Here are 18 jobs for empaths that make use of their rare gifts

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jobs for empaths

Not everyone knows what an empath is.

Most of the time, an empath doesn’t even know he is an empath himself.

Feeling weird about his own self, an empath oftentimes discovers his rare abilities accidentally.

For one, an empath can feel what others are feeling. They are like sponges who absorb people’s energies.

Because an empath is highly sensitive, the jobs for empaths are those that make a difference to society.

So if you are an empath, here are 18 career choices for empaths where you can use your gift to help others:

First, what is an empath?

Empaths are people who feel deeper than others.

They are the kind of people who can say “I know how you feel” when something tragic happens and really mean it.

They are tuned into the universal energy around them and while it is a blessing in many ways, it can also be a curse.

Because empaths absorb so much energy around them, they often need to rest and spend more time alone than others.

Introverts and extroverts can be empaths, but even an extrovert needs to rest from time to time. With that information in hand, empaths have the difficult task of trying to match their special needs with careers that allow them to tap into their senses, but also that doesn’t leave them feeling drained and ungrateful.

To help you choose a career that’s right for you as an empath, we’ve put together this list of the best and worst jobs for people who feel deeply.

Setting boundaries

Before we jump into this list, it’s important to remember that one of the most important things empaths need to in order to be successful in whatever career they choose is to have solid boundaries.

Boundaries are what let empaths know when they’ve gone too far down a road or made a decision that doesn’t align with their values.

Almost immediately, if an empath has crossed the line, they will feel it in their soul and their energy will begin draining quickly.

It takes a lot of energy to manage those emotions and thoughts and that leaves them wanting. And it makes for poor work on their part.

So before you choose a career or change careers, make sure you’re clear on what you want and what you need above all else.

1) Nurse

More than anything, empaths are natural caregivers. People who need help are innately drawn to them.

Because empaths want to help those who are unwell, a nurse is a great choice. If you are an empath, being a nurse will allow you to use your gift of helping patients feel more relaxed.

You can work in many places – hospitals, nursing homes, companies, private houses, giving comfort to those who need it.

Not only that, but you can also become a support system for their family members and loved ones.

Highly sensitive people are drawn to professions where they get to care for other people and live in the service of other people.

While these kinds of careers are physically and emotionally draining, highly sensitive people come alive when they get to give of themselves to other people.

2) Psychologist

Like nurses, psychologists are there to help people who are experiencing mental health issues. They are just as real and debilitating as physical ones.

More than ever, mental health requires proper attention and treatment.

Empaths are great for this job because they have the innate ability to understand the depth of emotional suffering.

An empath is great at listening and offering advice, which has a soothing effect on people.

As a psychologist, you can work in private practice or in clinics, hospitals, rehab facilities, and mental health centers.

3) Writer or other creative professions

If you are an empath that has a way with words, consider channeling your feelings through writing.

Empaths experience unfamiliar and often powerful emotions which they can use to make their creative juices flow.

As an empath and a writer, let your emotions empower you to tell a story and reach others.

You can also become a freelance writer, blogger or even become an author.

If you’re a highly sensitive person you probably already do a lot of work to create things.

You might journal or write stories, or you might paint or draw.

Highly sensitive people have to bring joy to the world in the form of craft and art and while everyone is different, the goal is the same: share something of themselves with others to make their lives better.

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4) Veterinarian

Empaths understand nature. They don’t just care for people – they care for all creatures.

It may be weird for some people but most of the time, an empath can understand animals and “feel” the world around them.

You may call them “animal whisperers” or attuned to nature – seeing any living thing that is suffering gives them heartache.

A vet who is an empath can heal and comfort sick pets. They can also soothe their worried owners at a clinic or animal hospital.

5) Artist

Artists have unique perspectives and see matters differently than others. Using what they have with their powerful emotions, they can create beautiful artwork.

That being said, empaths make great artists. Their minds burst with passion, emotions, and ideas, which act as inspiration for their artworks.

As an empath, it doesn’t matter if you work freelance, sell your own work or channel your art through other career paths. What matters is that the content you create is influential.

Because an empath is a soul who is more in tune with the emotional currents of the world and society, they have an edge in creating meaningful art and this can help them deal with being an empath.

And that is just what the world needs.

6) Musician

Just like writers and artists, musicians are also emotional people.

If you are an empath with a knack for music, you can create beautiful songs based on various subjects, people and circumstances.

The more emotions you pour into a song,  the more relatable it will be for the listeners.

7) Life coach

Empaths want other people to become better because they will feel better too.

If you’re an empath, you don’t get jealous if other people are successful. Instead, you have other people’s best interests at heart.

That is why being a life coach is the perfect opportunity for empaths. Life coaches meet with individuals or small groups to guide and encourage them to reach their goals.

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8) Guidance counselor

As a guidance counselor, you help a child or young adult’s life by mentoring them.

Not only that, but you will also do fulfilling tasks. You can assist students in their endeavors, help them stay on track with their education, and encourage them to pursue the opportunities they will truly love.

Because empaths can understand the wants and needs of others, they can lead students down the right path.

9) Teacher

As a teacher, your duty is to help students achieve their dreams.

