If you’re a high-level empath, these 10 daily habits can help you stay centered

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If you’re a high-level empath then you take everything in: the pain, the struggles, the confusion of the people around you. 

There is no off-switch. It’s who you are, and it can be overwhelming. 

Even if you’ve managed to turn being an empath into part of your career path and livelihood, you need time to recenter and find yourself. It’s a matter of psychological and spiritual survival. 

But it can be hard to know where to start. 

Here’s a look at some of the best daily habits to help you stay centered and rediscover your inner peace and stability when you’re a high-level empath. 

1) Prioritize self-care 

When you’re a high-level empath, so much of your energy streams outwards mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

Self-care isn’t really a choice, it’s a necessity for survival.

It’s crucial to make self-care a daily habit and a priority in your life. 

Prioritize self-care rituals tailored to your needs, whether it’s indulging in a warm bath, practicing yoga, or enjoying a creative hobby that brings you joy.

The alternative to putting self-care first as a high-level empath is that you end up becoming increasingly emotionally and physically drained to the point of eventual breakdown. 

2) Do a morning ritual

I highly advise starting your day with a morning ritual

This will look different for each person, but optimally it will involve both a physical and spiritual component. 

For example, you may do 15 minutes of light exercise or yoga and then 15 minutes of a grounding meditation session or breathwork. 

This helps to cultivate inner peace and clarity and allows you to establish emotional boundaries for the day ahead and to find center amidst all the noise.

3) Engage in mindful breathing

Practice mindful breathing exercises throughout the day to anchor yourself in the present moment.

These will also help you to alleviate stress or overwhelming emotions that come at you from your interactions or from past memories. 

Your breathing is the bridge between the autonomic system and the sympathetic nervous system, providing a link between the conscious and unconscious. 

The more you consciously become aware of your breathing, the more you come into your own power and cycle up in your awareness and clarity, as well as in setting boundaries. 

4) Set intentions for the day

As the continuation of the morning ritual, I highly recommend that you set clear intentions for the day ahead.

This is what you want to accomplish, particularly in your goals and your own journey, rather than only on what you can do for others. 

Try focusing on positivity, compassion, and self-care to guide your interactions and decisions.

It can also help to write these down physically, which brings me to the next daily habit to practice as a high-level empath

5) Start journaling

Dedicate time each day to journal your thoughts and feelings.

Pay particular attention to what you are feeling and your own personal boundaries and aspirations. 

This is for your eyes only and you can feel free to pour your heart and soul out into this scroll:

Think of it as an empath who is hearing and seeing you in all your glory and faults. 

This provides an outlet for self-expression and reflection while enhancing self-awareness, helping you center yourself amidst the turbulent emotions and demands of the outer world. 

6) Connect with nature

Incorporate nature walks into your daily routine to reconnect with the natural world.

This can be a time that you practice the breathing as well as mindful walking, observation and sensory awareness. 

This is a time for replenishing your energy and fostering a sense of tranquility.

It’s also a time to clarify your own boundaries and what you want and need in your life, rather than just what others want from you. 

Just as in nature everything is interconnected, the same is true of you and your emotional and spiritual existence:

However you also have your own existence and consciousness that needs its own space and ability for self-determination. 

7) Establish healthy boundaries

Establish and maintain healthy boundaries in your relationships and environments.

This can be easier said than done, especially for a high-level empath who exists and works on a highly emotionally intense plane that most people don’t experience. 

It’s crucial to honor your own needs and limitations without absorbing others’ emotions excessively.

Making this conscious and specific while carving out time for yourself in nature and in the other habits I’ve outlined here can be an enormous boon.

You begin to feel more empowered and clarified in having your own life and destiny, not only being a mirror and medium for the intensities and transitions of others. 

This brings me to the next daily habit to foster: 

8) Seek a sensory refuge 

Create a peaceful sanctuary within your living space where you can retreat and recharge.

Just as nature brings you into contact with the outer world’s beauty and rhythm, this space allows you to go inside yourself in the safety of your living area. 

You can start by incorporating calming elements such as soft lighting, soothing music, or aromatherapy.

This is a place for you to calm and retreat from the world, getting in touch with yourself at the deepest level and feeling the rhythm of your own emotions and needs. 

This is a refuge where the emotions and impact of others doesn’t come, an inscribed boundary line where your safe zone begins. 

9) Digitally detoxify

Limit exposure to negative news or social media that may impact your emotional well-being and take at least several hours per day away from digital devices.

Set your ringer on silent and become comfortable with sometimes being out of reach from the questions, comments and emotions of other people. 

When you’re a high-level empath, these devices and their usage can flood you, hitting you with the experiential and emotional energy of people all around the world all at once. 

Choice to have long digital detox periods to cultivate a sense of inner calm and detachment and combine that with the other habits in this article to look after yourself and protect yourself. 

10) Maximize gratitude

Cultivate a daily gratitude practice to shift your focus towards appreciation and abundance. 

As much as being an empath can be a burden, and as much as it’s a struggle that most won’t ever fully grasp, it’s also important to acknowledge the elements that are a blessing. 

Looking at the beauty and blessings present in your life and at the gifts you’ve been given helps you to reenter the world more grounded and ready for what comes. 

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