If your partner says these 20 things to you, they’re deeply in love

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We can’t always ask our partner “How much do you love me?”

Once is alright but to ask it again and again can be annoying (not to mention, pointless).

The best way to find out how much a person loves you is by observing their actions. And the second best way is by paying attention to their words.

Wondering if your partner is already deeply in love with you?

Think back if they’ve uttered these phrases.

1) “I’ve never met anyone like you”

Let’s face it. While you’re unique, chances are that you have a lot of things in common with others…so this phrase shouldn’t be taken literally.

What your partner means when they say this is that they’ve never met anyone who can make them feel the same way you do.

And this makes you very special.

When someone says this, it usually means that they’re already deeply in love.

2) “I want to keep you forever”

Anything with “forever” is actually a sign that their love for you is already deep.

That means they’re thinking about the future with you in it. And they just have to tell you about it so you’ll perhaps start thinking about it, too.

3) “I’m so lucky to be loving you”

This means that yes, they’re in love with you.

But, more than that, they’re saying that you’re a very wonderful person and they feel fortunate that you picked them among many others.

It’s one of the sweetest things to hear, and it’s usually just uttered by people who are deeply in love.

4) “You’re everything I ever wanted”

If you hear this, it means that you have all the qualities of what they want in a life partner.

They don’t just love you, they also truly LIKE who you are as a person. For them, you check all the important boxes.

Maybe they find your traits admirable and you have specific quirks that just makes them think you’re the one they’ve been waiting for. And this is a big deal!

5) “Why are you so cute?”

If they can’t stop saying you’re cute, then there’s no doubt about it—they’re crazy in love with you.

Even if you haven’t showered for days, they’ll still find you adorable. Even if you get mad at them, they won’t see you as an awful person but just as their cute partner being moody.

6) “What have I done to deserve you?”

Again, another phrase that says “I just can’t believe my luck.”

While it might be a sign of low self-esteem, it’s generally just a harmless phrase said by people who just feel very grateful to find the best kind of love they can imagine.

Maybe before they met you, they lost hope in finding real love…and yet, here you are!

7) “You’re not perfect, but you’re perfect to me.”

If you beat yourself up for committing a mistake or for being imperfect, they’d comfort you by saying this phrase.

But it’s not just to give you a boost, actually.

If they’re in love with you, they truly mean it. You may be imperfect, but you’re imperfectly perfect for the one who truly loves you.

8) “I can’t imagine a life without you”

You’ve been gone for just a few days, and yet they’re already missing you terribly.

They got a taste of what life is like without you, and they don’t like it one bit.

A person who’s not so in love won’t have these strong realizations when you’re away. They’d just happily enjoy their me-time.

But if someone’s deeply in love with you, they can’t help but pull you a bit closer after being apart for what to them seems like an eternity.

9) “I’ll love you even if you lose all your teeth”

When your partner says this and means it, well…they’re already too deeply in love with you.

They might be joking but one thing’s for sure: they definitely see you as their life-long partner who they want to grow old with. 

10) “I’ll do my best for us”

This phrase means they’re not just in love, they’re DEEPLY in love.

They’re willing to put in the effort so the two of you can flourish and build a life together. And that’s just the sweetest thing to hear if you want real commitment from a partner.

11) “I want you to meet my family”

If you’re just dating casually, and they still don’t imagine you building a life together anytime soon, they’d rather delay introducing you to their family because…what’s the point?

The fact that they want you to meet their family means they’re already very deeply in love with you—and they don’t see the point of delaying it any further.

12) “What’s mine is yours”

If one’s truly in love, they become very generous. In fact, they’d rather sacrifice some of their happiness just to see their partner happy.

So if your partner says this, your comfort and happiness matters a lot to them.

They want you to feel that you’re a team and that they always got your back.

13) “You make me believe in love”

Your partner might have become a little jaded because of past traumas. Or they didn’t believe in romantic love at all because they haven’t experienced it yet.

But all of this changed when they met you.

You are the reason they believe in love (again)—and that’s because the love they felt for you is so strong that it has removed all their doubts about love and relationships.

14). “You’ve changed me into a much better person”

When people are deeply in love, they get so inspired that they transform themselves for the better—sometimes, even into the best version of themselves!

If they used to smoke and drink every day, they might suddenly quit cold turkey. They might even start exercising, too.

Love has this profound effect on people, but only if the love is deep.

15) “Please, let’s not fight”

Someone who’s deeply in love cannot bear the idea of breaking up or hurting the one they love.

So when you have an argument or one of you gets hurt in whatever way, they’d make sure you talk and fix things.

Trust me, a person who’s not deeply in love would get annoyed at you for being too “difficult”, but the one who loves you deeply would never make you feel that way. 

Instead, they’d do their share to make the relationship work.

16) “No, you’re not clingy!”

If you’ve worried that you’re too clingy and you’re turning them off by being too available, they would reassure you that you aren’t. 

They’d say “What do you mean clingy?” or “But I’m clingy, too!”, or even “Please stay clingy. Please, please, please.”

They care about how you feel and they would never make you feel like you’re being pathetic for wanting their affection.

17) “You look so adorable in that outfit”

A person who’s deeply in love will give wholesome compliments because they just can’t help it.

They notice every detail about you including the subtle ones like the color of your lipstick.

In contrast, a person who only lusts after you will only admire your body and your style as a form of foreplay. 

18) “I’m here for you no matter what”

And they do mean it.

In fact, to them, even if you’ll end up parting ways in the end, they’ll still be there for you. 

Someone who’s deeply in love cares deeply

Call them if you have a problem, and they’ll drop whatever it is they’re doing and rush to your side (even if you had a heated argument an hour before). 

Just make sure you won’t abuse their love for you by loving them well in return.

19) “What do you think?”

A person in love would always want to know what their partner thinks—even if it’s not something that concerns them both.

For instance, when choosing a hat, they’d send photos to their partner and ask which one looks better on them.

They do this not primarily because they really want to get some fashion advice, they just like the feeling that they decide together on things big and small.

20) “I can’t stand to see you suffer”

A person in love would rather take all the hard blows than see their beloved suffer. It’s just too painful for them.

Seeing their partner suffer breaks their heart.

If they can see you having a hard time, they’re willing to help you in whatever way possible—even if it means they’ll have to sacrifice their own happiness.

Last words

If you ever heard your partner say all these things, then you’re one lucky chap.

There’s no denying it—they’re totally, 100%ly, deeply in love with you.

Love them deeply in return, and never let them go.

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