With this job description, empaths make great teachers because of their loving hearts and helping hands.

A teacher could change a student’s entire life by offering proper support and motivation, especially if they don’t have those at home.

10) Social worker

In the general sense of the word, social workers provide support for their clients.

An empath naturally fits into the world of social work because of the difference they make to the lives of the people they touch.

However, an empath in the field of social work should also take caution. You see, an empath helps a person to achieve a happy ending. Empaths thrive on happiness.

But when the story doesn’t end very well and the suffering is too much, an empath may feel depleted of energy.

Being exposed to some of the most negative elements of humanity and society can take a deep toll on a person, especially to an empath.

If you’re an empath who wants to pursue social work, ensure that you have healthy self-care habits, a thick skin, and the ability to cope with the darker side of life.

11) Nonprofit organization worker

Nonprofit organizations are entities dedicated to specific social causes. Examples of nonprofits are the American Red Cross, Make-A-Wish Foundation, and others.

Nonprofits need workers who want to make a difference in other people’s lives. They need people who aren’t in it for the money but rather for emotional fulfillment.

This level of mindset and compassion are only found in highly sensitive people and empaths.

12) Lawyer

You would think that being a lawyer is the least compatible career for an empath. However, that is far from the truth.

The truth is that there are so many branches of law where an empath’s attentiveness can help other people.

Empaths can represent people navigating domestic violence situations. They can also provide free legal counsel to charities and non-profit organizations.

Given that many empaths are highly sensitive, the more intense legal disciplines like trial and corporate law are not for them.

So yes, an empath can touch and improve many lives as an attorney.

13) Hospice work

Hospice care focuses on providing comfort and service to families that face life-limiting illnesses.

It’s a bit broader than general medical work because it also includes social and spiritual elements to help the family cope with the challenges.

Hospice work can be appealing to empaths because it is less limiting and rigid. Plus they can use their given ability to influence the moods of the people around them, especially those who are hurting.

Hospice workers also serve smaller roles such as running errands for family or just providing companionship in a difficult time.

14) Self-employed

Being self-employed is the best way an empath can thrive – no rigid schedules, no stress from workmates, and no toxic emotions to handle.

If you are an empath who is good with numbers, become a bookkeeper. If you want to help others, volunteer for an organization who needs your help.

If you’re an auto mechanic, volunteer to do some repairs and only charge for parts.

If you’re a developer, volunteer to do some work for an organization that needs a decent website and add it to your portfolio.

Whatever your skills are, being self-employed can pave more ways for you to help people.

15) Academic professions such as researchers, professors, and grant workers

Highly sensitive people love to learn and love to teach.

They could get lost in books and papers and documentaries for hours and hours without blinking an eye.

If you’ve always loved to learn and love to help others learn, a career in research or teaching might be the right choice for you.

16) Entrepreneurial professionals such as business owner, consultant, or freelancer

Because highly sensitive people have a hard time fitting into the normal office routine, a lot of people become entrepreneurs.

Many entrepreneurs and business owners say they came to the profession, not out of love for it, but out of necessity.

It turns out that they don’t agree with a lot of mainstream office politics and need to be in charge of what happens throughout their day.

17) Non-profit professions such as fundraisers, community workers, church organizers

Of course, highly sensitive people want to work in non-profit organizations.

They get to do some 0f the best work in the community and across the country in these industries.

And because non-profit is often about putting others’ needs first, highly sensitive people fit right into these careers.

18) Technology professionals such as web developers, graphic designers, data analysts

Finally, highly sensitive people love to solve problems and plan for things so a career in technology or engineering might be the right fit.

If you start taking things apart with your eyes the minute you see them and you wonder about how they work, a tech career might be right for you.

Bad career options for empaths

1) Sales

The high-stakes game of sales and pitching and closing deals is not the place for an empath.

With so much emotion to satisfy and boundaries to keep in place, sales don’t appeal to empaths.

Even entrepreneurial empaths will hire someone to do sales for them.

2) Technical support

While empaths have a lot of good qualities, writing code or troubleshooting broken machines is not where they like to focus their energy.

3. Executive work

Empaths want to inspire people, not manage them. It takes a lot out of empaths to manage a team or deal with an office setting.

4) Politics

Fuggetaboutit. Empaths don’t need to get caught up in the disaster of politics to feel good about themselves.

As you continue thinking about ways to build a career, stay true to what feels good to you. If you suspect something’s not right about how you’re using your time, change it.

If you don’t get what you need from your job, find another one that lights you up, instead of making you want to take a nap. The choice is yours. So make it.

In conclusion:

If you’re an empath, the most important thing you need to do is to understand every career and choose which one you’re capable of handling.

Although your skills excel in caring professions, sometimes it can get pretty difficult.

Sooner or later, you will feel that the weight of the world is on your shoulders. Seeing other people’s suffering can take a toll on your health and will make you feel burned out.

Just remember to maintain self-worth, solid boundaries and healthy coping mechanisms to let go of the stress and suffering when it is time to unwind.

For an empath, knowing your skill-sets means you’ll be able to choose the most rewarding and fulfilling career for you.

It’s all about how you use your gifts.

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