If you display these 8 traits, your personality is more complex than you think

Have you ever been told that you’re quite a complex person? 

Don’t worry, it’s not a bad thing! In fact, it could be quite a compliment if you have the traits of a complex personality type. 

That’s because these personalities are described as intelligent, introspective, and imaginative. They rely on internalization to make sense of their world rather than solely basing decisions on their physical environment.  

But what does it mean to have the traits of a complex type? 

It means a natural curiosity drives you, and you prefer to form your own opinions about life and everything around you. You’re very creative, but your strong desire to be a better version of who you are can lead to inner turmoil. Sometimes, it feels like you just don’t fit in. 

Are you nodding your head right now? 

Then I’m definitely talking to you! So, if you display these 9 traits, your personality is more complex than you think. 

1) You’re altruistic

You have a good heart, and you prefer to show others how much they mean to you through your actions rather than your words. 

Even though you can come across as aloof sometimes, you wouldn’t think twice about helping someone out. 

You possess selflessness, which is an incredible personality trait. 

It all stems from deep-seated empathy, in which you put the happiness of others before your own. 

Such selflessness can leave you feeling sensitive, but you’re capable of picking yourself right back up. 

2) You’re intelligent and focused

There’s no doubt that individuals with complex personalities are considered bright sparks, and I don’t sarcastically mean this. 

You share this personality with Albert Einstein, and that says it all! 

Your mind is always working to figure things out around you, and that includes listening to and learning about other people through discovery. 

Based on what you’ve learned, you create your own opinions, and you’re not easily influenced either. 

In terms of focus, once you’re onto something, you’re like a dog with a bone. You just won’t let it go. 

You can tune the world out when you need to pay attention to a project or plan steps to attain a goal, and you find this process exhilarating. 

So, if you aren’t easily distracted, you’re a really good listener, and you’re intelligent, you certainly share a few traits of a complex personality. 

3) You’re opinionated

You are assertive and stand by your opinions, but you’re not bossy, and you don’t put other people down. 

What I’m really trying to say is that you’re confident in your ideas and thought processes because you go the extra mile to understand how and why people act the way they do or why the world works the way it does. 

You refuse to conform. 

You also don’t see the world in black and white but on a spectrum of colors because you understand that everyone is different and the same rules don’t apply to every situation. 

4) You’re an independent introvert

The complex personality type is more on the introverted side, so it’s no surprise that you’re content with being a bit of a loner. 

This doesn’t mean that you don’t have any friends. 

You just don’t mind spending some time on your own because it helps you self-reflect and gather your thoughts. 

You take some quiet time to assess your feelings and make important decisions in your life. 

Not only are you slightly introverted regarding your physical space, but you’re also a closed book in terms of showing your emotions. 

You don’t necessarily wear your heart on your sleeve.

While your independence helps you process your emotions and recharge your batteries, being kind of closed off makes it hard for someone to get to know you very intimately. 

You could be considered mysterious or standoffish, depending on which side you choose to show the people closest to you.  

5) You’re persistent

Don’t you just love a challenge? Whether you’re challenging yourself or taking someone else on in a competition, you’re in your element. And if you don’t go after what you want, you get bored. 

But the strongest aspect of your personality is your determination and persistence

You will not take no for an answer, and even if you fail, you keep trying. 

If I’m describing you, even if it’s just a tad, then you may want to continue reading about the traits that come with complex personalities because it could be you. 

Let’s get back to why you love challenges. 

Many of us avoid the unknown because of fear, which stops us from freely pursuing a challenge. However, complex individuals are always on a mission to learn and to prove exactly what they’re capable of. 

A great example of this is the ability to always test the limits. Let’s say that you’re an avid rock climber. You’ve conquered a few small rock formations, but you’re thirsty for something more challenging. 

You move on to risky environments with rough terrain, but despite the vigorous training, you don’t give up. Conquering one hill or one mountain isn’t enough. You have to challenge yourself to do more and be more. 

It’s a strength and a weakness at the same time. 

If you’re always up for a challenge, strike a balance between persistence and holding back so that you don’t reach burnout. 

6) You’re a critical thinker

Complex personalities don’t view things in simple terms, which means that no stone gets left unturned. That’s because of a need to learn the finer details and come to their own conclusions about how things work. 

So, how do you know if this trait applies to you? 

Consider this. 

If you always find yourself asking multiple questions about how and why something is the way it is and you’re always trying to see things from different perspectives, then you’re more of a critical thinker than an emotional or subjective one. 

To sum it up, you see the smaller parts that make up the whole, and you find yourself constantly questioning and analyzing to figure things out. 

If this sounds like you, then your personality is definitely more complex than you think. 

7) You become anxious

There’s a reason that complex personalities are often described as a blessing and a curse. 

While these individuals are excellent communicators and listeners, and they can be selfless, their downfall is that they get lost in their thoughts. 

I know that most of us can daydream to no end, and we start worrying about silly things like the traffic we’ll encounter on the way to work or what to prepare for dinner. But this isn’t what I’m talking about when you have a complex personality. 

I’m referring to disorganized thoughts that cause you to jump from one idea or concern to another. You end up comparing events from your past to your present, and this simply creates confusion and undue stress. 

You find yourself worrying about how a situation will play out based on your past experiences, and as you mull over these scenarios in your head, you feel anxious and uncertain. 

While you are considered a deep thinker, as a complex personality, this type of thought pattern can create anxiety and cause you to worry unnecessarily.

8) You’re open-minded

Independent thinker, creative, and imaginative. Do you think that these words describe aspects of your personality? 

If they do, then openness to experience is your personality trait, and it’s connected to those who seek adventure and consider themselves inventive. 

In summary, you’re a bit of a free spirit who likes to go against the norm, and for this reason, you might have been described as a bit of a rebel by your closest friends and family. 

It’s not that you believe in going against the grain for the sake of it. You’re more concerned with personal growth, and that only comes with finding your own path in a rather non-traditional sense. 

When you’re open-minded and open to experience, you’re willing to try new things, even if the outcome is uncertain. 

9) You’re adaptable

When you can think critically, you’re open-minded, and you don’t follow the norm, you’ve got to be adaptable. 

In reality, change can be hard, especially when it’s unexpected. 

No matter how many times I’ve had to deal with change in my life, even as I’ve gotten older, it never gets easier. 

So, if you’re someone who can change in response to your environment without freaking out and resisting, it makes life less stressful because you know how to cope. 

It might seem ironic, but even though you’re complex, you find it really easy to adapt to change. 

Final thoughts

Now that you recognize and understand the traits of having a complex personality, I certainly hope that it gives you the answers as to why you think and feel the way you do. 

Just remember, these personality types are not all negative. 

While you can come across as aloof or shrouded in mystery, you’re quite a deep thinker, and you adopt a non-conformist attitude because you’re not interested in the superficial.

Think about this personality not as being an introvert or an extrovert but as consisting of various traits that can serve as strengths in terms of working on your dreams or overcoming adversity. 

Because of your genuineness in everything you do and pursue, you might be complex, but you’re 100% awesome. 

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