can become yours when you learn of your karmic debt and follow the law of Karma.

With that said, managing your karmic debt can contribute to a more positive and fulfilling life, and as you have read, It is possible to repay karmic debt in several ways if you discover that you have it.

If you have karmic debt numbers according to numerology, You will need to figure out what particular karmic debt number you carry.

Your karmic number has a significant impact on how your life unfolds, and you must deal with the nature of the lessons in the specific number.

To resolve your karmic debt that is not tied with your numerology, you need to identify your weaknesses, struggles, and errors from this lifetime.

Karmic debt is about recognizing and changing the behavior that caused it in the first place.

Ultimately, you will receive positive Karma for yourself when you acknowledge your issues and work towards resolving them. You get what you give; this is the key takeaway from reading this article.

So go forth and be kind, always. You’ll be paying off a massive chunk of karmic debt from this simple act alone.

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