Is it weird to call your boyfriend “Babe”?

“Hey Babe”.

For some people, these words simply roll off the tongue. Whether you’re talking to your boyfriend or your best friend.

For others, nicknames are completely foreign and have you questioning whether or not your relationship is at the stage of nicknames just yet.

But is it weird to call your boyfriend babe? Of course not!

It’s amazing how many wasted hours we spend wondering what’s appropriate and what’s “weird” when it comes to relationships.

Trust us — it isn’t worth it.

It’s up to you to find a nickname you feel comfortable with and to use it with confidence.

Own it.

Love it.

And commit to that relationship 100% without looking back.

While nicknames such as “Babe” might seem trivial, they are really beneficial when it comes to your relationship.

Let us help you find the perfect one that you don’t consider “weird”.

If you’re in search of a nickname that will roll off your tongue and sound natural, we have the perfect options.

Here are 10 nicknames for your boyfriend.

1) Babe

Naturally, we have to start off with this one. Despite what you might be thinking, it’s not weird at all.

It’s actually a very common nickname that other women not only use for their partners, but for friends as well.

As it’s so common and can be used in so many different settings, it’s not awkward to start using it right from the get-go in your relationship.

There’s no need to question whether it’s too soon. No need to fear what others will think.

The nickname babe is around so much that no one is going to bat an eyelid when they hear it.

The perfect part is that it’s a nickname that will grow with your relationship as well. There’s no need to switch it up or change it around as time goes on.

Own it from the beginning and make it work for you.

2) Bae

Ah, social media is a wonderful place that brings people together, allows us to stay more connected…and also brings to life new terms of endearment.

Bae has come to light in recent years — most commonly with the younger years — and simply refers to one’s boyfriend or girlfriend.

For example, “I’m off to see my bae”.

It is apparently an acronym “before anyone else” which is quite appropriate given the context.

Given how mainstream this one is, as long as you’ve had the talk about being mutually exclusive, there’s no issue using it from the beginning of a relationship.

Of course, if it’s not already commonly used in your group of friends, then you may have missed the boat on this one and it might be best to steer clear.

Opinions are divided on this nickname and whether or not it should be used at all. Only you can decide!

3) Honey

“Honey, I’m home!”

We’ve all heard this one before.

As a term of endearment, it’s pretty self-explanatory. And it makes a great nickname for your other half.

The question is, is this a nickname you can use from the beginning of your relationship?

There’s no reason not to.

It’s such a common term with no hidden meaning behind it. Nothing should hold you back from using it straight away.

It’s about doing what feels comfortable to you and your boyfriend.

4) Sweetie

Another nickname that just makes so much sense.

Consider it another alternative to “Honey”. You can use it from the start of your relationship without second-guessing yourself.

It’s not a term you should you need to reserve for when your boyfriend does something sweet (though you can use it then as well!).

It’s a simple way to let him know how you feel about him all the time.

With such positive connotations, it’s easy to see why this is such a popular nickname choice.

5) Love/ My Love

If you’re looking for something a bit less “cute” and a little more mature, then this is a great option. But, you do need to be careful when choosing when to start using it.

Unlike some of the other nicknames above, this isn’t a term that should be used at the beginning of a relationship.

To be safe, it’s often best to wait until you’ve both said the “L” word to each other before you start using it.

It’s a pet name that should only be used once you actually are in love with that person. So, make sure you reserve it for them.

6) Boo

This is one of those nicknames that no one knows where it came from, yet everyone knows it.

Much in the same fashion as babe and bae, it’s a short and cute nickname when you’re looking for something a little bit different.

If you’re the type of person who wonders whether or not babe is a weird nickname, then this could be the perfect choice for you.

It’s still very well-known and recognized as a pet name for partners, but a little left field and out there as well.

There’s no real meaning behind this one — it’s simply a cute nickname that could be perfect for you and your other half.

7) Romeo

If you’re looking for a cute nickname that will make hearts melt, this one is it.

Everyone knows the story of Romeo and Juliet. And while we all hope for a happy ending for our own love tale, there’s no denying the love between the two Shakespeare characters.

But, is this a nickname you can use from the beginning of the relationship?

Sure! As long as he has proved himself. And by that, we mean he’s showed his romantic side to make him worthy of the name.

Just throwing it out there as a pet name for the sake of it adds no meaning. It’s better if your pet name was chosen for a reason.

This makes it more likely to stick and bring you two closer together.

This is also one of those names you won’t have to be embarrassed about calling out at a bar to your boyfriend. After all, who wouldn’t want to be known as Romeo!

8) Better half

We’ve all heard this term before. He might have called you this name already from time to time.

This is the perfect nickname for someone you love and adore.

Unlike some of the other choices above, it’s best not to start off with this pet name at the beginning of the relationship.

You have to know a person well before you start referring to them as your better half. After all, it says a lot about them and the love you have for them in the process.

Often, this title is used between married couples when talking about each other. But that doesn’t mean you have to wait until marriage to use it.

Once you know you’re in love — and have actually voiced this to each other, then it’s fine to start calling him your better half.

9) Bossman

This nickname isn’t for everyone but it can work for the right couple.

The idea of the pet name is to single out your man’s confidence, attitude, and authority. It may be linked to a role he has in the workplace or the role he plays in your home.

This is why this nickname isn’t for everybody.

Of course, many guys want to be thought of as strong and tough — and this nickname highlights this for them. It’s the perfect ego boost to get them through the day.

