If you love to spend time alone, you likely have these 7 powerful traits

We live in a world where group conformity is often praised and heralded while being solitary and isolated is “weird” or “anti-social.” 

The truth is that life doesn’t work this way; life isn’t black and white. 

People who genuinely enjoy being alone aren’t always the deviants that society wants to label them. 

This is far from the truth. 

In this article, I’ll walk you through the powerful traits of people who love spending time alone. 

So if the contents of this article sound familiar, you’re in a good place–regardless of what others tell you. 

Let’s get to it! 

1) Self-awareness

Whenever I get into an Uber or Lyft, the driver has the radio volume cranked up. 

Whenever I’m at the mall or park, I can hear the loud music blaring from some, inanimate direction. 

What am I getting at? 

Well, people generally aren’t too comfortable with silence and being alone with their thoughts. 

They seek distractions, rather than embracing things like introspection. 

Not you though. 

You have enough self-assuredness to know that being alone allows time for deep self-reflection and understanding.

You don’t run away from these thoughts and ruminations; you welcome them… you face them head-on, knowing that they can lead to a more profound understanding of self. 

So if you love alone time, chances are you are highly likely to be in tune with your emotions, your strengths, weaknesses, and so on. 

2) Creativity

If you value time alone, there’s a good chance you’re a bit of a creative.

There’s a reason why the great artists, musicians, and writers of the 20th century would seek refuge in faraway retreats just to create. 

These creatives knew that being isolated from the hustle and bustle of civilization would help their respective artistic processes. 

They were aware that stillness and solitude would spark and inspire ideas. 

You see, without the distractions of the external world, your mind is free to wander, free to go off on tangents uninterrupted and uninhibited. 

This is the type of environment where creativity thrives, leading to innovative ideas and solutions. 

So if you tend to channel your inner Gauguin or Hemingway when you’re alone, you’re likely a highly creative soul.  

3) Focus

Solitude isn’t just for creative people. 

Being alone is a good idea for anyone seeking to complete any arduous task with precision and efficiency.

If you value high-quality output, you likely value alone time too.  

I was in the spectacularly grand New York Public Library last year doing some work. 

Although I wasn’t technically alone (the place was packed with people reading or on their laptops), it was so quiet that you could hear a pin drop. 

It’s hardly a surprise that I was able to get far more work done during my time there, at a high level, than I usually would in a more conventional, hysteria-filled setting, like a cafe or even at home. 

It’s basic logic: without the distractions of the world, you can concentrate far more deeply on tasks, staying focused for longer–which means higher productivity and efficiency. 

4) Independence

I know people who are almost genetically incapable of being alone. 

They need others around at all times, which unfortunately makes them somewhat needy and lacking in self-sufficiency.

People who can enjoy their own company without relying on others for entertainment or validation tend to have a powerful independent streak in them. 

I’m a huge proponent of solo travel. 

Not having to constantly compromise and coordinate with other people, moving at your own pace, and doing whatever you want to do in a foreign and exotic land… this for me is a highly alluring prospect. 

When I tell my friends or family about traveling alone, they think I’m strange. 

Many people feel the need to “share” their travel experiences with others; and if they cannot do that, then the tendency is to feel lonely. 

Not me though… I get exhilarated.

I find the autonomy, the freedom, the mobility, the anonymity, to be incredibly liberating and exciting

Ultimately, loving alone time often means you’re efficient at looking after your own needs and finding fulfillment within yourself rather than seeking it from others. 

If the latter makes me an independent person, then so be it. 

5) Empathy

We live in a world of constant stimuli; where fleeting thoughts can easily be drowned out by the limitless, frenzied diversions in our periphery. 

Being alone is, therefore, an opportunity to genuinely reflect on both yourself and others. 

Time alone can enhance your ability to understand and empathize with other people.

You can truly analyze feelings and emotions without getting sidetracked. 

In a way, being alone for lengthy periods can be your own little meditation retreat… 

A retreat where you can engage in deep introspection

Introspection will not only provide you space to reflect on relationships, but it will also lead to personal growth and an understanding of your life’s purpose and direction.

All of the above promote empathy. 

6) Resilience

Not having to depend on anyone but yourself is a wonderful, albeit rare, thing in life. 

When we’re going through a crisis, most of us instinctively turn to someone we can trust to lean on, as sort of an emotional crutch–as we should. 

But still, life is unpredictable, and to be completely emotionally resilient without depending on anyone else is super badass; it’s a veritable asset in life. 

People who regularly spend time alone have already become intimate with themselves and their thoughts–and therefore typically have fostered emotional strength and resilience to some degree.

When the time comes to be emotionally resilient, they will be ready. 

7) Calmness

When you seek and value solitude, this means you’re aware of the unnecessary noise and distractions of the world… and feel the need to break free from it. 

Many of us can get so caught up in the madness of life, that we don’t realize how negatively it can affect our moods, temperaments, and relationships. 

People who value the peace and tranquility that come with alone time are often more likely adept at managing stress and maintaining calm.

For people who prioritize calm, spending time alone is always a welcome respite. 

Final words 

If you enjoy alone time, don’t worry, you’re in good company. 

We live in a loud world, one where somehow acting independently is still sometimes discouraged. 

So if you’re able to break the cycle and be comfortably alone, then I say more power to you. 

You’re in the minority, in the best possible way. Never forget that. 

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