If you do these 10 things for others, you’re a really thoughtful person

Thoughtful people keep others in mind even when they have a lot going on. 

They go out of their way to care for and be there for people when many other people do not. 

Here are the key signs that you are a very thoughtful and considerate person. 

1) You wish them congratulations on special days

Remembering somebody’s anniversary or birthday and wishing them a hearty congratulations may seem like no big deal.

And it’s not, really. 

But it adds a special touch and shows you’ve been thinking about somebody and want the best for them. 

It doesn’t take a lot to send a quick email, text or social media message, or put through a call. 

Remembering well wishes on special days is a gesture that makes somebody feel great and it shows you’re a thoughtful person! 

2) You give them a shoulder to cry on when they’re hurting

These days more people are feeling lonely and disconnected than any time in history. 

There are a lot of folks who could use somebody to listen to them and give them a shoulder to cry on now and then. 

If you’re the type who’s patient with those who are hurting then it’s definitely proof that you’re a thoughtful person. 

The fact is that many of us just feel irritated and short on time when somebody approaches us with their sorrows and stresses. 

If you take that extra time to be compassionate and truly listen, you’re a rare breed. 

3) You help them find better work and career paths 

If there’s one thing I notice almost everybody I meet has in common it’s this:

They’re looking for work or often feeling insecure and worried about the work they do have. 

There’s never been a time in history when technology accelerated so fast and the nature of work and employment was shifting so often. 

The average American changes jobs and careers 12 times in their life

A century ago it would be unusual to change careers even once. 

If you’re one of those who reassures and helps people with their career you’re a highly thoughtful individual. 

4) You connect them up with people that can help them

Part of helping folks find a career or job that works for them is aiding in networking. 

If you are willing and open about introducing people to those you know and racking your brain for connections you have that can help others you are undoubtedly a thoughtful person. 

This actually does have a self-interested aspect as well, though. 

It’s not only that connecting people up makes you feel good or useful, it’s also that the more you connect people the more it also connects you and keeps you in contact with your circle of acquaintances. 

Whether or not you have to call in a favor one day or have one asked of you, it’s always nice staying in touch with those you know and helping yourself and others out along the way. 

5) You assist friends and family when they’re sick

When we’re young babies and children our parents or guardians are those who help and care for us. 

As we grow up that becomes less of a given, especially if we move further away from family and become more independent. 

But all it takes to bring back compassion and care to life is a few people who are willing to do a bit more. 

If that’s you then you know how easy and rewarding it is to bring by some soup to a friend who’s sick or buy medicine at the pharmacy and drop it in the mailbox of your coworker who has flu. 

What do you really have to lose? It’s a very thoughtful thing to do and it’s the kind of thing you’d like others to do for you, too, so it’s really a win-win to help make the world this kind of place even if less and less of us live in small, tightly-knit towns and families anymore. 

6) You find ways to cheer people up when they’re down

We all get down from time to time. 

Not every day can be a good day, and when you’re feeling down it’s nice when somebody cheers you up a little. 

This is a key sign that you’re a thoughtful person is that you can tell when people could use a good joke or a little bit of cheering up. 

The best thing about this is that you find that the more you focus on trying to lift somebody else up a bit it also gives you a boost, too! 

7) You’re willing to say no to people and exert influence

This is another sign that you’re thoughtful even though it might not fit the stereotype. 

Sometimes the worst thing you can say to somebody is “yes.”


  • An addict who wants to borrow a bit more money just one last time…
  • An ex who promises they won’t hurt or abuse you again this time if you just give them a fifth chance…
  • A family member who disrespects you but expects you to help them despite the way they treat you…

When you say no and draw a boundary in such situations you actually help these people and are thoughtful to them, because enabling people in destructive behaviors actually only hurts them and you (even if it’s often easier to just give into the pressure in the short term). 

8) You encourage people to embrace their own power 

Among the most thoughtful things you can do is help others embrace their own power. 

Being there for friends, family and colleagues is a great way to think of their wellbeing. 

But the most helpful thing of all we can do for anyone else is point them in the direction of their own potential. 

That’s what you’ll notice with truly altruistic leaders, spiritual teachers and friends:

They don’t try to tell you they have all the answers but instead encourage you to develop your own sense of well-being and follow your own unique quest!  

9) You notice skills and talents in people that they don’t perceive

As a thoughtful person who helps others realize their power, a big part of that is being perceptive about what they’re good at. 

You notice the skills and talents among friends, family and even strangers that they never noticed. 

This is a great skill to have on your part, because many people don’t realize their own strengths and undergo a downward self-esteem cycle as a result. 

With you noticing what folks are talented at and giving them compliments and advice, you act as a force for good, encouraging people to pursue their dreams and believe in themselves.

Which leads me to the final point… 

10) You aid people in finding their purpose in life 

This is honestly one of the greatest gifts anybody can give someone:

Helping them find their own purpose in life

If you’re a highly self-aware individual who knows what you want out of life and what you want to contribute, it helps you greatly in seeing what others may be cut out for and best suited to do. 

This is an amazing skill, because sometimes it takes another person to see us in a way we never thought about and change our lives forever. 

Think of me…

Being thoughtful is all about keeping others in mind even on busy and stressful days. 

The most thoughtful people are those who know how to look after themselves and have the material and emotional stability to also pay attention to others. 

While sparing a thought and concern for others is the vital part of thoughtfulness, it’s ultimately the action that counts. 

The biggest sign you’re a thoughtful person is that you don’t think of others because you should or because you think you’ll get anything back from it:

You just do so because that’s who you are and even if you never get recognition or reciprocity from it, your actions help make the world a little bit more of the kind of place you want to live in. 

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