If you recognize these 11 signs, you have an extremely determined personality

How determined are you? 

In the past I would have said I’m not all that determined, but life circumstances brought me to the point where I realized I’m much more determined than I thought. 

Are you the same?

I believe we all have hidden wells of determination inside us waiting to be tapped into. 

Nonetheless, some of us are much more naturally focused and determined than others. 

Here are the signs you’re burning with high-octane determination through every pore.

1) You’re bold and take risks

Determined people take risks. I’m not saying they’re reckless, but they are risk-takers. 

If that sounds like you, then you know exactly what I mean. 

You see what you want and you go after it. 

You quell the butterflies in your stomach and go out and ask out that guy or girl you find attractive at school…

You apply to the job and go in and ace the interview even though you know in your heart you’re a bit underqualified…

2) You make choices and stick to them

Determined people don’t sit on the fence or make a decision and then bail. 

If that’s you then you follow a similar philosophy. 

Once you decide something you stick with it, because your good name is your ultimate form of currency. 

You aren’t going to go half in on a project or a relationship, because then you might as well not go in at all. 

3) You take failure and setbacks rationally

If you’re determined, you’re very resistant to a victim mindset

When things go wrong as they inevitably do, you look at why they went wrong and try to do better next time. 

You let the emotions wash over you, but you don’t instinctively respond to them or overtake you. 

Instead, you try to analyze your failures rationally, because you’re more interested in doing better next time than in focusing on how bad you feel. 

4) Your core values guide you even when they’re unpopular

When you’re dedicated and committed, you don’t back down just because a few people dislike you. 

In fact, you’d rather be true to your beliefs and core values and hated for it, than be fake about who you are to be loved. 

This rock-solid sense of what you stand for gives you charisma, but it also pushes away some people who are more wishy-washy. 

Your reaction? So be it, and vaya con Dios. 

5) You’d rather be criticized and succeed than praised and fail

Criticism is another thing you don’t take personally. Even if somebody tells you that you talk too much, you consider it:

Do they have a point or is this just one random troll?

If they have a point, maybe you could try being a better listener and that would increase your happiness in your relationships, business or other areas of your life. 

You don’t want false flattery, it’s no good to you. You’d much rather be made aware of your flaws and blind spots, because then you know what to work on. 

6) You don’t accept excuses or the victim mentality from yourself

We all have that part of ourselves that says “you got a raw deal, you’re a victim.”

But it’s our choice how much of a hearing we give to that voice and how much we let it guide our future. 

As a dedicated person, you almost fully ignore the inner victim. It’s not even that you disagree with this attitude, it’s just that it’s not relevant to what you’re doing. 

So you’re a victim or not a victim? How does that relate to what you’re going to do next?

Being a victim isn’t what powers you: willpower and vision is what moves you forward. 

7) You learn lessons from the past but you don’t live in it

This brings up the subject of the past, which has plenty of lessons in it. 

No determined person just ignores their past or smiles all day like a creepy doll. 

You care about the past and you acknowledge the pain of failure and heartbreaks. You also try to learn lessons from that. 

You just don’t dwell there or ever use it as an excuse, because just like being a victim, excuses don’t actually get you anywhere except right back at square one. 

8) Your word is your bond even when you could just leave it

When you’re determined, you stand behind your word

You come across situations where you could make a deal and then just back out of it slyly without really being up front about it, or date someone and then just ghost. 

But you don’t do that. You talk things through and are direct despite easier options being out there. 

You’d rather face life head-on than sneak around making excuses or avoiding difficult conversations and interactions. 

9) You treat pain as weakness leaving the body

When it comes to difficult exercise and tasks, you’re not fazed.

In fact, you usually stick by the belief that pain is weakness leaving the body. 

When it comes to difficult emotions and experiences, you know that sometimes it’s OK not to be OK. You give yourself a rest when necessary. 

But you don’t let a difficult emotion control you or take over your life, and you always do your best to channel it into something productive.

10) You associate with other type A personalities 

When you’re determined you like to be around other folks who are the same way. 

You enjoy spending company with people who like to buckle down and get the job done. 

Whether introverted or extroverted, you prefer to associate with friends and colleagues who have big vision and a lot of ambition

You have trouble understanding those with no goals and eventually drift away from them. You want more out of life, love and everything else, and you enjoy the company of others who have big dreams. 

11) You focus on action, not analysis

You tend to be rational and not take setbacks personally, as I mentioned earlier. 

You’re able to think about the ABCs of any situation. 

But you don’t allow yourself to stay trapped in your head and you always bring it back to: what can I do right now that is relevant to my goal and priorities in life?

If you can’t do anything, you can at least relax for a moment. 

If you can do something, you do it. 

That’s just how determined folks roll. 

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