If you possess these 12 qualities, you might be an old soul

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What’s an “old soul”?

Simply put, it’s someone who shows a level of wisdom and maturity that’s way beyond their years.

And this gives them a rather unique way of seeing the world that makes them stand out among their peers.

Want to know if you’re an old soul?

Find out how many of these traits you possess.

1) You truly enjoy being alone

Being alone doesn’t bother you one bit.

If anything, you actually enjoy it—it’s nice being able to hear yourself think and being able to do whatever you want to do.

It’s also during those times that you come up with the best ideas and creations.

You love solitude and you personally deem it priceless. In fact, you might even find it hard to fathom why some people actually feel uncomfortable with being all alone.

2) You don’t feel the need to belong

You might be a bit of an outcast but, honestly, you don’t actually mind it.

You don’t feel the need to change the way you look or act just so that people will like you or find you “acceptable”.

Hell, if anything you’re perfectly fine with being disliked so long as you get to be yourself.

As far as you’re concerned, the way you act or present yourself is nobody’s business but your own.

And if people feel like they must judge or make fun of you for being that way, then they can go ahead and have a blast. But you’d rather really be yourself than be like everyone else.

3) You question the status quo

You’re the kind of person who isn’t too afraid to ignore or even question the norms altogether.

That’s because you’re wise enough to zoom out and go “Hmm, why are we doing this again?”

For example, women shave their underarm hair while men don’t.

You find this fascinating because shaving only started in the 1920s. Does that make the women before that time “un-ladylike” and “unhygienic”? Probably not!

So while you do shave when you feel like it, you don’t get embarrassed if your underarm hair has turned into a bush. And if you’re male, you’d not be ashamed to shave your hair because…why not?

4) You believe there’s more to things than what’s on the surface

You don’t take your experiences just as they are.

Rather, you try to step back and think about them—you go “hmm, but what is this really about?” or “What is really going on?” or “Is there something more to this?”

You’re as curious as a child and as wise as a sage.

Sometimes there might be a deeper meaning to why things happen the way they do, sometimes there isn’t.

You like figuring out which is which…but you always investigate. It’s just part of your nature!

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5) You give importance to authenticity

You can easily tell when someone is being fake, and you hate it. You can’t stand it when people are merely pretending—you’d rather that they be honest, raw, and real.

It’s not like you don’t understand it. People like to fit in and be liked, so of course they’ll pretend to be nicer than they are, or to be interested in things they’re not.

But as far as you’re concerned, you’re not making any genuine connections if people are pretending to be someone they’re not.

That’s why you’re always on the lookout for and cherish the people who are willing to bare themselves and show you their truth.

And off course, you’re always actively trying to protect your authentic self.

6) You don’t care too much for day-to-day life

You’d rather just live for the things that truly excite you and make you feel alive.

Things like keeping things around you clean, and doing laundry just slip out of your mind, sometimes.

It’s probably because you think they’re not as important as doing your life’s purpose.

And well… this is often both a blessing and a curse, because while you certainly do not want for motivation and passion when it comes to the things you like, you end up neglecting almost everything else.

You’re trying to improve this, of course, but you and the people around you seem to understand it’s just part of the package.

7) You’re not vain and materialistic

Your relationship with material possessions is perhaps best described as “meh”.

Sure, you would appreciate a slightly bigger house, a more comfortable car, a better phone or computer and what have you.

But you don’t exactly need them, and you don’t exactly see the point in showing them off either.

Unless it’ll help you achieve your dreams or personal calling, material possessions honestly don’t matter that much to you—what you’re after are experiences and knowledge.

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8) You believe most people act foolishly

You’re well aware that people can often do and say things against their better judgment, and that people hurt one another all the time intentionally or otherwise.

You’re not being judgemental, and neither do you believe this so that you can put yourself on a pedestal.

If anything, you acknowledge that even you can be foolish every now and then too.

Being imperfect is just part of what it is to be human, and that’s why you pay close attention to what you say, how you act, and the way you treat others.

And most importantly, you are more than willing to give people grace if they make mistakes and end up hurting others.

9) You nurture your inner world

Meditation, rest, positive self-talk, and activities like them that nourish your mental and spiritual well-being are a core part of your daily life.

You take your time trying to hear your soul, getting in touch with your feelings, assessing your thoughts.

You nurture your soul because you know that if you neglect it, then everything else in your life will start falling apart in chaos.

But apart from that, you know your inner world is as vast as the universe and it holds clues on how we should live our lives.

10) You aim to lead an interesting life

You’re not that concerned about being “nice,” “positive,” or “likable.”

What you’re more interested in is being interesting and true to yourself.

You question the status quo, and have no qualms being “un-nice” if it means doing the right thing.

Rather than live a life where you spend your waking hours trying to fit into a box, you’d rather just kick that box aside and live a life that’s truly and genuinely yours.

11) You believe you’re put on earth for a reason

You believe that everyone has a role here on earth, and you’re devoted to figuring out what yours is.

Perhaps you’ll find your meaning in fighting for human rights, or perhaps you’ll find it in running a cat sanctuary. Maybe your purpose is in creating works of art that inspire others to be better.

And once you’re sure of your purpose, you focus on it…and forget all the noise, clutter, and chaos of our waking life.

12) You look at life from the vantage point of death

Death, to you, is just a natural part of life. You don’t fear it, and neither do you hate it. Your only desire is that you’ll have done some good in this world by the time you fade away.

But you’re not alone in being unafraid of death.

What sets you apart from the rest is that you actually use death as a guide on how you should live life.

You remind yourself daily that death can come at any moment, so you make sure to appreciate the beauty of the world around you and to prioritize what actually matters.

Last words

We live in a world that caters to young souls.

We’re taught that success means material riches, status, and the approval of others. If you are not interested in any of these, you are called “unambitious” or even a “weirdo”.

But chances are that you’re just an old soul!

You’re in a quest to know more about life and what it really means to live.

Don’t ever change. Lean into your strengths, and you’ll discover wonderful things and lead an interesting, fulfilling life.


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