If you recognize these 10 persistent thoughts, you’re on the verge of a major life transformation

How do caterpillars know when it’s time to spin a chrysalis? 

Do they get signs from the universe, or is it some sort of gut feeling?

I’ve asked them, but so far, they’re keeping it a secret.

However, when people are about to undergo major life changes, they’re a little bit better at talking about the signs that open up their eyes.

These signs might come from outside, or they might be internal, but either way, they’re things that worm their way into people’s heads and let them know that a major change is coming.

Just like the caterpillar is about to change into the adult butterfly image, so do they prepare for major upheavals and revolutions to come.

So, if you recognize these ten persistent thoughts, you’re very likely to be on the verge of a major life transformation.

1) “The universe is telling me things.”

It’s my guess that the little caterpillar gets some sort of instruction from the universe.

It may not be anything more than a single thought – Now! – but I think there’s something there to inform it and let it know it’s time to change.

And I mean a major change as well, one which will completely transform its body and behavior forever.

The universe might be sending you signs, too.

You might suddenly notice that synchronicities and coincidences have permeated your life. Everything might be going your way all of a sudden, or the complete opposite might also be true.

You might start seeing strange occurrences that are beautiful or even horrible, but definitely all memorable. When you start thinking that the universe is telling you something, it’s probably because it is!

2) “I’m full of emotion.”

Have you noticed lately that you’re not your emotional self?

Are raw emotions pouring from you like hot, fat drops of rain in a thunderstorm?

Has your emotional life suddenly taken over your existence?

This is a sure sign that a major life transformation is on the way.


Because your body and your heart are far more in tune with what’s happening around you than your head, they can pick up on things far in advance of you consciously noticing them.

When your body senses things subconsciously, your emotions can respond to them even if your head doesn’t know what’s going on yet.

So pay attention and listen to what your raw emotions are telling you.

3) “Something is coming.”

A very simple sign of a major transformation coming your way is exactly the persistent thought that something is coming.

You may not know what it is – you might not have any clue – but if you feel something major coming with every fiber of your being, you’re probably not wrong.

Trust that feeling.

After all, flies can sense rain coming, and dogs can feel earthquakes before they happen. Science is only coming to terms with the reasons why this could be.

So it makes sense that you, too, might be able to feel certain changes coming in advance.

4) “I feel stuck.”

Are you feeling blocked, like there’s something in the way of your life or your progress?

This feeling of being stuck is something that happens to most people, but most don’t recognize it as a sign that something’s on the way.

Just like water will always find a way around obstacles so it can flow downhill, people will try to find ways to become unstuck so they can prosper in their lives.

If you have the persistent thought that you’re stuck or blocked, it’s probably because your mind is trying to find a solution. Like the supercomputer that it actually is, it’s searching through all the possibilities, trying to find a suitable option to get around your obstacles.

And it will find one sooner or later, so get ready for the change that will accompany it!

5) “Things are falling apart.”

We all have our lives set up with jobs, homes, families, relationships, and our daily routines that hold everything together.

But if only a couple of these elements start to slip, it can cause the whole thing to start falling apart.

Remember, though, that a major transformation is something that comes because you need it to. You might feel you have everything together, but as soon as you start to pull at a few loose threads, the whole thing can come unraveled.

This shows you that a major change is necessary. It may be incredibly hard, but it’s something you need to go through.

6) “My head is spinning a million miles per hour!”

Do you feel confused and anxious? Is your mind full of energy and chatter?

Buddhist philosophers sometimes compare this overactive mind to a chattering monkey that bounces around and never lets you rest.

Many people deal with this monkey mind at all times, but you might feel like this is a new experience.

Where your head is usually clear, now it’s whirling and swirling with ideas, images, and thoughts all the time.

What’s happening here?

Your mind is trying to figure out how to negotiate its way through a situation or around an obstacle in your path. It’s working overtime to find a solution, and when it does, expect a major life transformation to come along with it.

7) “Things aren’t working.”

Most of the time, we feel like things in our lives are going fine, or at least as well as can be expected.

So, when you suddenly start having the persistent thought that things aren’t working, this can indicate a big change on the way.

Instead of obstacles and problems, I’m talking about the way your life is structured or the way you normally do things. 

When you start to focus on the feeling that your life isn’t working the way it should, trust me when I say that your energies are going to be directed elsewhere. 

Whether it’s a major life change or a spiritual transformation, something has to be done… and it will.

8) “I need to be alone.”

A lot of people like to take alone time on a regular basis.

Nothing strange about that!

But what is strange is when you suddenly start thinking that you need to be on your own way more than usual.

This urge to take yourself away from others and turn inward is a big indication that there’s something inside for you to find.

This is your heart telling you to work on yourself and find out something new that’s buried deep in there. When you’re out and about and socializing, it can be next to impossible to shine the light inward to discover something new.

But when you’re suddenly focused on the persistent thought that it’s time to be alone, you’ll know it’s time for some deep searching.

9) “I feel a new energy.”

Anyone who has ever dealt with depression or anxiety knows exactly what that’s like for your energy levels.

In fact, you may not even notice that your energy is running low each and every day precisely because you’re so used to it.

But you will notice a change.

When all of a sudden you find yourself full of a new energy, it can be really surprising and mysterious. This is especially true if you don’t feel like you’ve made any changes to your life or routine.

Where has this energy come from?

What’s likely happening is that your mind is responding to a change you haven’t noticed yet. And just as a hungry caterpillar has to eat its fill before it can become a butterfly, so too will you need a store of energy to make your big life transformation.

10) “I feel peaceful and calm.”

When you’re calm and peaceful every day, the last thing you’ll probably notice is just how calm you are.

But if you suddenly notice yourself feeling far more peaceful than usual, that’s something that will really stand out.

Before a major life transformation, many people find themselves feeling anxiety. But others feel the total opposite.

A sense of calm comes over them like a cool fog setting in after a hot day.

They feel a sense of awareness, of living in the moment and feeling things as they occur.

When it feels it’s time, the caterpillar calmly accepts the situation and begins to create its chrysalis.

It doesn’t fight or resist the change. Instead, it accepts what’s about to happen and what it must do, and this sense of peace can also overwhelm your thoughts when your major change is coming.

If you recognize these ten persistent thoughts, you’re on the verge of a major life transformation. You won’t experience them all at once, especially because some are contradictory, like anxiety and peace of mind.

However, they may come one after another as the change sets in and your major transformation begins.

When they do, the stars are aligning. It’s time for you to change your life and become a butterfly!

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