If you recognize these 9 signs, you’re quietly growing bored with your life

Do you feel that life is just passing you by?

Even though we live in a world of constant stimulation through social media and endless entertainment, you’re starting to grow disinterested in everything around you.

Being bored may seem like an innocent thing, but if left unchecked, can result in overall unhappiness and even dissatisfaction with life.

However, these signs aren’t obvious at the start. They usually begin very subtly.

So today, we’ll examine 9 signs that could indicate a growing disinterest in your life and how you could address them.

1) Lack of interest in hobbies

Do you suddenly feel that you lack interest in things that once made you happy? 

Your hobbies and passions suddenly don’t seem as interesting as they once did. Perhaps you tried starting a new project that you once enjoyed but can’t seem to complete or follow through with it.

This may be indicative of a growing disinterest in life. You may find that the things that used to bring you joy now seem routine, and may even become more of a chore than anything.

2) Feelings of restlessness or emptiness

Despite having things to do, do you find yourself feeling restless? 

You may have a full day of activities, tasks at work, and even meetups with friends, but deep down, you feel like there’s a gaping hole that needs to be filled with a specific activity – although you’re not sure what it is.

There’s this emptiness inside you that you long to fill. Maybe it keeps you up at night or gnaws at you even when you’re occupied with things to do.

This could be a clear indicator that you’re gradually growing bored with your life.

As such, you may start…

3) Constantly seeking distractions or means of escape

Because this life you’re living doesn’t seem to satisfy or interest you, you find yourself seeking new hobbies, meeting new people or just wanting to try new things every week.

You may find yourself hanging out at new bars, meeting different communities, or simply traveling to different towns or estates each week just to feel something.

All these are useful ways of keeping boredom at bay as you change things up in an otherwise mundane life.

But if you find that these still do not help address the growing boredom you have in your life, you could be using these new activities simply as distractions or means of escape.

4) Generally discontented with everything

Maybe you find yourself being generally discontented with everything

Your usual coffee order doesn’t hit the same spot. Your partner’s jokes just don’t make you laugh as much anymore. Even hanging out with your favorite group of friends doesn’t interest you.

At this juncture, it’s increasingly clear that your disinterest in life has seeped into other areas, which could cause further discontent and unhappiness.

5) Feeling stagnant in various areas of your life

Another sign of boredom is that you feel stagnant. Things may be happening all around you, but you don’t feel like you’re moving forward at all.

If anything, you feel that your life has become routine. You don’t feel challenged at work, your relationship has somehow lost its spark, and your life has plateaued into this mundane cycle.

You yearn for a challenge, or essentially, anything different, that will shake you out of this cycle. 

6) Longing for something more

Do you find yourself looking at other people’s lives and yearning for something more, like what they have?

Nothing seems to satisfy you anymore and you find yourself growing increasingly discontented with what you have.

You may acknowledge that what you have is great, and others may look at your life and think that there’s nothing of concern, but you know deep down that your life right now isn’t the life that you hoped for.

7) Feeling disconnected from the people around you

When you’re with family and friends, do you feel like you’re disconnected from these interactions? You feel like an outsider not because they’re distancing themselves, but because your brain has subconsciously checked out.

You’re physically present, but you can’t bring yourself to be mentally present. Conversations just flow past you even though you’re in it, and you can’t bring yourself to care.

This disconnect can stem from an overall lack of interest in life, as well as everything else in it.

8) Not engaging with others

As a result, you may find yourself withdrawing from social interactions. They tire you out because you find yourself having to fake your interest.

You have to try your best to appear as if you want to be there, while your brain is miles away. Perhaps you also find yourself communicating with people less. You reduce the number of meetups, and reply to people at a lower frequency, as you’d rather be alone.

Choosing to remain unengaged from your network of family and friends is a sign that you’re becoming bored of life.

9) Spending too much time daydreaming or fantasizing 

Perhaps you’re at your happiest, or most content, when you’re daydreaming about a life that you’d rather have. 

You fantasize about starting afresh in a new city, meeting new people, changing jobs, and having a radically different lifestyle than what you have right now.

It’s not wrong to have these thoughts, but if you find yourself yearning for another life over your current one a bit too much, you may be too dependent on this to escape your present reality.

How to address boredom

Change your routine

As tempting as it is to fly off to a new city, switch jobs and start life anew, in reality, we are usually not prepared for such radical change.

Try starting small first.

Change the route you take to get to work, drive into a new town or even pick up a hobby that you wouldn’t normally dabble in. These may seem small at first, but as weeks pass, these changes can shake up your routine and create more excitement.

Meet new people

We often tend to hang out with people who either live close to us or share a common interest with us. So what about meeting with different groups of people?

A simple Google search will bring you to websites that help gather people within your city, from all walks of life, to meet or bond over coffee or a group activity (not unlike an event for singles, but this is mainly for people to make friends).

It’s understandably harder to make friends when we’re working, so these events can help bring people together.

Listening to different perspectives and experiences of other people can certainly add color to your life.

Learn to spend time alone

If you prefer not to spend time with other people, why not learn to enjoy your own company?

Explore the city on your own and go to areas that you don’t normally venture to. Go on hikes, pick up a skill, or simply read a book in a park outside your usual hangout spots. 

Use this time to be comfortable on your own and get to know yourself a bit better by journaling. This is a great way to take a step back and understand why you’re feeling this restlessness or boredom, and capture your thoughts on paper.

You may be surprised at what you discover! 


Life doesn’t need to be exciting or different all the time for one to be content with it. Sometimes, it’s about identifying the one thing in your life that is causing this emptiness and addressing it, or replacing it with something new.

It’s normal to feel bored or grow bored of your present reality, but it’s how you go from there that matters. 

As always, speaking to a group of trusted friends or a professional can help you navigate your emotions better.

Lucas Graham

Lucas Graham, based in Auckland, writes about the psychology behind everyday decisions and life choices. His perspective is grounded in the belief that understanding oneself is the key to better decision-making. Lucas’s articles are a mix of personal anecdotes and observations, offering readers relatable and down-to-earth advice.

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