If you have these 15 traits, you’re probably a high achieving woman

Achieving most of the goals you put in front of you is a fantastic feeling. With every checkbox ticked off, you’re one step closer to fulfilling your dreams. 

But what traits do high-achieving women like that have? Most importantly, how do you find out if you’re in this exclusive club?

Well, that’s what you’re about to learn. So, let’s see what traits you need to have to be a high-achieving woman. 

1) You’re determined

This is one of the best traits anyone can have, and it’s the top trait of all high-achieving women. 

Without determination, there’s no talk of success. You must have a resolute commitment to your goals and persistently work towards what you want, even when faced with obstacles or setbacks. 

This determination fuels your motivation to keep moving forward. It also makes getting out of bed in the morning much easier.

2) You ooze self-confidence

Self-confidence is what you develop with determination. The harder you work, the more self-confidence you have.

Believing in your own abilities empowers you to pursue ambitious goals. It helps you overcome any self-doubt and embrace challenges with a positive attitude.

For example, when you have a lot of self-confidence, you engage in conversations with clarity and conviction. 

You’re able to express your ideas confidently, making your presence felt in meetings and discussions.

You also recognize the value of calculated risks and confidently make decisions that might seem bold to others, but you’re simply trusting your judgment and assessment.

3) You’re great at problem-solving

The fact is, every job and position, as well as personal life, comes with its fair share of issues. 

When challenges arise, high achievers approach them with a solutions-oriented mindset. They analyze problems, identify potential solutions, and take proactive steps to address issues.

A high-achieving woman is no different. She has to wear many hats, and being an effective problem-solver is one of the main ones. 

If you’re the go-to person for all types of problems, you’re probably a high-achieving woman. 

4) Your networking skills are out of this world

What separates high-achieving women from others is their outstanding networking skills

You know how important building a strong network is for gaining insights, opportunities, and support. 

That’s why it’s second nature for high achievers to cultivate meaningful relationships, both within and outside their field.

For example, they effortlessly form alliances with colleagues who share their drive. They also recognize the power of mentorship and seek guidance from established professionals. 

An up-and-coming scientist would look to establish a close relationship with an experienced researcher to gain insights into navigating the field.

5) You have an incredibly positive attitude

Maintaining a positive outlook helps high achievers stay motivated and focused. A constructive attitude allows them to navigate challenges with resilience and optimism.

I know from my own example that I could never achieve any success until I had a positive shift in my mind. 

Determination, hard work, self-confidence, and a positive outlook on things can move mountains. 

6) Your leadership skills are second to none

I’ve been in touch with many managers, owners, founders, and directors in my life. However, less than a handful had real leadership skills. 

All the others were victims of the so-called Peter principle. They got promoted to positions of higher responsibility until they reached a level where they were no longer competent or effective in their role. 

On the other side, even if they’re not in formal leadership roles, high-achieving women often exhibit leadership qualities. 

They inspire and motivate others through their actions, setting an example for teamwork and collaboration.

7) You have good time management skills

Most people know how effective time management is crucial for productivity. Yet, most people aren’t good at it. 

High achievers are. They prioritize tasks, allocate time wisely, and avoid distractions to maximize their day.

For most women, that’s even more important as many of them have kids at home that need plenty of attention. 

So if you have good time management skills, you’re one of the high-achieving women for sure. 

8) You have a high tolerance for ambiguity

Success often involves navigating uncertain and ambiguous situations. High achievers are comfortable with ambiguity and can make decisions even when all the information isn’t available, allowing them to take calculated risks and seize opportunities.

To find out whether you’re truly a high-achieving woman, you need to admit to yourself how comfortable you are with the unknown. 

The answer to this question also reveals your risk tolerance levels and how ready you are to step out of your comfort zone. 

9) You have a strong work ethic

The world would be a much better place if everyone understood the value of hard work and consistently put in the effort required to excel. 

High achievers have a strong sense of responsibility and take their commitments seriously. That’s why many of them are proponents of the phrase, The harder I work, the luckier I get. 

Yet, you can work as a horse and not achieve much success. The key is in the following: 

10) You’re goal-oriented

Setting clear and achievable goals is a cornerstone of high achievement. Any achievement worth mentioning, really. 

High achievers define their objectives and develop actionable plans and steps to reach them. These goals provide direction and purpose.

It’s easier and faster to assemble Ikea furniture when you read the manual and follow individual steps in order. 

Without looking at the blueprint, for most people, the road to a finished chest of drawers or the Billy bookcase is much harder and without a guarantee that they’ll even finish assembling it. 

Think about it for a moment. 

11) You go back to the drawing board

High achievers understand that not every plan or strategy will yield the desired results on the first try. 

They don’t get discouraged when faced with setbacks or when things don’t go as planned. 

Instead, they embrace the idea of going back to the drawing board

This essentially means reevaluating their approach, identifying what didn’t work, and developing a new plan that takes into account the lessons learned from the previous attempt.

It also goes hand-in-hand with resilience

12) You’re resilient

Resilience is the ability to bounce back from challenges and failures. As I already mentioned, high achievers view setbacks as opportunities for growth. 

They learn from their mistakes and use them as steps toward future success.

As you know, the ability to adapt is crucial in a rapidly changing world. And if you’re a high achiever, you’re flexible and open to new ideas. 

You can easily adjust your strategies and plans based on evolving circumstances.

13) You’re a perpetual student

All high achievers have a thirst for knowledge and personal development. They never stay complacent but actively seek out opportunities to learn through formal education, self-study, or hands-on experiences.

So if your graduation cap is safely stored away, but you’re still enrolled in the school of life, you’re a high achiever. 

You approach each day as a new opportunity to learn and grow, embracing every experience.

Most importantly, you don’t wait for your employer or anyone else to enroll you. You’re self-aware enough to know where your knowledge gaps are and what skills can propel you even higher. 

This brings us to the second from last trait. 

14) You regularly self-reflect

Taking time for self-reflection allows high achievers to gain an understanding of their strengths, weaknesses, and rooms for improvement. 

This self-awareness helps them continually refine their strategies and approach.

For instance, I have a scientist friend, Emily, who practices self-reflection by journaling about her daily experiences and insights. 

She often reviews her entries to track her growth and identify areas to further expand her knowledge.

But, journaling can help you in any profession and personal life. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a project manager, athlete, aspiring entrepreneur, sales assistant, or a stay-at-home mom. 

15) You’re a word juggler

And lastly, high-achieving women are even more capable of having productive conversations with others. 

Balancing conversations, presentations, and email responses is like a juggling act for them. 

If you can handle multiple communication tasks with grace, always staying on top of your game, you’re definitely a high-achieving woman.

Final thoughts

In the end, anyone can achieve things. But what separates doers from others is their consistency in delivering results.

Almost anyone can be a one-hit wonder, but only some can release hit after hit, year after year. 

Adrian Volenik

Adrian has years of experience in the field of personal development and building wealth. Both physical and spiritual. He has a deep understanding of the human mind and a passion for helping people enhance their lives. Adrian loves to share practical tips and insights that can help readers achieve their personal and professional goals. He has lived in several European countries and has now settled in Portugal with his family. When he’s not writing, he enjoys going to the beach, hiking, drinking sangria, and spending time with his wife and son.

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