If you find joy in these 12 activities, you’re probably a high level introvert

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The average introvert wants solitude.

The high level introvert, on the other hand, NEEDS it like air and water.

They’re the ones who never feel lonely when they’re alone. In fact, they just can’t get enough alone time!

Wondering if you’re a high-level introvert?

Find out how many of these activities you truly enjoy doing.

1) Cuddling up with a good book

Is your idea of perfect happiness reading in bed… all day long?

Well, you could be a high level introvert.

While there’s no direct correlation between introversion and reading, plenty of studies show reasons why introverts could love this activity.

Reading is one of the few things that recharges them.

One study shows that reading is 68% more relaxing than taking a walk or drinking a cup of tea.

Aside from that, books can help us escape, dream, and imagine—and these are the things introverts want.

2) Listening to music while out and about

Music interacts with your brain and affects your mood. 

Like books, they make you escape life’s worries—at least for a little while.

But while this is a good reason why introverts love listening to music in public, I’ll share with you my personal reason for doing it.

I love listening to music when I’m riding the metro or walking my dog.

But it’s not because I want to improve my mood— not really. 

It’s because I don’t like people talking to me.

Sometimes, I just put my headphones on even when I’m not listening to anything just because I want to be left alone

I know, I know. It’s not so good for my social life. But I’m an introvert anyway.

If you can relate, high five. You’re probably a high level introvert, too.

3) Taking long walks

Do you enjoy hiking in the woods or walking around the city?

And if you do, do you prefer doing it alone?

Well, you’re probably an introvert.

While most extroverts would find walking alone too boring, most introverts actually enjoy it.

Walking is a solitary activity and you must be a high level introvert if you truly enjoy walking all by yourself for hours.

Perhaps you enjoy it because you can just observe the world around you.

And perhaps you enjoy it because you don’t have to talk to anyone.

It’s just you and yourself enjoying the outdoors as thoughts drift in and out of your mind.

4) People-watching 

Do you enjoy sitting at a cafe, observing people?

Do you like paying attention to what they’re wearing and how they act?

Do you wonder what their lives are like?

And can you do this for a very long time without getting bored?

You’re probably a high level introvert!

Most extroverts feel uncomfortable sitting alone in public for a very long time. But not introverts…and definitely not high level introverts!

Like me, you probably love doing this because it makes you feel connected to the world without actually participating in it.

5) Thinking about the meaning of life while under the shower

Do you consider shower time as your me-time?

Do people complain that you’re spending too much time in the bathroom?

Well, you’re probably a high level introvert!

You just can’t help it because you have so many thoughts while you’re under the shower!

Perhaps you think about why mosquitos exist or why you’re born a girl.

Or perhaps you imagine what your life would be like if your parents broke up when you’re a kid.

Because of this, you always look forward to your showers. It recharges you after a long day of hard work and socialization.

6) Hanging out with other introverts (but only for a short while)

Introverts don’t like to waste time.

They don’t like to pretend they like certain people just to be nice. They’d rather be alone than to be in bad company.

But when they do find their tribe, oh boy! They’d love them to bits and stick to them like glue.

Are your friends introverts?

Do you like hanging out with them because you’re just comfortable being quiet around each other?

Are you not pressured to be chatty?

But then, even if they don’t drain you, do you still prefer to keep interactions short because you need your rest?

Then you’re definitely a high level introvert!

7) Daydreaming (a lot)

Do you love to imagine?

Do people snap their fingers in front of you and say “Hey, you’re in your own world again!”

If yes, then you’re probably an introvert.

What makes you a high level introvert is when you won’t even notice time pass. It could be one hour or the whole morning or the whole day…you don’t notice time pass!

You’re so engrossed in your own thoughts that people start to wonder if you’re alright.

You’re fine. It’s just that you truly enjoy being lost in your thoughts sometimes.

And because of this, you have original ideas and you’re more creative than most people.

8) Talking to oneself 

Do you talk to yourself like you’re your own best friend?

Or do you sometimes give yourself long lectures like you’re some guru or life coach?

According to psychology, self-talk is more common in introverts than extroverts because introverts tend to process information internally.

If they’re going through a tough time, they’ll ask themselves out loud “Okay, how should we make things right?”

And if they have to make decisions, they’ll enumerate the pros and cons out loud.

For some reason, it makes them think more clearly.

If you can relate, then you’re probably a high level introvert.

9) Going to museums and cinemas alone

Most of the time, art is a very solo experience.

What I mean by this is that most paintings, artworks, movies, and concerts are best experienced alone. 

If you’re alone, you get to reflect about the meaning behind a creation, you get to engage with the art in a way that’s more intimate.

I’m a hardcore introvert and while I do find these activities fun with other people, in general, I prefer to be alone.

For me, the experience is just much better.

I can enjoy a movie better when I don’t hear my friend’s reaction or them asking, “What happened?”

I can reflect on a painting better when I don’t hear chatter.

So if you enjoy experiencing art alone, chances are you’re a high level introvert.

10) Star-gazing and wondering if there’s life out there

Introverts always ask the big questions.

They can shut up and be content, of course. But most of the time, they want to dig.

They tend to ask existential questions like “What is the meaning of life?”, “What if we’re just in someone else’s dream?”

And so when they’re looking at the stars, of course they can’t help but ask themselves, “What if we’re not alone and there’s actually life out there?”

If you’re not like your extrovert friends who just enjoy looking at the stars because they twinkle, then you’re probably a high level introvert.

11) Analyzing patterns

In general, introverts enjoy analyzing and overthinking.

A study scanned both brains of introverts and extroverts and it shows that even when relaxed, the introvert’s brain has more activity.

It just shows that thinking just comes naturally to an introvert. 

Do you like connecting the dots?

Do you wonder how A connects to C but not D?

Do you enjoy puzzles?

Do you enjoy analyzing problems big and small?

Then you’re probably a high level introvert.

12) Doing absolutely nothing

You don’t find the need to travel or try new things to have fun.

You can simply stare at the ceiling and think of nothing. Yes, that’s your idea of fun sometimes.

You don’t find the need to do anything because doing nothing doesn’t make you feel there’s something missing in your life. 

You don’t really give a damn if people think you’re “lazy” or “boring” or being totally useless!

You just genuinely enjoy doing nothing, that’s all!

Final thoughts:

So…did you score 12/12? 

Then you’re definitely a high level introvert.

You don’t have to change anything. 

You don’t have to hide how much you truly enjoy your solitude or start doing activities just so people won’t think you’re a total hermit.

So what?!

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with introversion.

In fact, it could be the reason why you’re awesome in a lot of things!

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