If you recognize these 12 feelings, you’re definitely in love

Do you have a mild crush, an infatuation, an obsession…or are you already deeply in love?

Most of the time, it’s hard to tell.

The best way to figure out matters of the heart is by examining your feelings.

So to help you along, I’ve made a list of what I usually feel when I’m in love.

If you recognize these 12 feelings, there’s no denying it—you’re definitely, 100%-ly, absolutely in love.

1) You’re on Cloud #9

It’s normal to feel giddy when you have a crush on someone. But what you feel is definitely more than regular giddiness…you’re actually high!

You feel elated—like you’re lifted out of your mundane existence and you’re now on a plane where happiness abounds. And what’s funny is that your head is up in the clouds, too.

You smile for no reason, you get excited for no reason.

Nothing—absolutely nothing—can ruin your day because your heart is full of love and that’s all that really matters to you.

2) You suddenly feel your life has meaning

When you’re deeply in love with someone, it’s like a lightbulb has been switched on. 

You wake up every day with a purpose—which is well…to be with your beloved. You’re not simply existing, you’re finally living!

And the things in the past start to have meaning, too. You go “A-ha! So this is why my last relationship didn’t work.” Or “A-ha! So this is why I’ve been single for a long time.”

Being in love can make you see your life in a more positive way. It can make you feel like the puzzle of your life has just been solved…and that the best is yet to come.

3) You feel intense appreciation for everything

If you used to complain about every little thing, you are now much calmer and more appreciative of things.

You’re more patient with the people around you…even with your annoying sister. Some would even notice and say “Well, someone’s in a good mood!”

You also notice little things that you used to not pay attention to—like the plant that’s grown from the concrete or the neighbor’s cat who’s grown very fat.

That’s because when our heart is full, we have so much love to give…and we see love everywhere, too. You see, love has the ability to turn all of us into poets.

4) You’re excited about the future

Now that you’re in love, you can imagine your future clearly—and it’s with your beloved, of course.

You can imagine what city you’ll live in, what kind of house and how many rooms, and even what kind of sports you’ll do together.

When you’re still single or you just had mild crushes, your future was just all about you. And even if you thought about having a family and all that jazz, it was not so detailed.

So, let me ask you this…do you see your future more clearly now? Is it with your beloved? If you answer yes to both, let’s not kid each other here—you’re definitely in love!

5) You suddenly want to make positive changes in your life

Since you’re now excited about your future, you start to work more actively towards it.

You want the love of your life to feel lucky to have you, after all.

So if you’re overweight, you probably enrolled in a gym membership.

If you don’t have savings, you’re probably working double time to catch up.

And if you have bad habits, you’re probably planning to quit them any day soon.

When we’re in love, we want positive changes in your life. 

You want to be the best version of yourself because your life isn’t just your life anymore, you want to share a life with your special person, too!

6) You are impatient to be with them

Do you get bored with other people? Do meetings and parties feel like total time-wasters because you’d rather be spending your precious time with your beloved?

Are you excited to clock out at work so you can be with them?

If you say yes to all of these, then you got the love bug for sure.

Every single time you spend with your beloved is just pure bliss that you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

7) You don’t hate your enemies as much anymore

When we’re brimming with happiness, it’s almost impossible to get mad at anything or anyone.

When you see your enemy, do you still boil with anger or you’re just “Nah, not dealing with this. I’m too happy to care.”?

Do you let things slide now? Are you less grumpy now? And if you pause for a minute now to really think—can you now wish your enemies well?

Well, congratulations. You’re in love.

8) You’re scared of losing them

When they’re away for a holiday, do you toss and turn in bed thinking “What if they’ll find someone new” or “What if something will happen to them”?

Do you worry that if you won’t make a move now, they’ll slip through your fingers?

Well then, you’re obviously in love. 

Crushes and flings are replaceable. We can even have plenty of them. And the thing is …we don’t really feel scared of losing them. 

Once you start feeling scared of the possibility of losing your beloved, you’re already deeply in love.

10) You’re happy when they’re happy

In fact, you’re quite sure you’re twice as happy as them—even more!

You just love seeing their face light up, whether it’s when they’re eating their favorite ice cream, or the moment they receive good news.

In fact, it doesn’t matter much if you’re going through some difficulties with your life right now (challenges at work, issues with family, etc), you’re happy when they’re happy.

What matters most to you is to see your beloved glow in happiness. 

When you know they’re happy, all is well with the world.

11) You’re sad when they’re sad

If they’re sad, you’re twice as sad—even more!

It breaks your heart to see them struggling, much worse if you see them cry.

You’re willing to do anything to wipe their sadness and pain away. And if only they can just give you their suffering, you’d take it in a heartbeat.

And it doesn’t matter if everything is going great with your life right now (received a bonus, got accepted for a scholarship), if they’re sad, you’re sad.  

Why are you this emotionally connected with them? Well, you’re in love, of course!

12) You feel like your life is just about to begin

Do you feel like everything in the past is just a rehearsal for what’s about to come? 

Do you feel that the Universe was just preparing you for the moment that you’ll be with your beloved?

If it feels like you’re about to write a new chapter—or even a new book!—then you’re definitely in love with this person.

I’m excited for you and I’m rooting for you two!

Last words

If you can relate to all these feelings, then yes, you’re definitely in love.

Say it loud and proud!

But while being in love is the greatest feeling in the world, you still have to make sure you’re making the right choices in life.

Sure, you can just sell your apartment and move to another continent—but it might not be the wisest thing to do.

Savor every day of being in love…bask in it! But let it settle before you make major decisions.

Being in love is one thing, committing and building love is another. The good thing is that you have plenty of time.

For now, savor this love and enjoy every moment. You’re definitely in love and we’re all so thrilled for you.

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