If you find joy in these 7 experiences, you’re probably an old soul

Ever been told you’re wise beyond your years?

Mature for your age?

Old head, young shoulders?

Or maybe it’s how you feel inside…

You find yourself drawn to things that others might not understand.

You crave deep, bare-your-soul conversations over meaningless, chitchat, meaningful experiences over superficial selfies, and you’ve always felt a mysterious connection to the past.

You don’t care for the latest trends nor do you feel enthused by new technology.

Sound familiar?

If it does, welcome to the world of being an old soul.

The 7 experiences below tend to bring absolute joy to old souls, so if they resonate with you, you might well be in possession of such a unique and tasteful heart:

1) Finding bliss in solitude

Some people might absolutely dread the thought of being alone. 

But for you, it’s a different story altogether. Solitude isn’t about loneliness or isolation at all.

Rather, it’s about finding peace in your own company, about embracing the quiet and using this time to reflect and rejuvenate.

You might be thrilled at enjoying a solitary walk in nature, a quiet evening in tucked away with a book, or just some time to sit quietly and ponder life’s mysteries.

Your ability to enjoy these moments, to find joy in the silence and space that solitude provides, suggests you might just be an old soul. 

This trait isn’t reserved for the antisocial or introverted necessarily, but rather an old soul appreciating the beauty of its own company and the introspection it allows.

2) Deep conversations are your sanctuary

Small talk? 

No thank you. 

Forget the weather or latest football scores. You won’t even be enticed by a Netflix soap opera discussion.

What sticks out for you are memories of late nights spent engrossed in deep and meaningful conversations.

And by that, I mean the dig-deep, stare-into-each-others-souls and lay-all-the-secrets-on-the-table kind.

The deeper the conversation and the emotion, the more you get fired up inside.

Being able to dive into the depths of someone’s thoughts, to understand their perspective and broaden your own, is for you the most exhilarating of experiences.

3) Old books, old songs, old places

In a world that snubs paper books for Ereaders, old phones for the newest models, and archaic traditions for new ways, anything old can quickly be forgotten.

But not you.

Snooping around an old bookshop and filling your nose with the smell of musty pages sounds like a dreamy date out.

Or sifting through a vinyl shop, tapping excitedly on the corners of your favorite singles and mulling over which ones you’ll take home with you.

Even traipsing through quiet, ancient corners of the city, where modernity hasn’t quite erased the past gets you high.

“Out with the old, in with the new”, doesn’t quite fit for you. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. 

The more culture and richness to an experience, the better!

4) Stargazing

Did you know that when you look up at the stars, you’re actually looking into the past? 

I’ll admit, I’m a sucker for stargazing. 

And not just because of how pretty the night sky is, but because of how fascinating it is. 

All the time it takes for light to travel from those distant stars to our little corner of the universe, many of the stars we see tonight actually no longer exist.

If you too are somewhat of an old soul, it’s likely that you find that there’s something incredibly soothing about gazing up at that star-studded canvas. 

For some, it’s a humbling reminder of how miniscule we are in the grand scheme of things. 

For others, it’s a comforting affirmation of our connection with the cosmos and everything it contains. 

So whether you’re tracking the path of a shooting star or trying to find Ursa Major, if you find joy and peace in these celestial experiences, it’s likely you carry an old soul within you.

5) Wisdom and learning as hobbies

If non-fiction books sit comfortably in your arms, and asking questions is second nature, welcome to the learning club!

Old souls tend always to find themselves drawn to knowledge and wisdom. They love learning about different cultures, history, sciences, arts – anything that makes me understand the world and its complexities a little better.

This thirst for knowledge isn’t to allow them bragging rights or career achievements.

No: it’s all about personal growth, intellectual stimulation and the simple joy of expanding one’s horizons. 

Old souls enjoy learning because the surprises, rewards, and mysteries grant them a sense of pure joy.

It’s never simply about accumulating facts, but about gaining insights that deepen their understanding and appreciation of life.

6) Authenticity over popularity

In a world where social media likes can dictate trends and popularity often trumps originality, staying true to oneself can feel like swimming against the tide. 

But that’s exactly where you’ll find the old souls.

They tend always to be drawn to people, things, and experiences that simply exude authenticity

You won’t catch them chasing new trends, spending all their money on the latest gadget, or spending hours pouring over the online world.

No: the experiences old souls choose are always steeped in authenticity and culture.

So they’ll likely choose an independent coffee roasters over Starbucks.

The vintage black and white silent film over a Hollywood blockbuster.

The rickety old apartment seeping with history over the open-plan, all-glass newbuild.

And this isn’t because they wish to be contrarian or dismissive of popular culture. They simply find joy in authenticity and substance over surface-level popularity.

7) Appreciating the simple things

Things don’t have to be old for you to like them.

The smell of petrichor (fresh rain first thing), the motorboat purring of a cat who has sought solace in your lap, or a neighbor kindly giving you a freshly baked biscuit.

These little acts bring you so much joy.

Life for you isn’t about grand gestures or big achievements. It’s about relishing these small moments and the feelings they evoke. It’s about enjoying the passing of time and making the most out of even the simplest of days.

If you find yourself awe-struck by the elegance in simplicity and beauty in ordinariness, you too might be in possession of an old and simplistic soul.

Embracing your old soul

If you’ve found yourself nodding along while reading these experiences, chances are that you too are an old soul.

As an old soul, you’re a part of a unique tribe. You add richness and depth to this world with your wisdom, sensitivity and understanding.

So, even if you feel at odds with the world around you at points in your journey, stay authentic and true to yourself

Relish in your unique experiences and continue to seek out these experiences that bring you so much joy. 

Your light is rare and shines brightly in a world that tends often to overlook the lessons that the past can teach us.

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