If you recognize these 8 feelings, you’re secretly falling in love

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If you recognize these 8 feelings, you’re secretly falling in love

Love. So familiar yet so misunderstood.

Did you know…

A whopping 67% of all music produced since 1960 is about love, plus it’s one of the most used words in the entire English language.

So why is it such an enigma?

And why are you unsure if you’re actually falling in love or just lusting over some attention?

You’ve no doubt had chats with friends and family and heard things like “You just know”. Wow, thanks, that makes things so much clearer!

Well, we’ve put together this list of things that you should start to notice when you catch the love bug.

Hopefully, this will help you sort the frogs from the princes/princesses.

1) Your priorities start to change

One big giveaway that you’re falling for that special somebody is if you notice a shift in your priorities.

All of a sudden, that work assignment doesn’t seem so important or the weekly grocery shop can wait a few more days.

You see, it’s all about perspective.

Finding the partner of your dreams makes everything else seem trivial and irrelevant. You’ll start to not care so much about the mundane day-to-day stuff.

And it’s not just the small things.

If you’re truly falling in love, you’ll start to gravitate towards them in every aspect of your life. Perhaps even setting new longer-term goals and objectives with them in mind.

From scheduling your day around them and booking joint holidays to meeting their parents and eventually moving in together.

2) You become more adventurous

Have you noticed that you suddenly have more energy and motivation to try new things?

You see, here’s the deal…

Even though you’ve never danced a single Tango step in your life, you now can’t get enough of those romantic Latin beats. The reason? Because THEY love it. And you want to be part of their life.

I’m not just talking about dance class here.

Literally, any activity now seems much more fun when you’re doing it together.

You could be camping in the pouring rain with a leaky tent and no sleeping bag, but it would still be the only place you want to be at that moment.

The bottom line: Your newfound adventurous streak is driven by your love for them.

3) You feel like a teenager again

Chances are, you had your first romantic experience in your teens.

After all, according to a 2018 survey, the average age to lose your virginity is 17.4 years old (in the EU/US).

Many of us vividly remember the nervous excitement, the passion, and the rush of butterflies in our stomach like it was yesterday.

When we think back to our teenage years, we associate them with these kind of feelings.

Now fast forward a few years.

If you’re feeling like a teenager again, chances are you’re falling in love. You’re triggering all the emotion you had as a youth (when arguably your romantic feelings were at their strongest).

Only this time, you don’t have to worry about acne or homework!

4) You’re Okay with their bad habits

We all have our pet peeves.

Things like loud chewing, being late, cracking knuckles, or talking during a movie.

But if you don’t get annoyed by anything they do, it could be a sign that you’re falling in love (yes, you even find their nail-biting cute).

Love can blind us from all that gross stuff.

It makes us much more likely to overlook certain behaviors because the positives far outweigh the negatives.

And that’s not all.

You might even find yourself defending their unpleasant habits to your friends, or making excuses for them.

5) You feel insecure or nervous

Let’s face it.

If you seriously don’t care about something or someone, you have nothing to worry about.

It’s plain sailing and stress-free.

On the other hand, if you’re starting to get those special feelings, the fear of rejection or uncertainty about how the other person feels can lead to insecurity.

If you’re feeling nervous, it’s probably because you like them.

Then there’s jealousy.

This more extreme emotion is a telltale sign that you don’t want to lose that special guy/gal.

But remember this.

It’s important to not act on unfounded jealousy (especially in the honeymoon period of the relationship). Your insecurity will only push them away and could actually become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

6) You totally respect their opinion

Some people have an opinion on everything, no matter how ignorant they are on the topic.

You know the type.

It can be frustrating, having to tank their nonsensical rants for what feels like an eternity.

But this time something’s different.

When your special new friend shares their opinion, you’re engrossed. Obsessed even. You want to know exactly what they think and how they feel.

And while you might not agree, you’re open-minded and respect what they have to say.

Well, this is probably because you’re falling for them!

7) They’re constantly in your thoughts

You’re probably a busy person.

Whether it’s work responsibilities, social events, or looking after the little ones.

But here’s the thing.

If you can’t get them out of your head, despite having plenty to do, they’re more than just a friend.

Maybe you keep checking your phone to see if they’ve replied to your last message. Or you can’t stop over-analyzing your behavior around them.

Whatever it is, they live rent-free in your mind.

8) You find them funny (when no one else does)

Studies show that humor is paramount when it comes to successful romantic relationships.

If you find yourself giggling uncontrollably at even the lamest joke, you’re probably smitten.

It not only shows that you have a compatible sense of humor but you’re also subconsciously signaling that you enjoy their company and feel relaxed around them.

What about your friends?

They’ve probably noticed that you laugh more when you’re around your new partner.

And chances are, they don’t understand why you find them so hilarious. Remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. To you, they’re funnier than Chris Rock, but to them, their cringe dad jokes make them groan.

Leila El-Dean

Leila is a passionate writer with a background in photography and art. She has over ten years of experience in branding, marketing, and building websites. She loves travelling and has lived in several countries, including Thailand, Malaysia, Spain, and Malta. When she’s not writing (or ogling cats), Leila loves trying new food and drinking copious amounts of Earl Grey tea.

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