If you want to live a more exciting life, start doing these 13 things

Tired of the same old same old?

Have a serious case of FOMO?

If you’re craving adventure and unforgettable experiences, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we’ll take a look at 13 ways to transform your boring life into an exciting journey so get ready to shake things up.

Off we go:

1) Try something new

Here’s the truth: If you want to live a more exciting life, you’ve got to stop waiting for something exciting to happen.

Instead, you need to go out and find it. You need to make it happen. Excitement isn’t just gonna come knocking at your door!

If every day is the same – you wake up, go to work, come home, watch Netflix, go to sleep – then do something different, try something new.

So, why not start your day by going for a jog? And after work, instead of going home, why not sign up for judo or Lindy Hop classes?

It’s a great way to meet exciting new people and shake up your boring old routine.

Go on, give something new a try!

2) Go somewhere you’ve never been

A great way to bring some excitement to your life is to go traveling!

Any traveling is good, but I recommend going somewhere you’ve never been… somewhere really different from where you find yourself now.

One of my most exciting trips was to Morocco.

I went there with my then-boyfriend (now husband) and it was definitely different. Everything was new – the sites, the smells, the culture… We even went out to the middle of nowhere to see Ouarzazate – this amazing city in the desert where they shot a bunch of movies and TV shows like Game of Thrones!

Trust me, nothing brings excitement to your life like exploring a new place.

3) Meet new (different) people

I’m sure you’ve got a bunch of friends and people in your life, and that’s great. But, it wouldn’t hurt to meet some new people, people who are different from you and your friends.

But where are you supposed to meet these people?

Well, for example, you could sign up for a class, join an amateur sports team, join a book club, or volunteer at a soup kitchen or animal shelter.

And when your coworkers invite you out for drinks, don’t say “No thanks, I’ve got plans.” Accept the invitation and get to know them outside of work.

4) Don’t be scared to step out of your comfort zone

Do you know what the comfort zone is?

  • It’s safe.
  • It’s familiar.
  • It’s comfortable.

In other words, it’s boring.

And you don’t want boring, you want exciting. So, gather up the courage and try something that you wouldn’t normally dare to.

If you’re kinda shy and wouldn’t dream of speaking to a room full of strangers, why not sign up for Toastmasters or an amateur theatre group?

I did some theatre back in the day and let me tell you something, there’s nothing quite like performing to make the butterflies in your belly dance or make you feel more alive!

Of course, it could be something totally different in your case. Whatever it is, I bet you anything that stepping out of your comfort zone will make your life more exciting.

5) Go Couchsurfing

So, a few years ago I was stuck in a rut. Every day was like the last and like you, I decided that I needed to bring some excitement to my life.

That’s when I decided to do one of the most daring things in my life – I decided to go Couchsurfing! This combined stepping out of my comfort zone, traveling, embracing adventure, meeting new people, and trying something new!

I picked my destination, found a Couchsurfer that seemed interesting (and that had positive reviews), bought my tickets, packed my bags and the rest is history.

It was one of the most exhilarating experiences ever.

6) Go on a blind date

I have to admit that I’ve never had a chance to try this, but if I was single, I’m sure I’d give it a go.

You could have some friends set you up, or, you could try a dating app like Blindr!

Just picture the anticipation of endless possibilities!

What could be more exciting than picturing what they look like and wondering if they’ll like you and if you’ll like them?

The bottom line is that a blind date could go really well or really badly – it’s a gamble and that’s what makes it so thrilling!

7) Throw a party

When was the last time you threw a party?

If you’re usually the one to be the one to attend parties and get-togethers instead of host them, this is a great way to shake things up and live a more exciting life.

Just think about all the excitement that comes with organizing a party:

  • Making a list of guests and wondering who will RSVP (maybe that special someone you’ve had your eye on!)
  • Thinking up a party theme
  • Getting drinks and snacks and decorations
  • Making a playlist
  • Picking out an outfit
  • And then finally, the party, the most exciting bit of all – dancing and mingling and who knows, maybe even making out with someone!

8) Hate your job? Then quit

If you’ve been stuck in a dead-end job that brings you no satisfaction whatsoever and bores the pants off of you, then maybe you should quit!

That’s right, leave the boring job to find something that makes you excited to wake up each morning.

Now, if you’ve got a family to support or you don’t have any savings, don’t quit before you’ve explored your options! My point was that you shouldn’t settle for a job that you hate.

9) Become a “yes” person

Ever watch that comedy “Yes Man”? It starred Jim Carrey and Zoey Deschanel.

Well, anyway, Jim’s character decided to spice things up a little by saying “yes” to EVERYTHING!

Okay, so I don’t think you should go quite so far, but if you normally hesitate and have “think about it” or you have a tendency to say “no”, maybe you should reconsider.

“Wanna go for drinks and Karaoke after work?”


“A bunch of us are going kayaking this weekend, are you in?


In short, say “yes” and you’ll find the excitement your life is missing.

10) Take up a performing art

Seriously, the performing arts are one of the best ways to live a more exciting life.

You could join an amateur theatre group, take an improv class, sign up for jazz dance, or even join a choir.

This is a great way to boost your confidence, enhance your creativity, provide a platform for self-expression, and feel alive.

How does that sound?

11) Be more spontaneous

Why not surprise yourself every once in a while?

I used to plan everything in advance until I realized my life lacked excitement… That’s when I told myself, “Enough! Be a little spontaneous!”

In fact, that’s how I met my husband.

Some moviemaker friends of mine asked me if I wanted to go to a movie festival out of town – later that same day! It was a few hour’s drive away, we didn’t have accreditation or accommodation, and the plan was to just wing it.

Now, the old me would have said, “No, thanks” for obvious reasons, but the new me blurted out, “Pick me up at 5!”

And so off I went with the gang and we somehow made it into the festival and it was super fun and that night at an after party I met my hubby!

12) Don’t settle for good enough

Whether it’s in your relationships, your job, or anything else in life, you should never settle.

Think about it, there’s no proof that reincarnation exists – as far as we know, we only get one life, so we need to make it count!

Keep chasing your dreams, don’t give up on finding “the one”, and make sure you don’t stop until you have the career you always wanted.

Trust me, that’s where you’ll find the excitement you’re looking for.

13) Remember it’s the journey and not the destination that counts

A lot of the time we’re so focused on achieving a goal – of getting to a certain place that we forget to live in the moment.

And guess what – sometimes what is happening now is pretty damn interesting and exciting, but because we’re so focused on the future, we don’t even notice.

So, my advice is to be more mindful and learn to live in the present. And surprisingly, reaching a goal isn’t nearly as exciting as the path leading up to it.

Jelena Dincic

Jelena has a background in photography and film-making and has spent the last few years as a content editor and copywriter. Jelena is a citizen of the world who is passionate about travel and learning about new cultures. She’s a foodie who loves to cook. And, as an art lover, she is always experimenting with new art mediums. When she’s not at her computer, she’s usually out and about in some forest with her dogs.

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