If you feel your life is “boring”, say goodbye to these 10 behaviors

Have you ever scrolled through your social media and wondered how everyone else’s life seems packed with adventure while yours is so…blah? 

I’ve felt that way too many times, and it led me to a close examination of what I was doing that was making my life so boring. Or to be more specific, what exactly I was doing wrong.

Well, I did find a lot of habits that explained it all. And today, I’d like to share those habits and behaviors with you. 

So, if you feel like your life needs a bit of shaking up, read on and find out what they are!

1) Spending too much time on social media

The first thing I realized was that I was on my phone too much. You may have guessed that from the first sentence in this article. 

See, the tricky thing about social media is that it opened up a lot of windows for me. It connected me to people I’d lost touch with and gave me glimpses into the lives of friends who lived far away. 

At the same time, as many as those windows are, they are simply that – windows. Which meant that I was always just looking out and never really engaging. 

I was like a kid on her sickbed, looking out and seeing the neighborhood kids playing games on the street. 

Simply put, too much social media  kept me trapped in a passive existence. 

Thankfully, there’s a quick fix for it – time management. Just commit to being mindful of the time you spend in the digital world

I know that when I dialed my social media use down to just half an hour a day online, I suddenly had lots of time to actively engage in real life. 

2) Saying no to new experiences

Once you’ve got your time freed up from social media, what do you do then with all of it? 

Why, try new experiences, of course! 

Now, I might sound like I’m such an adventurous person with that flippant statement. But the truth is, I’m actually hesitant to try out new things

Or rather, I used to be. There were lots of things I wanted to try – pottery, bungee jumping, rowing – but I was too scared of failing and looking like a fool. 

When I finally swallowed my fears in the name of adding color to my life, wow, it was exhilarating. Suddenly, my life had lots of color indeed! 

Breaking out of our comfort zones is how we grow. It’s scary for sure, but the excitement of trying new things can be the antidote to a boring life. 

So, sign up for that dance class, learn to play an instrument, or join a rowing club like I did! 

3) Avoiding social connections

Again, I used to be guilty of this one. It was actually ironic – I was very active on social media, yet I would decline invitations to go out for coffee or a night on the town. 

To be fair, I had some valid reasons most of the time. I did have a busy work schedule, a family to tend to, so by the end of the day or the week, I was pretty much fried. 

Oh, and to top it off, I’m an introvert, so my social battery is very much limited. 

But sticking to that routine is exactly what led to my life being so darn predictable and boring

We need the mental and emotional stimulation that company can give us. We need diverse perspectives, hearty laughter, and deep conversations to shake up our brain cells that have fallen asleep from too much routine. 

So, one word – socialize. Make time for coffee with other people. My favorite is scheduling a mid-week lunch date with friends; it’s perfect for beating Wednesday Hump Day! 

4) Getting stuck in a routine

Talking about Wednesday Hump Day leads me to the huge role routine plays in our boredom. 

I’m a person who relies on routine. I mean, it’s necessary to keep me going on days when I’m not feeling motivated. 

That said, it really can become monotonous, even for someone who likes an orderly life. 

So, how do you break it up? 

Well, you don’t have to go big and suddenly throw caution to the wind. Even little tweaks can do the job, such as: 

  • Visiting a new coffee shop on your way to work
  • Switching up your exercise routine. Do yoga, HIIT, dance, swim, or run. It doesn’t matter as long as it’s fun! 
  • Driving a different route some days
  • Trying new recipes
  • Getting into a new hobby
  • Enrolling in an online class
  • Planning weekend getaways

I could go on and on with this list, but the point is, variety really is the spice of life! 

5) Overthinking and worrying 

Is overthinking one of the reasons why you’re hesitant to try new experiences?

If you’re like me (the old me), you might be the type to lie awake in bed at night replaying past mistakes or creating lots of what-if scenarios. 

Again, this is quite natural; we’re only human, after all. Unfortunately, it also means we’re missing out on a lot, simply because our minds are stuck in either the past or the future. 

So we miss out on a glorious sunrise because we’re thinking about the pile of work waiting for us in the office. We miss out on a delicious meal because we’re mulling over an innocuous comment someone said. 

What’s more, overthinking often leads to indecisiveness, too. We could spend so much time analyzing and deliberating all the pros and cons that we end up paralyzed. 

The result? We stay where we are. Living through yet another boring day. 

The thing is, we can only stop overthinking if we quit the next behavior, too… 

6) Not taking time to reflect

Reflect? Who has time for that? 

We all do, but if only we make time for it. Without reflection, we won’t even recognize the patterns or behaviors that are making our lives monotonous. 

For me, journaling really helped. Once I put my thoughts down on paper, I could see the areas where I was stuck in a rut

If journaling isn’t for you, simply take a quiet walk. Just listen to your thoughts so you can connect better with your inner self and hear what you really want to do in life. 

7) Neglecting self-care

Speaking of the inner self, how much time do you devote to self-care? 

If the answer is “not much”, it’s time to switch that up. 

Self-care is not a luxury; it’s a necessity. When you’re running around ragged day after day, going through the same motions, it’s easy to see life as just one never-ending, mind-numbing trip. 

That’s understandable; how can you feel that life is fresh if you’re never refreshed? 

See what I did there? 

Hopefully, this is enough to get you setting aside more time to take care of yourself. 

8) Living according to others’ expectations

Actually, this one’s not just a recipe for boredom; it’s a recipe for unhappiness. 

Society, friends, family…there are just too many voices out there telling us what we should and shouldn’t be. And when we’re caught up in all of that, everything starts looking gray. 

Why? Because it’s not what we want to do. 

I spent years trying to meet the expectations of the people around me. Those years were probably the times that I felt most unfulfilled and bored

Nothing beats authenticity when it comes to living a colorful life. When your life is a true reflection of your values and desires, the excitement of each day just goes exponentially higher. 

9) Ignoring personal growth

Much has been said about the value of a growth mindset. In a nutshell, if we’re not growing, we’re stagnating. 

A commitment to personal growth adds depth and richness to our lives. Unfortunately, our daily chores can get in the way of all that. Oftentimes, we’re on autopilot – go to work, do the job, go home, do household chores, go to bed. 

Lather, rinse, repeat. Day after day after day. 

Where’s the growth in all of that? No wonder life feels boring, right? 

But when you commit to learning something new each day, you’ll get that spice we’ve been talking about. 

So pick up a new skill, take an online course, or just read a book. Your brain cells will wake up from their stupor! 

10) Forgetting to laugh and have fun

Finally, here’s another surefire way to wake up your brain – laughter! 

We all know laughter is the best way to distract us from our worries. And yet, when we’re preoccupied with our responsibilities, laughing doesn’t seem like a priority. 

But you know what? It should be. 

I like to be intentional about it, especially when I’ve had a pretty boring day. I look for funny dog videos, watch comedy shows, or play silly pranks on my husband. 

Give yourself permission to have fun. Believe me, when you never lose your inner child, your life will never be boring! 

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