If you want to be a truly classy man, say hello to these 17 habits

In a world that’s constantly evolving, timeless style never expires.  

Truly classy men come in all shapes and sizes. They come from all walks of life, all cultures and all classes. 

But they share something in common, a set of habits, behaviors and ways of taking care of themselves that set them apart. 

Here is a look at what to do if you want to ensure you’re among the top 1% of classy men. 

1) Stay well-groomed and neat

Everybody has their own style, and a clean cut, classic look is not for every guy. 

That said, staying well-groomed and neat is always a good call. 

Even if you are going for a style that is more unkempt and wild, make sure to stay clean, well-scrubbed and in a comfortable, well-kempt mode.

2) Don’t be afraid to treat yourself

Truly classy guys are not afraid to treat themselves. They care about their skin, their hair and their own well-being. 

This means you should pay attention to what you eat, your exercise regime and the amount of free time and leisure time that you have. 

Take some time out and look after yourself. Spend time in the sauna. Look after yourself!

3) Learn your way around the store

Shopping is not known as a man’s favorite activity, and that’s fine if the stereotype holds true for you.

But at least to some extent, a classy man should learn his way around a clothing store and around other places where he can purchase items that reflect the taste of a classy man.

 From wallets and belts to footwear and outerwear, the classy man should get in the habit of picking out items that speak to him and fit his style.

4) Dress in a way that’s uniquely you

There are many different styles out there, but there is only one you. 

To be a uniquely classy man, you should dress in a way that is uniquely you. 

If that is more on the alternative side or more on the classical and conservative side, it is not important. 

What is important is to be true to yourself and the kind of person you want to express in the world around you.

5) Keep your clothes well-pressed and clean

Whatever you wear and whatever your style, keep your clothes wrinkle-free and clean. 

This is not only a matter of appearance but also of comfort. 

When your clothes are well pressed and clean it is much more comfortable and empowering to wear them, as opposed to when they are crinkled up and have been lying around for weeks.

6) Invest in comfortable underwear and socks

Underwear and socks are the unsung heroes of the sartorial world. 

Far too many men take their undergarments for granted, picking out boxers or random packs of socks at the last minute as an afterthought.

Instead of this, do your best to wear very comfortable undergarments and socks. You’ll find it makes a big difference in your confidence and how classy you feel.

7) Have a trusted tailor you can turn to

Knowing a tailor and having his or her number in your phone is a must for every classy guy. 

Sometimes you find the perfect clothing item but it’s just not the right size. This is when calling up your tailor is the right move and makes sure that you can have your clothes altered to fit you. 

When you need a suit or tuxedo you also know where to go. 

8) Be tight with your own favorite barber

Another great person to have on your list is a barber who you trust and like. 

You want a person who knows your head inside and out. Going to the barber can be a kind of ritual, a real manly man experience. 

Every classy guy has a favorite barber, I’m just saying. 

9) Make your living space organized and classy

If you want to be a classy guy, have a classy living space

This is about being organized and having tasteful decor and furniture. 

Make your space uniquely you, with some art on the walls and organized in a way that’s easy to navigate but still homey. 

10) Treat the environment with respect

There are men who know how to dress the part and talk like a distinguished gentleman:

But then they toss a wrapper in the grass on their way to get in the taxi, or spit before they cross the street. 

To be a classy man it’s crucial to treat the environment with respect and care. 

11) Speak clearly and at an audible volume 

The way a man speaks carries a lot of weight

Speaking at an audible volume and enunciating your words will make a big impression on everybody around you. 

Both professionally and personally, the man who speaks well and speaks directly ends up being highly successful and well respected. 

12) Practice confident and direct body language 

Classy men show their value with every step.

Rather than having a swagger or over-the-top confidence, however, a classy guy has an understated and smooth charisma

You want to walk in a relaxed yet purposeful way, look people in the eye and stand upright and solid. 

You’re not trying to prove anything, you’re just moving through the world as a confident, high-value man. 

13) Learn to flirt without being pushy or overly nice

There’s a balance between being overly agreeable and overly pushy that many men fail to find. 

Classy guys get it just right. 

Your goal is to flirt with a little bit of an edge and have some mystery and reserve while still being quite pleasant, funny and likable. 

You want to embody that balance: you’re fun and nice, but you’re also no pushover.

14) Learn to give tasteful and selective compliments

Classy guys know how to give selective and well-placed compliments. 

This fits into the previous point, because it’s all about a balance between a little pushing of the envelope while still being charming and non-creepy.

You give a compliment on the spur of the moment that’s fun and genuine and then move on, not waiting for a reaction or being concerned with whether it will lead to anything more. 

15) Use social media as a side note, not the main attraction

Classy guys limit their use of social media. 

You should get in the habit of social media sharing and communications being an appetizer or preview of your life rather than the main course. 

Sure you may love posting. But the majority of your life and what you do isn’t online, it’s being lived out in the real world.

16) Practice moderation in drinking and substance use

Classy guys don’t get wasted and puke on the sidewalk or smoke all sorts of stuff and walk around in traffic. 

This goes without saying, but it bears repeating, because sometimes we all make iffy decisions in the heat of the moment. 

Being classy is closely related to self-discipline, and a classy guy knows how to stay in control of himself first and foremost, even when he’s having fun. 

This relates a lot to the final point…

17) Stay stable during disappointing situations and moments

Classy guys have a way of keeping their cool even when things aren’t going great. 

When you’re experiencing a disappointment or letdown don’t let your emotions out all over the place. 

Hold back a bit and offer support rather than seeking support. 

Do your best to stay a bit stoic and be a source of support and calm even when the outer situation isn’t ideal. 

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