If you notice these 10 signs, you’re dealing with a seasoned liar

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Ever found yourself in a conversation and felt like something doesn’t quite add up?

Chances are, you might be interacting with a seasoned liar.

Their cunning way of bending the truth might not be immediately obvious, but there are telltale signs that give them away.

Let’s delve into the world of deception and highlight 10 key indicators that you’re dealing with a professional fabricator.

These signs might have you questioning past interactions, but rest assured, they’re essential tools for dealing with our untruthful acquaintances.

1. Inconsistent Stories

Ever caught someone in a conversation and their story seems to be changing every time they tell it? This could be a red flag that you’re dealing with a seasoned liar.

Professional fabricators have a knack for changing details in their stories. They do this in an attempt to keep their lies believable. However, keeping track of all those alterations can be quite a challenge, even for the most skilled liars.

This doesn’t mean they’re forgetful; it’s just a common tactic used to keep their deception going.

Whether it’s about their weekend plans, a past experience, or even something as trivial as their lunch, seasoned liars often alter their tales slightly every time they retell them.

The next time you notice someone’s story seems to shift with each telling, remember it’s not an oversight.

You might just be dealing with a seasoned liar who’s trying to keep up with their web of untruths.

2. Avoiding Eye Contact

I recall this one time when I was speaking with a colleague about a project deadline. He was known for missing deadlines but always had a story ready to explain his tardiness.

This time, however, I noticed something peculiar. As he was explaining why he couldn’t meet the deadline, he was avoiding eye contact.

Now, it’s not unusual for people to occasionally look away during a conversation. But in this case, he was deliberately avoiding my gaze, constantly looking at his shoes or the wall behind me, or fiddling with his tie.

That’s when it hit me – he might be lying.

Avoiding eye contact is often a subconscious response when someone is not being truthful. They might feel uncomfortable or guilty, which makes maintaining eye contact difficult.

If someone seems to be avoiding your gaze more than usual during a conversation, it could be a sign that they’re not being entirely honest with you.

3. Excessive Nervousness

A seasoned liar might appear calm and composed on the surface, but underneath, they could be a bundle of nerves.

This nervousness often manifests in various physical cues. They might fidget excessively, tap their feet, or display other restless behaviors. You might notice a sudden change in their breathing pattern or see them sweating more than usual.

It’s like they’re constantly on edge, expecting to be caught out at any moment.

Nervousness can also be a symptom of anxiety or discomfort. So it’s crucial not to jump to conclusions based solely on this sign. Instead, consider it as a potential clue in a bigger puzzle you’re trying to solve.

But if you notice someone exhibiting excessive nervousness during a conversation where honesty is expected, could be that you’re dealing with a seasoned liar.

4. Overcomplicating Simple Stories

When people tell the truth, their stories are usually straightforward and easy to follow.

But when someone is fabricating a tale, they might add unnecessary complexities and details to make it sound more believable.

This behavior is linked to a psychological phenomenon known as “duping delight” – the pleasure one gets from being able to manipulate someone into believing an untruth.

If you find yourself lost in a maze of details and complexities while listening to a simple story, it could be a sign that the storyteller is trying to deceive you.

5. Emotional Disconnection

One of the most heartbreaking signs of dealing with a seasoned liar is the emotional disconnection they exhibit. It’s disappointing to realize that someone you trust might be deceiving you, especially when emotions are involved.

Liars often struggle to genuinely connect on an emotional level during their deceptions. They might display inappropriate emotions or reactions that don’t match the situation or the story they’re telling.

For example, if they’re recounting a tragic event but show no signs of sadness or distress, or if they seem overly cheerful when discussing a serious matter, it’s worth paying attention to.

This lack of emotional connection can be quite unsettling. It reminds us that not everyone we interact with is being honest with us, which can be a hard pill to swallow.

6. Defensive Attitude

When people are telling the truth, they’re typically open to questions and willing to clarify any doubts. However, seasoned liars often get defensive when their stories are questioned.

They might react negatively to inquiries, turn the conversation around to accuse you of not trusting them, or even become hostile. This defensive attitude is a strategy used to divert attention away from their lies and make you feel guilty for questioning them.

It’s as if they’re putting up a shield, ready to deflect any suspicion that comes their way.

If someone reacts defensively when you ask for clarification or probe further into their story, it could be a sign that they’re trying to hide something. Be wary of this defensive attitude; it might indicate you’re dealing with a seasoned liar.

7. Covering Their Mouth

This might seem like a small and insignificant gesture, but it can be quite revealing. When someone is lying, they might subconsciously cover their mouth while speaking.

This physical act can be as subtle as a hand brushing over their lips or as obvious as a full hand covering their mouth. It’s almost like an instinctive reaction, an attempt to block the untruths from coming out.

Pay attention to these small gestures. They might seem insignificant in isolation, but combined with other signs, they can paint a bigger picture.

If you notice someone frequently covering their mouth while speaking, consider it a potential sign that they’re not being entirely truthful with you.

8. Prolonged Pauses

When someone is crafting a lie, they often need time to think about the details of their fabricated story. This thinking process can result in prolonged pauses during their conversation.

Research in cognitive psychology suggests that lying requires more mental effort than telling the truth.

This additional mental strain can cause liars to pause more frequently and for longer periods as they try to keep their story consistent.

If you notice an unusual amount of extended pauses in someone’s conversation, it could be a sign that they’re fabricating their story.

9. Unusual Body Language

I remember the time when I was negotiating a deal with a supplier. He seemed confident and assertive, but I noticed something off about his body language.

He would often touch his face, play with his tie, or shuffle in his seat while discussing the terms. Despite his confident words, his body language was telling a different story.

In fact, deceptive people often display discomfort or unease through their body language. These non-verbal cues can be subtle but are usually consistent.

10. Trust Your Gut

Perhaps the most important sign that you’re dealing with a seasoned liar is your own intuition.

Over the years, I’ve learned that our gut instincts are often surprisingly accurate. If something doesn’t feel right or if you get an uneasy feeling during a conversation, don’t ignore it.

Our subconscious mind picks up on subtle signs and signals that our conscious mind might miss. So, if your gut is telling you that something is off, there’s a good chance it’s right.

Trust your instincts. If you feel like you’re being lied to, there’s a high probability that you are.

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