If you want to be truly respected in life, say goodbye to these 10 behaviors

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We often hear about the actions and attitudes that command respect in life.

But have we ever thought about the behaviors that are quite the opposite? Some habits can seriously undermine your respectability, no matter how accomplished you might be.

So, let’s dive into a list of 10 behaviors you should bid farewell to if you want to be truly respected in life.

Brace yourself, because some of these might hit close to home!

1. Stop playing the victim

We’ve all been there. Life happens, things go wrong, and it’s easy to feel like the world is against us.

But here’s the thing – continuously playing the victim card isn’t going to earn you respect.

People admire resilience, courage, and the ability to rise above challenges.

So, the next time you’re faced with adversity, instead of wallowing in self-pity, try to identify what you can do to change the situation and take action.

This attitude shift won’t go unnoticed and will gradually help build an image of you that commands respect.

2. Say no to gossip

It’s true. Gossip can be tempting and occasionally entertaining.

But if you want to be truly respected, it’s a habit you need to break. Gossiping about others not only harms your relationships but also impacts how others perceive you.

Respected individuals are known for their integrity and trustworthiness. They mind their own business and avoid spreading rumors or engaging in petty talk about others.

Remember, if you don’t have anything good to say, it’s often better to say nothing at all. 

3. Avoid being a people pleaser

While it might seem like constantly saying ‘yes’ and going out of your way to make everyone happy would earn you respect, it often achieves the opposite.

Being a people-pleaser can lead others to take you for granted or view you as someone without a strong sense of self.

To gain genuine respect, it’s crucial to establish boundaries and learn to say ‘no’ when necessary.

This doesn’t mean becoming self-centered or uncaring, but rather respecting your own time, energy, and needs.

This shows others that you value yourself and in turn, they will value and respect you too.

4. Quit the blame game

Blaming others for your mistakes or mishaps is a surefire way to lose respect. It not only shows a lack of responsibility but also a lack of maturity.

No one is perfect; we all make mistakes.

What sets respected individuals apart is their ability to own up to their errors and learn from them.

Next time something goes wrong, instead of pointing fingers, take a moment to reflect on your role in the situation.

Accepting responsibility might be tough initially, but it’s an important step towards gaining respect and improving both personally and professionally.

5. Don’t over-promise and under-deliver

You might think that promising the moon will impress others and earn their respect.

However, if you fail to deliver on those promises, it can seriously undermine your credibility. Respect is built on trust, and trust is built on consistently meeting or exceeding expectations.

To be truly respected, it’s important to be realistic about what you can do and then strive to do it well.

Don’t promise things you can’t deliver just to appease someone in the moment.

Instead, be honest about your capabilities and then surprise them by giving your best. 

6. Stop interrupting others

Listening is an art, and those who master it are often the most respected.

Interrupting others while they’re speaking sends a message that you don’t value their thoughts or opinions. It’s disrespectful and can easily tarnish your image.

To gain respect, practice active listening. Allow others to finish their thoughts before chiming in, even if you disagree with them.

It’s a simple yet powerful habit that can significantly enhance your respectability.

7. Let go of grudges

Holding onto grudges may seem like a form of self-protection or justified punishment for those who hurt us.

But in reality, it only weighs us down, keeping us stuck in past pain and negativity.

To be respected, it’s important to cultivate forgiveness. This isn’t about letting others off the hook for their wrongdoings, but rather freeing yourself from the burden of resentment.

Forgiving doesn’t mean forgetting, but it does mean releasing the bitterness that holds you back.

8. Stop misleading others

Let’s face it. We’ve all stretched the truth a bit at times. Maybe to escape a sticky situation or to make ourselves look better.

But habitual dishonesty is a fast track to losing respect.

Being respected means being trustworthy. It means being transparent and authentic, even when it’s uncomfortable or inconvenient. It’s about standing by your word and taking responsibility for your actions.

So, if you want to be truly respected, say goodbye to lies and half-truths.

Embrace honesty, even when it’s hard. You’ll not only gain respect but also build stronger, more meaningful relationships.

9. Ditch the negativity

A constant cloud of negativity can be suffocating to those around you.

If you’re always complaining, criticizing, or seeing the worst in situations, people are likely to distance themselves and lose respect for you.

To be respected, strive to cultivate a positive attitude. This doesn’t mean you should ignore problems or pretend everything is perfect.

Rather, it’s about focusing on solutions instead of problems, expressing gratitude instead of complaints, and seeing challenges as opportunities for growth.

People are naturally drawn to positivity and are more likely to respect those who lift them up rather than drag them down.

So, say goodbye to the negativity and hello to a more respected, happier you.

10. Quit the need for constant validation

It’s natural to seek approval and validation from others.

However, if your self-worth completely depends on what others think of you, it can be perceived as a sign of insecurity. This behavior can diminish others’ respect for you.

To be respected, you need to cultivate self-confidence and self-belief. Realize that your worth is not defined by others’ opinions of you. Make decisions based on your own beliefs and values, not to please others or gain their approval.

People respect those who are confident in their own skin, who stand up for what they believe in even when it’s unpopular. 

Wrapping up

That’s it!

These are the 10 behaviors you should say goodbye to if you want to be truly respected in life.

Remember, respect is earned through consistent actions over time, not overnight.

Start making these changes today and watch how people’s perception of you transforms!

Brendan Brown

Brendan Brown is a professional editor and writer for Hack Spirit.
For the last 8 years, he has owned The Expert Editor and Global English Editing. Before that he was a writer for a number of Australian-based news publications, specializing in politics and religion.
As a writer for Hack Spirit, he focuses on breaking down complex topics and making them more accessible. In particular, he likes to write about relationships, practical psychology, and online education.
Brendan graduated from Deakin University in 2007 with a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Law.
Born and bred in Melbourne, Australia, he now calls Thailand home. If you want to connect with Brendan, check him out on Facebook.

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