If you’ve had these 10 life experiences, you’re probably an empath

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Realizing you’re an empath isn’t always black and white. 

It can take a bit of a closer look at your life and experiences to realize that you actually are one. 

Here’s a look at some of the transformational experiences that show that you’re most likely an empath or well on the way to being one.

1) You’ve felt the pain of others 

The key mark of an empath is being able to understand and experience the emotions of others

Feelings aren’t just a personal experience to you: 

They’re a shared experience. 

They’re a form of communication. 

The pain and emotions of others speak to you as a kind of language. 

When somebody is in a lot of pain you’ve found yourself stunned by how much you feel it too. 

In fact, you may have even found yourself overwhelmed or traumatized by the intensity of feeling the pain of others. 

This brings up the next key point… 

2) You need time to recharge after intense emotional experiences 

When you start realizing you’re different than others it’s not all sunshine and roses. 

It can be difficult to adjust to this heightened sensitivity I mentioned in the last point. 

You feel sometimes like you’re almost being drowned in the experiences and emotions of others. 

You need more time to center yourself and be anchored in yourself. 

You also need more time than average to recover from intense interactions and experiences. 

You don’t just suddenly “snap out of it” when you’ve had a hard time or helped somebody who’s hurting. 

You need a minute. 

3) Somebody’s told you that your help and advice changed their life 

The next sign you’re likely an empath is that you’ve given advice or support that’s changed lives. 

It might have been to a friend or colleague, family member or even a stranger. 

But something about the way you’ve been there for someone made a difference. 

You know because they told you, in person or through a message. 

You may have been a shoulder to cry on, or given advice to someone struggling in their career, love life or mental health. 

Something about what you said or the way you said it got through, and this person feels you really were the difference-maker for them. 

4) Your life path has been shaped by wanting to help others 

In your life, your desire to understand and help others has guided major decisions. 

You’ve signed up to volunteer, learned skills that assisted people and felt drawn to other friends who also have a similar mindset. 

Your desire to help others has come up again and again, and may also extend to animals and nature. 

When you have free time, you find ways to connect to other people, and it’s what you’ve done since a young age. 

This ties into the next point…

5) You feel called to ‘empath-friendly’ careers 

As you pursue education and choose a career, you feel drawn to careers that relate to being an empath

These often include careers such as: 

  • Psychologist
  • Teacher
  • Musician
  • Vet
  • Nurse
  • Doctor
  • Social worker
  • Physiotherapist
  • Masseuse 
  • Pastoral or spiritual worker

If you find that you’re headed in the career direction of something involving caring for or understanding others, it could well be that your inner empath is emerging. 

It’s also important to keep in mind that being an empath can emerge in almost any career and situation. 

Even if you work in retail, you can be very understanding and help people in deep ways.

6) You see how much being understood can transform people 

Being misunderstood isn’t just teenage angst. 

Many people we see around us day to day feel deeply misunderstood, even by those closest to them. 

You may find that this touches you and that you feel a desire to show people they’re understood. 

To do that, of course, you have to understand them. 

The key thing is that even if you haven’t been in somebody’s shoes, you’re able to feel what they feel. 

You can sense their feelings as if they are your own, and you want to offer this to others and see how it can change them to know that they are seen, heard and understood. 

7) You find you rarely judge or label those around you 

Another sign that you’re probably an empath is that you are very non-judgmental

You have strong core values, including compassion and care for people. 

You have ethical lines you won’t cross. 

But your last resort is judging or labeling people. It’s just not what you do. 

You’d rather understand them, or at least attempt to. 

Even when people appear to be acting our or behaving awfully for no discernible reason, you don’t find judging useful. 

You’d rather try to approach the situation cautiously and see if you can get to know somebody on their own terms instead of how others label them. 

8) Small details stand out to you in people’s conduct 

As an empath you’re likely to be highly perceptive

You pick up on people’s body language, vocal intonations, subtle expressions and aspects of their behavior that aren’t easy to notice. 

Small details stand out to you and come easily to you, whereas to others it would be very hard to notice. 

You can tell when somebody’s not OK but is pretending to be fine. 

You can tell when somebody’s acting sad to get attention and is actually a manipulative person. 

It’s almost as though you have a sort of intention-focused X-ray vision where you have a lot more insights into what people are feeling, wanting and thinking than most people. 

Of course you can be wrong just like any of us, but as an empath you are much more often right. 

Which brings me to the next point…

9) Your gut instinct is rarely wrong 

Empaths have a highly accurate intuition. 

If you’re an empath you’ve likely had a lifelong connection with your gut instinct that rarely steers you wrong. 

People, places, situations and decisions give you a certain instinctual sense of what to do and what to think…

When you follow your gut instinct you do what’s necessary, and you’ve learned to trust it over the years. 

This strong link between a person and their gut instinct is a strong indicator of being an empath. 

10) You experience especially euphoric highs and crushing lows in relationships

We all experience highs and lows in relationships, but if you find that yours are even more intense it could be due to being an empath. 

The reason is that as an empath you can feel the emotions of others and aren’t able to turn a blind eye to them. 

Thus it can be very hard to establish clear and lasting boundaries between yourself and your partner:

When they’re up, you’re up, when they’re down, you’re down!

When problems or tensions occur in the relationship you internalize them tremendously and often blame yourself. 

You can see so much about what is going wrong, even when it’s not necessarily easy or possible to fix. 

This can make relationships that are having problems seem like watching a trainwreck in slow motion:

You can see everything that’s going wrong and why, but that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily in your control to remedy it. 

Empaths of the world, unite! 

If the experiences above resonate with you then there’s a good chance you’re an empath. 

This is great news! 

You are the kind of person who brings light and love to a world that’s direly in need. 

It’s just important to ensure that you also care for yourself and respect your own emotional boundaries

As an empath you need your space and time for recovery and to process intense emotions and experiences. 

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