If you notice these 11 signs, you’re dating an exceptionally loyal man

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Ever wondered if your man is really, truly loyal?

It’s a pretty important question and one that can be a bit tricky to figure out.

You see, loyalty isn’t just about him not seeing other people. It goes much deeper than that.

How do you know if he’s the kind of loyal that’s more than just not cheating?

Well, I’ve got your back!

In this article, we’re going to chat about the top 11 signs that show you’re dating a super loyal guy.

Not just any kind of loyal, but the kind that shows in his everyday actions and words.

1. He’s Open and Honest

The first sign that you’re with an exceptionally loyal man lies in his honesty.

Now, we’re not just talking about him telling you where he’s been or what he did last weekend.

This is about a whole lot more. He’s open about his feelings, his thoughts, even his fears and dreams.

He doesn’t feel the need to hide things from you or to put on a mask.

He trusts you with his truth, no matter how big or small.

This type of honesty shows that he’s committed to being real with you, which is a big part of being loyal.

So if your man doesn’t shy away from tough conversations and always tells you the truth, even when it’s hard, you’ve definitely got a loyal one there!

2. He Keeps His Promises

The second sign of an exceptionally loyal man is his commitment to his word.

Does he follow through with what he says?

If he promises to help you with something, does he see it through to the end?

It might seem like a small detail, but it actually says a lot about his character.

A loyal man values his promises.

He understands the weight of his words and doesn’t take them lightly.

He won’t make a promise he can’t keep, and when he does make a promise, he’ll do everything he can to fulfill it.

This consistency in action is a true mark of loyalty. So if your man keeps his word, you’ve got another tick in the loyalty box!

3. He Supports You No Matter What

I’m an artist and I once had a big gallery show coming up. I was nervous, second-guessing my work, and generally freaking out.

My guy, however, was my rock.

He didn’t just say he believed in me, he showed it.

He was there helping set up the exhibit, making sure I ate during those long hours of preparation, and even managed to calm my nerves with his words of encouragement.

He was my biggest cheerleader.

That’s what loyalty looks like – standing by your side, not just in the good times but especially during the challenging ones.

If your man supports you wholeheartedly and is there for you when you need him most, then you’ve got yourself an exceptionally loyal partner.

4. He Respects Your Independence

The fourth sign of an exceptionally loyal man is his respect for your independence. 

This means that if your man celebrates your individuality, encourages your personal goals, and respects your space, he’s not just being a great partner, he’s also exhibiting signs of exceptional loyalty.

He understands that a healthy relationship consists of two individuals who have their own passions and interests.

He doesn’t feel threatened by your independence; instead, he supports it.

His respect for your autonomy shows his trust in you and the relationship, and that’s a big indicator of loyalty.

5. He’s Your Safe Haven

The fifth sign that you’re with an exceptionally loyal man is the sense of safety and security he provides.

There’s something incredibly peaceful about being with a man who makes you feel safe, both physically and emotionally.

You know that feeling when you’ve had a rough day, and all you want to do is crawl into his arms because somehow, everything seems better there?

That’s what I’m talking about.

This goes beyond just protecting you from harm.

It means he’s someone who you can be vulnerable with, share your deepest thoughts and fears, and know that he won’t judge or belittle you.

His arms are your refuge, his words your solace, and his heart your home.

And let me tell you, there’s nothing more loyal than a man who provides this level of security and comfort.

Because it shows he’s fully committed to being there for you – in every possible way.

6. He Remembers the Little Things

It was a couple of weeks into dating my guy, and I casually mentioned how I loved the cherry-flavored candy from a particular brand. It wasn’t a big conversation, just an offhand comment.

A few days later, he surprised me with a pack of those very candies.

It was a small gesture, but it meant the world to me because it showed he listened and cared about my likes and dislikes.

When your man remembers the small things – your favorite song, how you like your coffee, or that silly joke that always makes you laugh – it’s his way of saying, “I pay attention because you matter to me.”

And trust me, that level of attentiveness is a true sign of loyalty.

7. He’s Got Your Back, Always

Life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows, and sometimes, things get tough.

But you know what shows a man’s loyalty?

It’s how he sticks around, especially when things are hard.

Whether it’s standing up for you when someone treats you poorly, or being there for you when life throws a curveball your way, an exceptionally loyal man is one who’s got your back, no matter what.

He doesn’t bail on you when things get challenging. Instead, he rolls up his sleeves and says, “We’re in this together.”

He fights for you, stands by you, and gives you the strength to keep going.

If your man is there for you through thick and thin, you can bet he’s as loyal as they come.

8. He Includes You in His Future Plans

An interesting fact to note is that when a man is deeply committed and loyal, he naturally includes you in his future plans.

This is because he sees you as an integral part of his life, not just now but in the long run too.

So, if your guy talks about his future plans and you’re a significant part of them, it’s a clear sign of his loyalty.

Whether it’s discussing where you both might live someday, or even something as simple as planning a vacation for next year, these are telltale signs that he’s in it for the long haul.

A loyal man envisions a future with you in it and isn’t afraid to share those dreams with you.

9. He Makes You Feel Loved and Valued

From my personal experience, one of the most evident signs of an exceptionally loyal man is the way he makes you feel loved and valued.

I remember, early in our relationship, my partner would consistently make efforts to show me how much he cared.

It wasn’t about grand gestures or expensive gifts.

Instead, it was about the little things – a sweet text in the middle of the day just to check on me, a warm hug after a long day, or cooking my favorite meal when I was too tired to cook.

A loyal man will make sure you know how much you mean to him. He won’t just say he loves you; he’ll show it.

His actions will speak louder than his words, making you feel cherished and appreciated.

If your man makes you feel like you’re the most important person in his world, then congratulations, you’ve found yourself an exceptionally loyal guy!

10. He’s Consistent

A truly loyal man is consistent.

He doesn’t keep you guessing about his feelings or where you stand with him. He doesn’t blow hot and cold.

His actions match his words, and he treats you with respect and kindness, not just sometimes, but all the time.

You don’t have to worry about him changing his tune out of the blue, because he’s steady and reliable.

When a man is consistent in his behavior and his treatment of you, that’s a surefire sign of his loyalty.

11. He’s There During Your Worst Times

Lastly, but most importantly, an exceptionally loyal man is there for you during your worst times. It’s easy to be present during the fun times and the good days, but it takes a loyal man to stick around when things are tough.

Whether you’re dealing with a personal crisis or having a bad day, he’s there offering a shoulder to cry on, a listening ear, or simply his silent presence.

He doesn’t shy away from your tears or your sadness. Instead, he stands by you, offering comfort and support in any way he can. That’s what loyalty looks like in its rawest, most honest form.

So if your man shows up for you, especially when things are tough, trust me when I say – he’s not just loyal; he’s exceptionally so!

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