If you miss someone can they feel it? 12 signs they can

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You’ve been missing someone so much that you can’t help but wonder if they feel it, too.

Well, you might not be that far off the mark.

Strong emotions aren’t just going to stay contained in your head, they will leak out into the outside world.

And in this article, I will give you 13 signs that someone indeed senses it when you can’t get them out of your mind.

1) Your heart skips a beat

Unless you have a heart condition, your heart skipping a beat could mean that you’re going through a spiritual awakening or that you’re about to have a union with someone special.

It’s your body involuntarily reacting to an exciting event in the foreseeable future.

You missing someone might have a big impact on you and to some degree, to the person you’re missing, that your subconscious starts to believe that something big is about to come your way.

And when we can sense that something great is about to happen—say, that a reunion is on the horizon—we can’t help but feel giddy even if we don’t know why exactly.

2) You experience a lot of weird coincidences

Synchronicity is defined as the phenomenon wherein there’s an occurrence of meaningful coincidences.

Perhaps you bump into them at your favorite cafe or at a random event, or it can be as creepy as you picking up the same food at the grocery store. Or perhaps you listen to the same song or post about exactly the same stuff on social media.

There’s just a lot of coincidences that you even start to think if they’re stalking you. But no, they aren’t.

Perhaps you’ve manifested them strongly enough that they can feel you missing them.

And because of this, because you enter their thoughts more often than usual, they subconsciously make decisions that’s somehow connected to you…so you become in sync.

3) You dream of them more often

If you’ve been dreaming about the person you’re missing a lot, chances are that it’s because they have noticed your feelings.

There are several reasons why this happens. One of them is that the universe has carried your feelings to them, and your dreams have been triggered by their own acknowledgement of your longing.

Another reason is that you have been noticing them subconsciously recognise you missing them, such as through their posts on social media or the way they look at you.

When you’re thinking about someone a lot, your mind is naturally attuned to pay close attention to every single thing they do. And while you might not consciously acknowledge or notice them, your subconscious mind will go through those observations in your dreams.

If they’re oblivious to you missing them, they probably won’t enter your dreams because you’re not catching any signs that they’re aware that you miss them.

4) They pay more attention to you

If they used to not care so much about you—there are even times that they outright ignore you— and then all of a sudden, they notice every little thing about you?

They probably sense that you’re missing them!

Perhaps your body language betrays you. Maybe you’re saying you miss them by how you stare at them with longing, or maybe it’s the way you restrain yourself from touching them when you’re near each other.

Because of these non-verbal cues that you throw their way, they can’t help but pay more attention to you.

This is especially true if you’ve been missing their company for a while now and they’re a highly sensitive person.

And this happens online, too.

They might become more chatty or they react to your posts more often than usual. And that’s probably because you subconsciously post about stuff you have in common that they feel you’re starting to revive your lost connection.

5) They get shy when you’re around

As much as you try to hide your feelings, some of them will nonetheless slip through your shields whether you know it or not.

And if you haven’t seen each other in a while, they can still sense it the moment you meet. In fact, they might even get clues that you miss them based on how you text and what kind of things you post online.

The person you’re missing will sense this fast especially if they’re the sensitive type.

They will get shy around you. They might keep their distance or stutter when they talk. They might blush a little and try to find a way to leave.

But here’s the thing: It’s not because they don’t like you. In fact, what’s more likely is that they like you, too.

They’re probably just not used to someone being fond of them. Or they’re anxious that you’d find out that they like them…so they get nervous talking to you.

But one thing’s for sure, they can strongly sense that you miss them, and this has made them more self-conscious around you.

6) You wake up in the middle of the night thinking of them

This article is about YOU missing them, not them missing you. But what’s funny is that, for some strange reason, when you start missing someone, they’ll start missing you too, and this creates a loop of some sort.

In fact, you should probably consider the possibility that the reason why you’re missing them is because THEY started missing your first.

The way it works is that one person would start thinking about someone, and then those feelings would reach through the universe and touch them spiritually.

Those feelings will bleed over, and they’ll start to think about the person who missed them first.

This creates a feedback loop, where both of you are missing each other and feeling each other’s feelings. This can get so intense that you might even find yourself jolted awake!

7) You strongly feel their presence

There’s a regular kind of missing someone, and there’s the kind that goes deep to your bones it makes you want to run towards them.

When you experience the latter, you’ll feel their presence more strongly. But it’s especially on a whole different level if they feel you missing them.

