If you relate to these 7 lovely signs, you’re a positive and uplifting person to be around

Look, I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but some say I’m a pretty uplifting person to be around. 

But trust me, it wasn’t always like this!

Over the years, I’ve learned to leave my trauma at the door when showing up to help my friends, plus I’ve made it my priority to bring a smile to people who need it most.

Let’s rewind a tad. Like everyone else in the world, I’ve faced my share of struggle. 

But one day, I made a conscious decision to be intentional about the energy I bring to every situation, be it work or play.

This mindset hasn’t just strengthened my social connections—it has also completely and utterly revolutionized my own path to healing.

After all, there’s nothing quite like the power of joy.

If you’re wondering whether others see you as an uplifting force in their life, here are seven surefire signs, starting with being the guest of honor.

1) You’re often asked to be involved in people’s events and milestones

You know how there are some people who are always recurring characters at particular events?

Take for instance my friend Ellen. She was a bridesmaid three times in 2023 alone.

Now we could chalk that down to her friends coincidentally all getting married at around the same time, or the fact that Ellen is one of the loveliest, most positive women I have ever met.

Maybe you’re a little bit like Ellen yourself. You’re the one person others just can’t imagine hosting a party, celebration or milestone without.

Ever wonder why that is? Well, let me tell you that it’s not just because you look good on the dance floor.

Instead, it’s a unique combination of positivity, inspiration, and encouragement that you bring to the table.

You are the special person who not only enjoys the good times but also has the rare ability to elevate them.

And who wouldn’t want to surround themselves with that kind of energy?

2) When others aren’t doing too well, they come to you

Being there for someone during their roughest times is a marker of being a very uplifting person.

This is because during our darkest, most vulnerable moments, we yearn for a supportive presence—a friendly face that will bring a little cheer when we need it most.

It’s not about rocking up with all the solutions to every problem, rather, it comes down to being compassionate and genuinely caring.

In other words, you are one hell of a comforting presence for others! 

This is a unique brand of positivity that is grounded in reality—one that tackles challenges with empathy and kindness in action.

3) People are there for you when you’re not doing too well

On the other hand, if you find that people flock to you when you in turn need support, there’s a high chance you’re a lovely person to be around.

If your mates are reaching out, making sure you’re okay and simply checking in, it’s not a simple coincidence.

Time and time again, you’ve proven to them how you are a positive force in their lives—and now they’re armed with an uplifting spirit of their own, ready to return the favor. There they are, ready to tackle your problems alongside you.

To be honest, this speaks volumes about the kind of person you are. 

It means you’ve built an incredible support network that recognizes your value even when times are tough. 

That’s the mark of a genuinely inspiring person to be around.

4) Others often ask for your take or opinion on things

There’s no denying that people are wired to be drawn to a positive, uplifting vibe.

So it makes sense if others flock to you when they need a little inspiration or advice.

Many of your life experiences and hard-earned wisdom might just serve as a wellspring of motivation for the people around you. 

Your stories resonate in a deep way, offering encouragement that prompts others to work towards their own unique goals.

If you do find that people consistently seek your perspective, it’s not solely about your opinions—it’s a mirror of the positive energy you bring to every conversation. 

You’re not just great at the talk stuff, either. You also happen to be a catalyst for positive change, a source of motivation, and a beacon of hope.

It sounds like a huge call, but think about it. This is the very reason why people keep coming back, time and time again, seeking out your unique perspective.

5) People often think of you when they have exciting news to share

If the people around you immediately come to you when they’ve got exciting news to share, there’s a huge change you radiate positivity.

They’re coming to you because they know they will get the exact reaction they are expecting: undeniable joy.

Be it someone excitedly telling you about getting their dream promotion, or going on a date with a keeper, chances are you are the very person they associate with positive energy. 

Your excitement sends a clear message that you’re invested in all of their wins. Your words become a source of inspiration, motivating them to aim even higher.

Besides, positive people tend to attract other positive people—ain’t that a beautiful thing?

So, the next time someone slides into your inbox with a trophy emoji or rings you up with undeniable glee in their voice, embrace your starring role as the ultimate celebrator.

6) Others will ask for your recommendations

If you’re a magnet for people in need of recommendations, it means you’re definitely giving off good vibes.

Whether it’s the best local vegan spot, the latest must-read thriller, or a killer Spotify playlist, your vibe attracts others. Really, they can’t help but want to be part of your uplifting world.

Think about it for a sec. When you’re around someone who is great at exuding positivity, you naturally want to tap into it.

You’re the one who is consistently sprinkling in value to their lives.

7) People tell you what an impact you’ve made on their life

Let’s end this one on my favorite sign, shall we? (And let’s be honest, a really straightforward one.)

If people often express gratitude over the way you have been part of their life, or made an impact on it, it means you are a truly positive person, in that you have the rare ability to make others believe in themselves.

After all, being an uplifting person, fundamentally speaking, is about making others feel seen, heard, and valued.

Who wouldn’t want to be in the presence of someone who not only makes them feel good but also as if they are capable of achieving great things?

Final thoughts

To sum things up, life’s most positive people can be recognized by their central role in celebrations and milestones.

They are often the go-to for support and advice, as well as being the first to receive good news from friends. 

They are, above all, trusted and deeply valued in their social circles. 

So, let’s all be intentional about the energy we bring into the world, and know that we all have the ability to be the infectious source of positivity that someone might desperately need when times are tough.

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