If you do at least 7 out of these 10 things, then you’re definitely an introvert

‘Introvert’ is a label we tend to throw around nowadays with ease. So much so that actually knowing if you do fall into the category or not can be quite tricky.

Because if you’re more a fan of your own company than of surrounding yourself with constant company, you’ve probably been misunderstood and mislabeled as things like aloof or antisocial or uninteresting….

When really, you’re none of those things and just wired differently instead.

And if you’ve ever notice the judging backhanded smiles as you’re tagged as ‘the quiet one’, then this article should ease any feelings of being out of place or not quite fitting in with everyone else.

And if you can check off at least 7 out of 10 things from the following list of traits that many introverted individuals share, then congratulations – you can safely call yourself an introvert!

1) Solitude is your safe haven

Do you crave the comfort of your own company?

Although not the only indicator of an introvert as some alone lovers aren’t introverted at all, loving your own company is a common introvert trait nonetheless.

As an introvert, you relish the solace that comes with being alone. For you, wanting to be alone isn’t about disliking people or shunning social interaction – it’s simply about really enjoying your own space.

This alone time is like a haven for you – a place where you recharge, rejuvenate and regain your energies after a long day of socializing or even just being around people.

Unfortunately, your love for solitude can often be misconstrued as being standoffish or antisocial. 

People might read you as aloof or unapproachable, when in reality, you’re just having a wild time (by yourself) and love your own company.

2) Small talk feels like an arduous chore

Ever find yourself at a party, suddenly trapped in a conversation about the weather or the latest celebrity gossip, and all you can think about is how much you wanted to swap the topic for something gritty… something real?

That’s because, for an introvert, small talk feels like a chore.

Because you’re not engaging in these light conversations, people think you’re disinterested or unfriendly. 

But in all honesty, you’re never trying to be rude or aloof. It was just that small talk feels so mind bogglingly superficial and draining.

You simply crave a conversation with depth, something that could stir and shake your thoughts and challenge your perspectives. 

And if you are allowed to chit chat away about your own personal interest, you surprise everyone around by steamrolling ahead so much so that, if left to your own devices, you’ll keep talking for days!

3) You process and analyze things in your head 

Some people think out loud whilst others prefer to mull things over quietly, in their own heads. 

And as an introvert, you’re likely part of the latter group.

When introverts encounter new information or experiences, they tend to process it internally. They think things through in their heads (sometimes falling into the overthinking category) rather than discussing them out loud.

However, this often leads to people misunderstanding you as being dismissive or unresponsive, particularly when in the middle of ruminating or mulling things over.

But you’re never intentionally old or unwilling to engage. 

The reality is that you’re just taking a little longer to process information and form your response, taking care to consider all aspects before voicing your opinion.

4) You’re selective about who you open up to

For introverts, revealing personal information isn’t something that comes easily. 

You don’t just share your thoughts and feelings with anyone, and for those who point at someone at a party and deem them the new BFFL of the evening, this can be challenging.

Not you. 

You carefully choose the people you open up to, often limiting it to a small circle of close friends or family members. These are the people you trust, the ones who’ve earned a place in your private inner world.

This selectiveness often gets mistaken for being secretive, standoffishness, or even rudeness.

But in reality, it’s just that you value depth and authenticity in your relationships. You prefer having a few close connections rather than a wide circle of acquaintances.

5) Social situations can feel exhausting

When you do push yourself to socialize, you often end up yawning and feeling like you need to hibernate afterwards. Sometimes even in the midst of conversation.

It’s not that you hate being around people or that you’re adverse to socializing. But the constant interaction, the noise, the small talk – it all just saps your energy like a social vampire.

When you do hit those limits, you find yourself constantly checking the clock, counting down the minutes till you can retreat back to your comforting solitude. And when you finally get home, it feels like you could sleep for years.

Your social energy levels aren’t infinite by any means; they deplete with every conversation, every interaction, and need alone time to be replenished. 

6) You’re an excellent listener

Ever noticed how people tend to open up to you?

That’s because, as an introvert, you’re a fantastic listener.

You’re not sitting on the edge of your seat, jutting in and cutting others up, never just waiting for your turn to speak. 

No – you genuinely listen. You give people the space to express themselves, their thoughts, their feelings, and if you do jump in, it’s to ask for extra details. 

But it’s not uncommon for people to misinterpret this quality as passivity or lack of opinion, when it’s not that at all. 

You’re just choosing to listen actively and empathetically, valuing understanding over being understood..

7) You get lost in thought

Does zoning out in the middle of a conversation, lost in your own world of thoughts sound familiar?

Introverts tend to have this rich, vibrant inner world. A home cinema complete with freshly concocted, homemade tapes – snacks and refreshments provided.

The downside?

We can sometimes seem absent or disengaged to the outside world.

People might think we’re not paying attention or that we’re bored.

But in reality, we’re just deep in thought, out exploring our inner landscape and enjoying every minute of it.

8) You prefer texting over calling

If an introvert was offered a choice between a phone call and a text message, they’d likely pick the latter without a second thought.

Texting gives us the time to think about our responses, to craft our words just right without the pressure of instant replies. Plus, it’s far less energy-draining than a phone call.

Of course, this preference can often be mistaken for being distant or uninterested. 

But really, we just find comfort in communicating through written words. And let’s not forget the thrill of seeing those three little dots that signal an incoming reply!

So here’s to all the introverts who’d rather text a ‘happy birthday’ than make that potentially awkward phone call.

9) You need less validation than the average person

As an introvert, you likely don’t need constant validation from others to feel good about yourself. You’re comfortable in your own skin and you don’t need someone else’s approval to feel valued.

Sure, it’s nice to hear compliments and get recognition, but you sure don’t rely on them for your self-worth. You know your value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth, and you’re often your own biggest cheerleader anyway.

But yes, sometimes this can come off as being too independent or unapproachable…

But try to remember; it’s not your job to fit into someone else’s standards or expectations.

You’re introverted by nature, and that means being self-sufficient and content with who you are – not who others want you to be.

10) You really value quality over quantity

Finally, as an introvert, you likely value quality over quantity in every aspect of life – be it relationships, conversations, or experiences.

You’d rather have a few close friends than a large group of acquaintances, and you prefer deep, meaningful conversations over drowning in constant, superficial small talk. 

This preference can sometimes be misinterpreted as being picky or aloof…

When it’s really about seeking depth, authenticity, and real connection in all areas of life – which is something to be extremely proud of and which makes you stand out in a sea of copy and paste.

Introvert scoreboard

If you scored highly on the above list, you definitely fall into the introvert category. And that’s not always easy – being an introvert in an extroverted world can often feel like a challenge.

You can be misunderstood, labeled as aloof, or even deemed antisocial, but remember; it’s not about fitting into society’s mold; it’s about embracing what makes you, you.

So if you’re an introvert who’s often felt out of place, take a moment to appreciate your unique attributes.

You have an incredible depth and richness within you that not everyone gets the privilege to see.

The world outside needs your thoughtful approach, your apt listening skills, your love of rich and meaningful connections.

So, try to celebrate your quirks not as flaws, but as strengths that make you beautifully unique.

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