If you find joy in solitude, you probably have these 9 traits

The joy of being alone is unlike anything else in life.

Getting home from work and spending a few luscious hours in your own company is a feeling like no other.

As is having the weekend completely to yourself.

If you enjoy solitude, you’ll adore the idea of spending a free Sunday wandering the park, reading a book, or just listening to your own thoughts – rather than booking in plans for every single minute.

There’s nothing quite like your alone time when you enjoy it.

But only certain types of people get what it’s like to love (and need!) your alone time.

Wondering if that’s you? Here are 9 traits you probably have if you find joy in solitude.

1) You’re a deep thinker

To find joy in solitude, you have to be content with your own company. And the best way to find contentment in your own company is to be alone with your own thoughts.

When you go for a stroll in the park or wander an art gallery by yourself, your brain never stops thinking about things.

It’s this introspective nature that allows you to spend hours upon hours by yourself – all the while staying entertained by the things you think about.

2) You’re always kind to others

When you’re content with your own company, you don’t feel the need to slate others.

Kindness just comes naturally to you – because you see no reason to put others down.

Your deep-thinking nature creates understanding and awareness of how others think, feel, and behave.

And since you can empathize with their situation and put yourself in their shoes to see their perspective, you’ll rarely be critical or unkind to the people around you.

3) You rarely get angry

Spending time alone is a great way to process your emotions and deal with them healthily, according to experts.

So it makes sense that when you like your own company, you rarely get angry when others upset you.

You control your emotions by thinking things through before reacting. You rarely have uncontrollable outbursts of emotions or fits of rage.

Because for you, you can think your way out of anything.

And you know that with some alone time to mull things over, you can process your emotions, forgive who you need to forgive, or make the right decision next time when it comes to dealing with people you dislike.

4) You prefer a simple life over anything too exotic

As an introspective person, living a “quiet” life appeals to you like nothing else.

When you see people rushing around to make plans and stay busy, you can’t quite understand the need for it.

For you, you prefer a simple life and to live slowly. Your alone time brings you peace and a deeper appreciation for life just the way things are.

So, you see no reason to fill your days with materialistic things or crazy experiences to make yourself feel better.

5) You’re very empathetic

When you find joy in solitude, you tend to spend more time alone than with others.

And the more time you spend alone, the more empathetic you’re likely to be, according to studies.

This means you feel a deep understanding of others and their emotions. When someone is happy, you feel genuinely happy for them.

When you see someone struggling, you’re able to put yourself in their shoes and imagine what life must be like for them – allowing you to feel the sadness they feel.

Your empathetic nature makes you a considerably caring person that people tend to gravitate towards.

This likely leaves you with a small but genuine circle of friends who often open up to you and see you as a trusted friend who truly cares.

6) You’re slow to judge others

Because you’re so understanding and empathetic, you’re able to see other people’s perspectives easily.

You rarely find yourself judging the person at the supermarket counter if they’re a little short with you. You don’t know what kind of day they’ve had or if their bluntness is misunderstood.

If a friend tells you gossip about someone you know, you rarely jump to a negative conclusion – or even to the same conclusion your friend has.

Instead, you might question the situation, ponder whether something else could be going on, or just give the person some grace in case things have been lost in translation.

7) You’re self-reliant

When you’re content with being alone, you naturally rely on yourself more than you rely on others.

Sometimes, you feel like you’re the only person you can really trust. And because of this, you rarely ask for help from others or even expect it from them.

You know that most of your friends or family would be there for you in a heartbeat if you needed it.

But you often don’t need it.

Because you’re so comfortable being alone, you have confidence in yourself that you can work your way through most things in life with you, yourself, and you.

8) You’re strong-willed and self-motivated

If you find joy in solitude, you’ve probably been called strong, capable, or motivated by many of your friends and family.

Why? Because feeling happy alone isn’t something many people can do.

For some, it’s hard to be alone and they struggle to motivate or validate themselves when no one is around to help them.

But for you, you find it easy to stay strong and motivate yourself.

Because being alone comes naturally to you – and rarely do you need anyone else to get you out of bed in the morning and living your life.

9) You’re sometimes untrusting

Unfortunately, your contentment with being alone can come with some trust issues.

Because you enjoy your own company so much, you sometimes struggle with the way others do things.

And you can find it hard to trust them to do things for you or be as genuine as you are in the way they do things.

Your introspective nature causes you to question everything – and you wonder who might be doing the same to you.

Plus, the more you think about things, the more you analyze – which can sometimes lead you to the wrong conclusion.

And it can cause you to (whether rightly or wrongly) lack trust in the people around you.

Final thoughts

Finding joy in solitude is a beautiful thing. If you like your alone time and find peace in it, you’re more unique than you think.

Not everyone shares the same feelings as you when it comes to time alone.

For some, time by themselves is a thing they dread and find boredom in. But for you, it couldn’t be more different.

Your alone time is how you process and enjoy the world around you.

And if anyone ever tells you it’s odd how much time you spend alone, don’t listen to them.

For you, you know what helps and motivates you in life – and if it’s in spending some joyous hours by yourself once a week or for a few hours on the weekend, then you do you!

Amy Reed

Amy Reed is a content writer from London working with international brands. As an empath, she loves sharing her life insights to help others. When she’s not writing, she enjoys a simple life of reading, gardening, and making a fuss over her two cats.

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