Who is James Bauer? Everything you need to know about the relationship expert

If you haven’t heard of relationship expert James Bauer, let me introduce him.

He fixes relationships and rescues love when it looks beyond hope.

“Bauer, James Bauer,” secret agent of love, is reporting for duty.

And he’s ready to pull the trigger on the hero instinct and kill doubts, insecurities, and unrequited love forever.

Bauer’s book His Secret Obsession reveals how to attract love, keep love, and solve romantic problems.

If you want a powerful ally on your side who can solve your love problems, Bauer is your guy.

Bauer’s discovery of the hero instinct has been a revolution in the love and dating world. Other dating coaches and relationship experts were left on the sidelines in the process.

Because Bauer blew up their whole business model.

By revealing what the hero instinct is and how to trigger it, he’s helped saved thousands of relationships.

James Bauer: Secret agent of love

James Bauer worked for decades as a relationship coach, helping women and couples through tough spots in their relationships.

He’s studied evolutionary psychology, mating rituals and cultural and scientific contexts of attraction and romance to understand what makes men and women tick.

Bauer’s track record as a dating coach spoke for itself and his word-of-mouth fame grew.

People wanted his help because he truly understood what was going wrong in their love lives and how to resolve it.

Bauer teaches women how to “be irresistible” at a deep level and get men to commit.

The key is not in pushing, cajoling, or deceiving: it’s in activating the all-powerful hero instinct.

Bauer’s discovery of exactly what makes men tick is really convincing and I know that it’s proven true in my love life (it’s not just sports, drinking and bedroom fun).

I have to give James Bauer a lot of credit: he turned my man from a Romeo playing the field to a one-woman guy committed fully to me.

Click here to watch James Bauer’s most popular video (it reveals his famous concept, the hero instinct).

Is His Secret Obsession worth the money?

His Secret Obsession is Bauer’s milestone book that explains all about the hero instinct and how to activate it.

I’ve personally read it twice.

His Secret Obsession is not a thriller, but it thrilled me. That’s because it finally gave me the answers to decode my big burly guy and his heart.

The book was easy for me to understand, but not obvious.

Some of what Bauer points out is a bit counterintuitive and went against what I would have assumed. But it worked.

The book sums everything up in the hero instinct 12-word text, but the “meat” of what Bauer teaches is a bit longer.

It’s about how to trigger the hero instinct and keep it activated.

Doing one or two things right is great, but it won’t stay the course.

To do that you need to take a proactive approach and show you the steps, Bauer gives a clear and concise guide to the hero instinct, particularly what it is and how to keep it alive and well.

It’s worked for me and my dude!

Letting him be your hero

The hero instinct is basically what it sounds like. It’s a man’s deep instinctive need to be a hero.

These days, men have less and less of an opportunity to do that in society or at work, and as a woman, you have the chance to let his hero flag fly.

Triggering the hero instinct is all about bringing out the deep-seated need of men to protect and provide for their women.

When you do it naturally it’s effortless and powerful. And it leads to lasting attraction and bonding.

Some of the top lessons Bauer teaches include:

(For a video summary of James Bauer’s top lessons, click here to watch an excellent free video by James himself).

1) Sending out an SOS

Asking for help is step one of triggering the hero instinct.

Men don’t want to be seen as overbearing or try-hards, which is why you need to make it clear to them that you want their help.

It can be small tasks like taking your vehicle for an oil change or helping you lift some boxes, but try your best to make what you ask help for bringing out his “masculine” side.

If he doesn’t know how to fix cars or landscape your front yard, he can still help you lift a few things or try to take a look at a leaky pipe.

Give him a chance to show his manly side and his hero instinct will swell up.

2) Being there for your guy

Celebrate your guy whenever possible for the manly things he does and says.

He’ll feel that womanly affection and approval and bask in it.

His inner primordial man needs to be recognized as a man and when you start doing that he rises to the occasion and gets very invested.

Deep down every man is looking for a woman who will do this for him. Cheer him on and be his biggest fan.

Better you than another woman who steals him from you.

3) Keeping it cool

Some women read about the hero instinct and go too far.

They constantly ask their man to do little tasks and become a helicopter girlfriend or wife.

Don’t be them.

You need to put the hero instinct into action in a more subtle and low-key way. Let his masculine side come out naturally.

It may emerge slowly at first, but once he knows that he’s got the green light to let his dominant side come out, your man will be fully invested.

4) Having his back around his buds

Another big concept that His Secret Obsession tackles is peer validation.

That’s the approval and confidence a guy gets from being around his friends and colleagues and knowing he’s respected.

As his woman, you have a crucial role to play by boosting him up around his pals and making sure he gets tons of support.

When a guy can tell that his woman doesn’t just have his back at home but also in public, he feels a deep sense of pride and commitment.

That’s the lovely lady he wants standing by his side when the chips are down.

5) Letting him treat you right

We live in a time when women are urged to be fully self-sufficient.

That can have certain advantages, definitely, but what it won’t do is turn on a red-blooded man.

He wants a woman who needs and craves him.

He wants to be able to spoil and look after you with thoughtful gifts, back rubs, and small gestures of affection.

That’s why you may have to make a conscious effort to let him look after you.

When you allow him to treat you right and spoil you every once in a while, his man brain will get the message: this is my woman and I have to look after her.

<<Click here to watch the free hero instinct video>>

6) Encouraging his masculine interests

Your man’s interests may be as wide as the sea. Try to find one or two that are typically macho or manly and encourage him to pursue them.

Examples might be an interest in fixing up old houses or in organizing a pickup baseball league.

Tell him to go for it and give him ideas and help in making his interests come to life.

Embracing this manly side of himself will make him naturally become more assertive and confident.

It will bring out his inner hero in his life and in yours (and in the bedroom). Boom.

7) Being sure he knows he’s the only one

Men like to feel valued in a real and substantive way.

When you trigger their hero instinct it all rests on their sincere feeling that you consider them your one and only.

If they feel they’re being played off or manipulated they’ll lose interest quickly.

Make sure he knows that he’s your only one and that you prize and value him. He’ll return the favor to you.

Here’s the bottom line…

His Secret Obsession is legit.

It turned my player boyfriend into a one-woman man (the woman is me). I’m confident it can be a game-changer in your relationship as well.

James Bauer isn’t just theoretical. He’s a relationship psychologist with years of experience in the field.

He’s been in the middle of the messiest relationship issues you can imagine and he’s helped the majority of these couples pull through.

His ideas aren’t abstract, they’re real life.

Bauer has the framework to take your relationship from a stale joke into a vibrant romance.

Give him a try and let him rescue your relationship!

I highly recommend watching this free video on James Bauer’s hero instinct here.

The video explains clearly about exactly what the hero instinct is and how to keep it triggered and activated. Do it right and you’re looking at a lifetime of love.

Here’s the link once again.

Pearl Nash

Pearl Nash has years of experience writing relationship articles for single females looking for love. After being single for years with no hope of meeting Mr. Right, she finally managed to get married to the love of her life. Now that she’s settled down and happier than she’s ever been in her life, she's passionate about sharing all the wisdom she's learned over the journey. Pearl is also an accredited astrologer and publishes Hack Spirit's daily horoscope.

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