Think about your man — does this apply to him?

If so, there are no problems with using it from day one of your relationship. There are no feelings involved with this nickname, it’s simply an ego-boosting option if you’re looking for one.

10) Mi Amor

Is there anything that spells love more than saying it in a different language?

Mi Amor is Spanish for my love.

As you would expect, as gorgeous as this nickname is, it’s one you shouldn’t go near until you have uttered those two words in English to each other first.

Once you do, this Spanish translation is an adorable option for a nickname that will stick for years to come.

This term of endearment to a loved one is the perfect way to express your feelings on a daily basis. Even better if you can nail it with the Spanish accent as well.

6 nicknames to steer clear of

At the other end of the scale, there are in fact nicknames we’d advise you to steer clear of at all costs.

While babe isn’t weird as all when it comes to a pet name for your boyfriend, there are some weird choices out there.

Here are 6 nicknames to avoid using at all costs.

1) Baby

Let’s face it, most guys already have a mum. They aren’t looking for a second one. Not only this, but you don’t want to put yourself in that category.

When you start using terms like “Baby”, where do you think his mind goes?

There is likely only one person who has used this term in his past. And it’s not someone you want to put yourself in comparison with. (Trust us, you will never win!).

Not only this but what happens if this ends up a long-term relationship? What happens if you have a baby of your own?

Now things are downright confusing. Are you referring to the actual baby when you use this term or your partner?

If you ask us, this is one term of endearment that is best left alone. With so many other great options above, it’s easy to just pass up on this one.

2) Fatty

Not sure why this one even became popular in the first place.

Sure, we can see how it might have been seen as endearing. After all, you don’t really think he’s fat. You love him just the way he is. But, let’s be honest. Men have feelings too.

Imagine if he had the same nickname for you?

What an uproar!

No one wants to be called fat all day, every day of their lives. Even if they know you mean it lovingly.

Drop this nickname as fast as you can, it’s not one that should stick around. Instead, opt for something that draws out his better qualities, rather than bringing him down.

They do say, treat others as you would like to be treated. If you’d rather not be called fat, then don’t use that nickname for your man!

3) A sexual name (think as dirty as you like)

Unless you’re planning to keep that nickname for the bedroom, then don’t go there.

Your mum, mother-in-law, friends, grandparents… NO ONE wants to hear it.

They don’t want to think of the two of you in that way.

Don’t get us wrong, they’re happy you’re together and that you’re happy.

But they don’t need to hear what sexual names you’ve made up for each other and the connotations these have when it comes to the bedroom.

Keep it clean. Keep it friendly.

If you’re ever unsure, then do the grandma test. Ask yourself, what would my grandma think if she heard my boyfriend call me this?

Voila, you have your answer!

4) Booboo

Your heart might be melting at the sound of this one, but his isn’t.

What you think is cute, we can guarantee he won’t agree with. But this is at the opposite end of the cute spectrum. In fact, it has entered over into sickening territory.

Imagine you’re out at the bar with his friends and you want to get his attention, so you call out “Booboo” across the table.

He’s now gone bright red out of embarrassment and all his mates have the perfect excuse to lay into him. But, he’s likely not the only one being laughed at.

You are too.

The fact that you think the nickname is appropriate says a lot about you and his friends are picking up on that. If you love the name so much, save it for home.

When you go out, “Ben” is fine.

5) Baby cakes

Just when we thought things couldn’t get much worse from “Baby”, out comes this one.

Who thought this nickname was a good idea in the first place?

It’s both degrading and cringe-worthy all rolled into one.

And if your boyfriend hasn’t spoken up to complain about it, then he must be really into you.

Honestly, it sounds like you’re trying far too hard. And in doing so, you’ve come up with the most outrageous nickname you can think of in the process.

Drop it. Forget it. Pretend this one never happened. It’s best for the future of your relationship.

6) Baby Daddy

Unless he quite literally is the father of your children, this one should be avoided at all costs.

Even then, it’s quite a derogatory term. If he has fathered your children then he is likely much more than just a Baby Daddy to you.

If you’re only dating in the early days, then this nickname is enough to scare him off.

I don’t have a pet name for my boyfriend

What if, you simply call your boyfriend his name?

Tom, Fred, Nick, Jack, Harry…

No cute nickname.

No terms of endearment.

Just the names their mother gave them at birth.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this. Pet names aren’t essential to a relationship.

They can help form a bond between the couple and tend to signal a form of ownership. After all, everyone can call your boyfriend Harry, but you’re the only one who can call him Baby Cakes (please don’t use this one — read above!).

But, so what if you use the same name as everyone else.

One of the great parts of being in a solid relationship is not needing to prove it to others every time you step out into public.

If you’re comfortable using each other’s names, then there’s no reason to change.

Just keep doing you and enjoy cringing at some of those “not-so-cute” nicknames that are being adopted out there.

Choosing the right nickname

At the end of the day, there are plenty of options to choose from when picking a nickname for your partner. And that’s if you choose to go with a nickname at all!

The choice is yours.

Pin our list of nicknames to avoid on your wall, just to be a constant reminder not to choose the wrong one.

Then go through our list of alternatives and find the right one for you.

If it feels weird and you find yourself questioning it, then it’s safe to say it isn’t the right nickname for you.

“Babe” isn’t a term that rolls off the tongues for everyone.

It’s about finding the right nickname for you that you feel comfortable with.

Happy hunting babe!

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