If you don’t boast about these 9 things, you have a humble personality

How humble are you? 

What do you do when you have a huge win and you’re on top of the world?

The answer is actually very important, because it relates to how confident you are and your place in the world. 

The insecure person will tell everybody in earshot and online about how great they are, but a humble and truly confident individual isn’t a boaster. He or she prefers to be effective and modest instead of letting success rush to their head. 

Does this sound like you?

Let’s take a look.

1) Your skills

We all have different talents, some more so than others. If you are a generally humble person, you do not boast or show off about what you are good at. 

In fact you would prefer to remain out of the public view and not hogging the spotlight. You like to use your skills and talents to help and actually get things done rather than to feel special or be praised.

Which brings me to the next point… 

2) Your big heart

Another sign that you are very much on the humble side, is that you like to help people out without getting credit for it. 

You give to charity and make significant contributions to the people and society around you, however you do not seek to take credit for that or be rewarded. 

This includes on the spiritual side as well. You don’t do it to get “good karma” or to attain some kind of religious salvation either. You do it because it is within your moral code and you are able to do so. You don’t want any bragging rights about helping others, you just actually want to help. 

There’s a big difference.

3) Your expertise and knowledge

You have a great deal of knowledge on various subjects, but you don’t have Einsteinian levels of ego. 

While you are extremely knowledgeable on certain subjects, you do not try to act special because of that. 

You actually know so much more about some subjects that it is hard not to laugh or get bored in some situations, but at the same time you realize that other people know much more than you about subjects of their own. 

For this reason you do your best to foster humility where possible and not to get ahead of yourself. 

It is true that you like to be around people you can communicate and share with, but at the same time you are not interested in boasting or trying to feel superior about all the knowledge and expertise that you have.

You just want to use it.

4) Your money

There is a certain type of person who works hard and gets rich in order to show off and feel better than those around them. You are not that type of person. 

Even though you may have attained quite a high level of wealth and prosperity, you do not feel that you are superior or above other people. 

In fact you prefer to use your money to continue to grow and expand your ideas and engage in new projects around you. 

The idea of your money making you better than other people doesn’t even really cross your mind, because it is the behavior of an insecure and immature person.

5) Your purchases and lifestyle

When it comes to buying nice clothes, jewelry and other luxury items that you can afford because you have earned money, you do this because if you wish to actually use and wear these things. 

You don’t buy an expensive vehicle just for the sake of proving you can do it or to be seen in that vehicle, if you buy it it is because you actually want to drive it!

The same goes for every other aspect of your life that you invest your wealth and money into

You are doing it because you wish to not because you were trying to brag or show that you are special. 

The world of appearances and seeming a certain way to society or other people including any particular person, it’s something you have overcome. 

You no longer are searching for validation or for the approval and applause of people in your life or people you cross pass with.

6) Your appearance

You may be quite handsome or beautiful, at least by the standards of your society

You may have been told that by many people or received a lot of romantic interest. 

However this does not make you feel that you are better than other people nor does it inflate your ego

You don’t boast about the fact that you used to do modeling or boast about how much weight you have lost at the gym.

You may be proud of losing weight and you may be proud of your appearance, but it is not something that you brag about or feel the need to compare with others or engage in any kind of back and forth “who’s better” type of discussion.

7) Being in charge 

If you are the owner of a company or the boss of a large organization, you don’t boast about that or sit alone in your office feeling special. 

In fact you would prefer to have lunch in the cafeteria with the other employees. 

You simply do not feel that your position or higher salary entitles you to any special treatment. The idea that it would do so or even that it could do so does not appeal to you. 

For one thing it just doesn’t gel with your way of going through life and carrying yourself. 

For another thing you know that this creates the kind of separation and awkwardness between employees and managers that leads to all sorts of problems at a company as well as exacerbating existing tensions.

8) Your unique role

When it comes to your professional and personal life, you give a fair hearing to the ideas of others. 

Just because you are the leader of a project or the head of your family or the sole breadwinner does not mean that the ideas and input of others are secondary or not important. 

You consider ideas and input on its own merits rather than based on whether or not they are said by someone with the right rank or role in your life. 

9) Your discoveries

Earlier I mentioned how the amount of knowledge that you have doesn’t make you feel superior to others. There’s another thing to add to this which is that you actually enjoy sharing your knowledge and discoveries with others. 

You find that as long as someone is curious whether it is in a personal or a job context, you are comfortable and actually eager to share your knowledge with them and to answer any questions they may have. 

You are also open to learning new things yourself and are curious about doubting your own knowledge including on any subject that somebody else may know more than you or may have a perspective or source of information that surpasses or is different compared to yours.

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