You would be slicing onions in the kitchen when you suddenly feel them hugging you from behind. And it all feels so real. You can almost be sure they’re actually there with you for a second or two.

You would be sitting in the bus on your way to work—and you’re not even thinking about them—but then all of a sudden, you feel them sitting beside you, even putting their hand on yours. Again, it feels all too real!

8) You get random mood swings

When you think about someone a lot—and that does include missing them—you are building and strengthening a psychic bond between your souls. If you are soulmates, that bond is already there in the first place.

And once this bond is firmly established, a lot of things will flow through it. Ideas, intent, and even emotions.

So what happens is that you’ll eventually find yourself feeling their emotions as if they were your own.

You might find yourself suddenly feeling the urge to smile when you don’t have any real reason to. Chances are that, on the other side of the bond, something happened that made them feel very happy all of a sudden.

Or you might find yourself feeling low when everything in your life is great. Chances are that the person you’re missing is going through a rough time.

This applies to other emotions too, of course. Sudden pangs of sadness and rage, of longing and confusion.

9) They vague-post about it on social media

This isn’t as direct as it may seem at first, and some people are more private with their thoughts than others.

But one way you can tell if they’re feeling your longing for them is that they’re “vagueing” on social media about having strange coincidences happen to them, or the other signs mentioned in this list.

For example, they might talk about how they suddenly felt depressed and lonely a couple of days ago… which, by sheer coincidence, was when you were missing them badly too!

Of course, they might not mention you exactly! They don’t want to creep you out like you don’t want to creep them out right now.

Besides, they have been simply feeling your longing, and not seeing your face in their thoughts.

And in that case, you can feel their longing or sadness through their posts.

10) They approach and initiate

Because they can feel that you miss them, they have the confidence to approach you and even flirt with you a little.

They might smile more often than usual at first. Or they might sit closer to you.

And when you respond with positive body language, they might not hesitate to make bolder moves like touching your arm or asking you out on a casual date.

This isn’t purely metaphysical. The person you’ve been missing and thinking senses how you feel towards them because of your subtle actions.

Even a glance that says “I miss you” or a sigh that says “I wish we can be together” can be decoded in an instant by someone perceptive.

So if they approach you out of the blue, chances are that it’s because they noticed something about you, and have felt your longing for them.

11) You notice “signals” of spiritual bond

When two souls feel a strong connection with each other and yet they’re apart, they will sense the bond through “messages” and “codes”.

One of the more famous signals are Angel Numbers. Angel numbers are number sequences that contain repeated digits like 111, 222, or 999.

Have you seen angel numbers lately? Maybe on a piece of receipt, on the clock, or an ad with a hotline number?

Next time you’re missing them badly, pay attention to the numbers that you see. If you happen to find one, it’s the universe’s way of telling you that the other person is missing you, too.

Aside from angel numbers, you might also be seeing a white feather.

A white feather is often a sign that someone misses you. Pay attention to where you see the feathers as they may indicate something that’s connected to the person you’re missing.

12) There is incredible tension between the two of you

It wasn’t like this before. Even when you first started missing them, it was nothing more than you simply feeling a little shy around them, or you feeling a bit happier than usual.

But now when you’re in the same room together, the tension is so thick that one would cut a knife. And it’s not like you’re the only one affected—your friends notice it too!

The reason this happens is because your feelings have reached them and, as I have mentioned earlier, built a spiritual bond between the two of you.

The feelings being communicated through this bond will harmonize and the closer the two of you are to one another, the more they spill over into the physical world.

The fact that your thoughts will make themselves known in your body language does not make it any easier either.

Last words

Strong emotions are easily felt by the people around us, especially those who are the subject of our thoughts. This is for reasons both spiritual and physical.

Not only do your feelings affect your spiritual vibrations and influence those in your vicinity, your body also subconsciously betrays your hidden thoughts.

This is why someone who’s paying attention to you will notice these things. And if they just so happen to be an empath, it’ll be even easier for them.

It can be frightening to have your feelings laid bare or confronted, especially if you thought that you’ve been hiding them quite well.

But hold your breath—if they aren’t leaving you behind, it’s possible that your feelings are reciprocated!

Pearl Nash

Pearl Nash has years of experience writing relationship articles for single females looking for love. After being single for years with no hope of meeting Mr. Right, she finally managed to get married to the love of her life. Now that she’s settled down and happier than she’s ever been in her life, she's passionate about sharing all the wisdom she's learned over the journey. Pearl is also an accredited astrologer and publishes Hack Spirit's daily horoscope.

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