If your partner is willing to do these 14 things, they love you unconditionally

Unconditional love is a type of love that makes you feel happy and secure. It’s when you can be yourself because your partner accepts you for who you are.

It’s also a kind of love that comes without conditions.

When your partner loves you unconditionally, they won’t leave at the first sign of struggle. You could face hardships in your relationship or have an illness, and that love still won’t change.

So, are you feeling that unconditional love from your partner?

Let’s look into the 14 things your partner is willing to do when they love you unconditionally.

1) They support your goals and dreams

One sign that your partner loves you unconditionally is when they are your biggest cheerleader when it comes to your goals and dreams.

Your ambitions don’t make them feel threatened. Nor do they feel as if they’re competing with you.

Whether you desire to start your own business, travel or go back into education, your partner will support you all the way.

And they’ll actively encourage you to go after what you want. After all, your happiness is their priority.

As for when you achieve your goals …

2) They celebrate your successes

As far as your partner is concerned, your success is their success. When you succeed, they’re genuinely happy for you.

So, they’ll treat you for a job well done to celebrate your big win. That could be a fancy meal, a spa day or even a weekend away.

And they might not even stop there, either. Your partner will make sure to let their loved ones know how proud they are of you and your achievements.

3) They show affection through their words and actions

Your partner might also show you lots of love and affection, publicly and privately. And it’s not something they even have to think about. It just comes naturally to them.

Physically, they’ll give you plenty of hugs and kisses, hold your hand and give you cheeky pinches on the bum.

While on the verbal side of things, they’re generous with their compliments and open and honest about their feelings for you.

Speaking of openness and honesty …

4) They open themselves up to you

It’s not easy being open and vulnerable. That’s why many people choose not to for fear of getting hurt.

But when your partner loves you unconditionally, they may feel comfortable enough to reveal the inner pages of their book to you.

From insecurities to past experiences, hopes and dreams and traumatic events from the past – they’re an open book.

When your partner can get vulnerable with you, it could be because they want to build upon that trust and intimacy with you. They also want you to

know them on a personable level.

And by being so open, they signal that you can do the same with them.

5) They listen with patience and understanding

A partner that loves you unconditionally wants you to be happy. Part of that means tending to your needs and any concerns you have.

This is why they’ll take the time to listen to you to understand your needs and concerns.

For example, if you have emotional trauma, your partner will try to get to the root of the issue so they can give you the right emotional support.

They’ll do that by asking lots of questions and utilizing the powers of empathy and patience to understand your situation.

Your partner will also respect your viewpoints and remain kind and considerate towards you – even when you have a difference of opinion.

6) They respect your boundaries and personal space

So, it makes sense they’ll also respect your boundaries and personal space.

You might want space to pursue your goals, interests, spend time with your friends, or be alone.

And your partner is perfectly fine with that.

They understand it’s important for you to have the freedom and independence to do your thing. And if it makes you happy, that’s all that matters.

7) They make an effort to resolve conflict

You’ll likely run into conflict when you’ve been around your partner long enough.

You won’t see eye to eye on a subject and will have differences in opinion that turn into arguments.

But when that happens, your partner doesn’t just leave things as they are or run the other way with their tail between their legs.

They make an effort to try and resolve things so you don’t go to bed angry.

Your partner will also come up with compromises and solutions to help you resolve your differences.

8) They forgive your mistakes

Alongside conflict, it’s also common to make mistakes in relationships. After all, none of us are perfect.

But when you do make mistakes, your partner is quick to forgive you.

Holding grudges can cause a wedge in your relationship, which can lead to further problems down the line.

And it’s these mistakes that can often be used as weapons, later on to make snide digs and fuel further arguments.

Knowing this, your partner will let it go, forgive you and leave those mistakes in the past so your relationship can continue to blossom.

9) And they apologize for their mistakes

And when your partner is the one to make a mistake, they’re quick to own up to their wrongdoings and apologize for it.

They don’t just apologize for the sake of it, either. When your partner tells you they’re sorry, they mean it.

You see, they realize their mistakes, intentional or not, can hurt you and your relationship.

So, after your partner is done apologizing, they’ll do what they can to make amends and right their wrongs.

10) They work on themselves to help strengthen the relationship

They’ll also commit to their personal growth and development to work on their perceived flaws and weaknesses.

Your partner may do this by self-reflecting, journaling and reading books to help pinpoint and work through their problem areas.

The thing is, weak spots can get in the way of a relationship. They can lead to errors in judgement and mistakes.

So, by committing to their personal development, they help strengthen your bond and relationship.

11) They are loyal to you

No matter the obstacles, conflicts and challenges you face in your relationship, straying is never in question.

Instead, your partner will face any of these issues you have head-on.

And, like I said earlier, they’ll make an effort to resolve any conflicts, even if it takes time.

A partner that loves you unconditionally will be in it for the long haul. So, they’ll see any kinks in your relationship through to a resolution. And they’ll stay loyal in the process.

12) They do the things you enjoy

Another thing your partner is willing to do when they love you unconditionally is to do the things you enjoy.

They’ll take an active interest in your life and the activities you enjoy in your spare time.

Even if it’s not something your partner would not normally be interested in, they’d be more than happy to take up any activity that makes you happy.

And they may even get into that hobby after trying it out with you.

It’s also a great way for your partner to spend more quality time with you and create shared experiences. This will help keep your relationship going from strength to strength.

13) They stand up for you

Your partner will undoubtedly see many good qualities in you, even if you don’t recognize them all in yourself.

With that being said, they probably wouldn’t take kindly to anyone who criticizes you and tries to drag your character.

If your partner heard anything as such, they’d be inclined to say something. After all, it would be hard to stay quiet if someone you love’s name is being dragged through the mud.

That’s why they wouldn’t hesitate to speak up and defend your honor.

14) They accept you for who you are

We all have our flaws and quirks. Unique traits and qualities that make us who we are.

But when your partner loves you unconditionally, they’ll take you for all you are – flaws and quirky traits included.

You might be a little on the messy side. Or you may have a large scar that you’re insecure about across your stomach.

But your partner won’t try to change or mould you into a perfect being. And they won’t criticize you for your perceived flaws.

Because it’s these qualities that make you who you are. And your partner wouldn’t have it any other way.

Final thoughts

How many of the points on this list resonate with you? If you can relate to most of the points listed, that’s a positive sign that your partner loves you unconditionally.

If you feel the same, make sure to show your partner that their unconditional love is mutual!

Natalya Edwards

Natalya Edwards is a content writer with experience writing content on diverse topics, from entertainment and music to personal development and short stories. When she’s not typing away at the keyboard, she enjoys gaming, reading and watching Korean dramas.

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