If you recognize these 7 signs, you’re more than happy being single

There’s a common misconception that being single means you’re searching for someone to complete you, but that’s not always the case. 

Recently, I had the pleasure of spending time with a close friend who’s been single for quite a while. 

She exuded such confidence, joy, and self-assuredness that I couldn’t help but feel inspired. 

She clearly showed me that being single can be a conscious, empowering choice, and a fulfilling one at that.

I had a great conversation with her about it, and she told me how in her opinion people can be more than happy being single if they recognize a set of signs in themselves. 

What are they? Let’s dive into the 7 signs that indicate your single life is thriving and fulfilling.

1) You feel a strong sense of independence

When you’re happy being single, one of the first things you notice is a profound sense of independence. This was one of the most apparent traits my friend exhibited.

She didn’t rely on others to make her feel validated or fulfilled. Instead, she carved her own path, whether it was traveling alone, taking up new hobbies, or making decisions purely based on her own desires.

I saw her embark on solo backpacking trips, attend community events alone, and pursue freelance writing gigs without needing anyone else’s approval or companionship. 

She wasn’t opposed to sharing her life with others, but she didn’t depend on it for her happiness. 

There was an undeniable sense of freedom in her actions and decisions. It was as if she had discovered a well of inner strength that she drew from to navigate life on her terms. 

In every choice she made, she was motivated by self-love and a desire for personal growth rather than a need for external validation.

If you resonate with this, embrace this independence — it’s a sign that you’ve found contentment within yourself, and that’s an incredibly empowering and fulfilling place to be.

2) You have healthy relationships with friends and family

Pop culture has instilled in us the idea that our romantic partner has to be our everything — our best friend, our family, and our source of connection and fulfillment. 

Boy, that’s a lot of pressure to put on just one human being! And if we expect that much from just our partner, the other relationships in our lives may become neglected — or we may feel totally alone unless we have a partner.

People who are happy being single don’t struggle with this, because they have a healthy, balanced approach to relationships.

My friend, for example, makes it a point to prioritize her close relationships, spending quality time with those she cared about, without needing a romantic partner to fill any void. I remember her planning a family picnic one weekend and a movie night with friends the next.

She didn’t feel the need to constantly be in a romantic relationship because she already had so much love and support in her life.

In fact, being single allowed her to strengthen her bonds with friends and family members and appreciate their unique roles in her life. And it was evident that they, in turn, valued her presence and the time she invested in nurturing those connections.

3) You practice self-reflection and self-love

Since we’re on the topic of healthy relationships, we can’t forget the most important one of all — the relationship you have with yourself.

Being single provides an excellent opportunity for self-reflection and self-love, and it was something my friend truly embraced. She regularly took time to journal, meditate, and engage in activities that brought her joy and fulfillment. 

She used this time to explore her own thoughts and emotions, uncovering what truly made her happy.

And rather than seek that happiness from others or a partner, she focused on affirming herself. She regularly expressed gratitude for her accomplishments and celebrated her successes, no matter how small.

I remember how she would treat herself to a spa day or a nice dinner after reaching a personal milestone.

It was evident that she had a healthy relationship with herself. She recognized the importance of self-care and made it a priority — so being single never made her feel neglected or unloved.

By fostering this deep connection with yourself, you’ll enhance every aspect of your life, whether you’re single or in a relationship. 

4) You don’t feel rushed through life

In an age where social media constantly showcases people getting married, having children, or reaching career milestones, it’s easy to feel like you’re lagging behind.

But my friend, like others who are happy being single, didn’t fall into this trap. She knew her journey was uniquely her own, and she wasn’t going to let anyone else’s timeline dictate her life.

She took time to enjoy the present moment and didn’t pressure herself to reach certain milestones by a specific age.

I admired her ability to savor the little things and not feel the need to be constantly chasing the next big thing.

This calmness extended to her approach to romantic relationships as well. She didn’t date out of a sense of urgency or a desire to “catch up” with others. Instead, she was open to the idea of a relationship, but only if it was the right fit for her.

Continue to live at your own pace, cherish the present, and remember that your life is your own masterpiece.

5) You make future plans for yourself

Another sign that you’re truly happy being single is when you take the time to make future plans for yourself, without relying on the presence of a romantic partner.

My friend for example has a clear vision for her future, which includes career goals, travel plans, and personal growth objectives. She takes active steps towards achieving these dreams without holding herself back *in case* she meets someone new.

Over the last many months, I watched her move cities, buy her own home, and climb to a lucrative management position in her career.

I can’t help but notice a stark contrast between this attitude and that of another friend of mine.

He and I both love to travel to attend several-day music festivals, which are planned and sold even a year in advance. One day I asked him if he had bought next year’s ticket already.

And you know what he said? That he was holding back on it for now, in case he met someone in the meantime and decided to spend that time in the summer with her instead.

I was taken aback. This was something he loved doing, and even the idea of a relationship was limiting him from enjoying it.

I hope you take the first friend’s example rather than the second one, whether it’s about big things like finances and career or the smaller ones like travel and new skills. 

6) You are emotionally stable

Do you consider yourself to be emotionally stable? If yes, that’s another key indicator that you’re more than happy being single

But abstract concepts like this are often hard to pinpoint — so let’s break it down.

It starts with having great self-awareness, which is a product of self-reflection as well as self-love, which we spoke about earlier.

When you come to understand your needs, desires, and feelings, you can manage them independently, without needing someone else to cheer you up.

You’re also not easily affected by other people’s negativity or actions — you understand that you can only control yourself, and what others say and do is entirely about them rather than about you. 

You can have all this within a relationship too, of course — and in the best relationships, you should.

But unfortunately, many people start relationships in order to fill an emotional void or hoping that someone else will help them manage their emotional high and lows.

And that becomes evident when they become single again and their emotions start to feel unmanageable. 

7) You’re not afraid of commitment

Some people look at someone who’s been single for a while and assume, “Oh, they must have a fear of commitment.”

But as my friend so clearly demonstrates, that’s not necessarily true. It may mean they just chose to place their commitments somewhere else for now.

She often spoke about her love for travel, her career, and the time she spent volunteering. 

She had long-term goals, was deeply dedicated to her causes, and had formed lasting bonds with the people she met along the way — all of which are forms of commitment.

And her greatest commitment was the one to her authentic self.

In one conversation, she told me, “If the right person comes along, I’m open to a long-term relationship. But I’m not going to force it. I’m committed to living a fulfilling life on my terms, whether that includes a partner or not.”

Finding true happiness while single

Are you currently single? I hope you recognize these 7 signs in yourself, which means you’re truly happy in your relationship status.

But here’s a secret my friend told me: she didn’t always feel this way. In fact, when she first became single again, she felt pretty down about it.

But by working on her mindset, she was able to get into a much better mental state and find the best source of fulfillment — the one that comes from within.

So if you don’t yet feel you embody this list, take heart! With some effort and time, you too can make the right mental shifts and feel truly happy with yourself.

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