If you spot these 15 signs, you’re doing better in life than you think you are

Do you get the feeling sometimes like you’re doing something wrong?

Maybe you see other people are more successful than you in some aspects of their lives, or perhaps you’re constantly noticing your failures instead of relishing your successes.

Either way, it’s important to know when you’re “making it” in life.

Looking past your successes at your failures could be dragging you down, which can contribute to poor mental health over time.

Below, we’ve listed 15 ways to know that you’re doing better than you think.

1. You Have a Job or Career You Love

Career and job fulfillment can be a rare blessing.

If you’re waking up every morning looking forward to the day – either looking forward to what you’re going to be working on or who you’ll be working with, you’re doing well for yourself!

Whether you feel satisfied with your temporary job or with your full-time established career, consider it a win.

2. You Wake Up Most Days Feeling Happy

If you wake up in the mornings feeling energized, then there’s a good chance that your mental health is strong – and that’s something to be thankful for!

It may also be an indication that you have a positive outlook on life. Maybe you’re tired by the end of the day, but if you start off your days feeling energized and refreshed, you’re in good shape.

3. You’re Open to Being Loved

If you have a partner who you love and who loves you back, congratulations! You’ve got something that many people never find.

Are you open to being loved, even if you don’t have a partner?

Then you’re still in good shape.

This makes finding a partner easier and could mean that you’ll have a strong relationship with a spouse or partner someday. Keep your mind and heart open to others, and don’t give up.

4. You’re Able to Pay Your Bills

Financial stress can cause immense amounts of personal pain and anxiety.

Many people who can’t pay their bills lay awake in bed at night wondering what they’ll do when their car breaks down, their roof develops a leak, or their next big utility bill comes due.

If you’re not in that position, say thanks. Something very important is going right for you.

5. You Can Look Back On Your Life and See Progress

Maybe you have problems now, but can you look back on your life and see a time when you had different problems? How did you solve those old problems?

If you’ve been managing difficulty and solving problems throughout your life, then that’s progress.

Be proud of yourself. You’ll solve the problems you have now just like you solved the problems of years ago. Keep going!

6. You Have a List of Goals (And You’re Working Toward Them)

If you’ve got goals and you’re working toward them, then this is a sign you have hope.

Having goals to work toward can be energizing, exciting, and it can also lead to progress.

Maybe you’re not where you want to be now, but you’re going to get there someday. Keep the faith.

7. You Don’t Have a Lot of Regrets

Regret can be useless, because you can’t change the past.

Many people who feel regrets stew over their emotions without ever being able to change them. If you don’t have a lot of regrets, that’s a good thing!

8. When People Describe You, You Like What You Hear

Do you ever hear people describe you in passing and think that you have good qualities? Maybe you’ve heard a coworker say something like, “Oh you’re so nice, I could never be that nice.”

Or maybe you’ve heard a friend tell you that you’re sweet and loving.

Maybe your neighbors have told you that you’re good with words.

If you listen to the adjectives that people use to describe you and can hear your values in those descriptions, then you’re in good shape.

9. You Learn from Your Experiences

If you’ve been making personal progress and you’ve made goals for yourself, this is a sign that you learn from your experiences.

You’re less likely to make the same mistakes again and again if you have a habit of learning from your experiences.

If you’re the kind of person who learns from your experiences, you’ve probably experienced a lot of personal growth since the time you were young, and you’ll probably continue growing as a person into your old age. You’re lucky to have this quality.

10. You’ve Learned How to Forgive

Forgiveness is divine, they say. If you have forgiveness in your heart, you have the ability to repair broken relationships.

Many people walk away from broken relationships without ever getting back the love and comfort they felt when they were with that person.

If you’ve learned how to forgive, then you have a life skill that will help you enjoy long-lasting relationships for the rest of your life.

11. You’ve Accepted that You Can’t Change Some Things

There are things you can’t change and things you can.

If you’ve accepted that the unchangeable things can’t be changed, then you’ve given yourself permission to move on.

Congratulations! You’ve sidestepped a major trap that can lead to wasted time and a lot of frustration.

12. You Can Ask For Help When It’s Needed

Almost no one can get through life alone – most people need to reach out for help from time to time.

If you’ve learned how to ask for help when it’s needed, then you’re saving yourself frustration.

Knowing when and how to ask for help will make all the difference as you progress through life.

This is something you can feel good about.

13. You Have Confidence In Yourself

Confidence is a gift. It helps you form relationships.

Your life may be challenging now but your confidence in yourself will help you pull out of any challenges you might be experiencing.

Confidence can help you get a job that you love. It can help you find a spouse. It can help you develop friendships.

Be grateful that you have confidence!

14. You Reject Toxic People and Things

Many people don’t know how to reject toxic people or toxic situations.

They find themselves in trouble because they don’t know how to say no, or they don’t realize the effect that their current situation has on their self-esteem and happiness.

If you have the ability to identify and reject toxic people and toxic situations, you are lucky!

15. You Have the Basic Things You Need

Do you have a safe place to live? Do you have enough food to eat? Do you have a comfortable bed? If you do, then you’ve got a lot, and you’re doing well in life!

You have a kind of happiness that comes from knowing that you have your basic needs tended to.

Stop throughout the day to recognize this happiness in yourself. Reflecting on what you have can make life better and more fulfilling.

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