If you display these 16 behaviors, you’re stronger than you realize

Sometimes, you can’t help but feel like a weakling and a coward.

You don’t do grand gestures that show strength. And in fact, you get scared and emotional way too easily.

Well, you’re probably just underestimating yourself because here’s the thing: real strength is silent. 

And if you display these 16 behaviors, you’re actually much stronger than you realize.

1) You speak up even if you’re trembling

If you have an opinion on something or you have an idea you want to share, you don’t hold back. 

You speak up even if others try to intimidate you. 

Your truth might not be everyone’s truth and your ideas may seem foolish, but you know you have the right to express what’s on your mind…and so you express them.

2) You don’t hide your authentic self

If you want to express yourself through your art, writing, or sense of style, you’d do it even if there’s a chance people would criticize you for it.

You believe our ultimate goal in life is to become our authentic selves

So while you may not be in the army or you’re not starting any kind of revolution, you constantly fight for your right to express yourself. 

And if people don’t like what they see? Well…it’s none of your business.

3) You’re able to laugh at even the worst situations

While you panic and even break down when times get rough, you still manage to laugh at the silliness of it all.

We laugh as a way to cope—to make things less threatening and serious as they seem. And you being able to do this means you’re mentally and emotionally stronger than most people. 

It doesn’t mean you’re an escapist—not at all.

It means you’re ready to face your problems with a healthy attitude…and that right there is real strength that only few people have.

4) You’re not afraid to become vulnerable

You don’t hide who you are—not even the ones that can make you look bad to others. And if people are curious about you, you’re not shy to share your deepest and darkest secrets.

You’re basically an open book…or at least you’re trying to be one.

To you, revealing oneself—especially the unflattering bits— is a heroic act. 

We are here to share our stories to one another after all…to connect on a deeper level so we reach a better understanding of what it is like to be human.

5) You cry, but you move forward

Some people think that NOT crying is strength, and that those who cry are “wimps” and “weaklings”. 

That’s just rubbish.

Crying is our body’s natural response to overwhelming and negative stimuli—nothing more, nothing less. 

Besides, it’s not like crying is all you do. 

Once you’ve soothed yourself by having a good cry, you move forward and make plans on how to bounce back better.

6) You say NO to things that are clearly bad for you

Being able to say “no” is a brave act of self-love. And you’re able to do it with ease.

You say “No” to invites and favors you can’t accommodate. You say “No” to things you’re not comfortable with. 

You say “No” to vices and things that are clearly destructive for your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

While it’s not a flashy showcase of strength, saying “No” definitely requires inner strength and discipline. 

Most people find it difficult to disappoint others—to not be Mr. Nice Guy or Ms. Kind Girl—but you’re strong enough to fight for what’s good for you.

7) You don’t lash out

Even if you do get angry, you know how to regulate your emotions.

You don’t shout and kick and growl even if you’re like a raging volcano deep inside…especially not when in front of kids and other people.

Restraint is a sign of maturity and strength…something that most people don’t have. 

So if you start to question “Am I really strong?”, then the answer is “Hell yes!” if you know how to handle your emotions well.

8) You stand by your principles

You don’t change your mind just because someone threatened you or bribed you—not even if they’re your friend or family or lover.

You’re a person with integrity and you make sure to keep it that way.

This is probably the reason why people look up to you even if you don’t flex your muscles or stand tall like a General.

Doing the right thing when it’s easier to do the wrong one requires an enormous amount of strength.

9) You dream big even if it seems impossible

Even if you’re still at the bottom of the food chain, even if you’re still a broke nobody, you know that you’ll make it big one day.

You believe in your ability to reach whatever dreams you have for yourself. And in a world that’s loaded with negativity, this, my friend, is pure strength.

10) You try your best to be independent

There are those who act strong and invincible…but then they rely on others even for their basic needs.

You don’t like that, and so you try your best to become independent.

You know that you’re the only one who SHOULD take care of yourself—whether it’s financially, emotionally, or socially.

If others are generous to you, good. But you prefer to carry your own weight instead of expecting others to do it for you.

You might think that this isn’t being “strong”, but it actually is. 

It’s not easy to take full responsibility for your life. It feels scary, lonely, and exhausting…but you do it even if it isn’t easy. And yes, that’s strength.

11) You handle criticism pretty well

Most of the people who try to appear tough have very fragile egos. Even a well-meaning, sensitively-worded out comment could set them off.

Luckily, you have real strength.You have a tough heart and spirit…and even if you have insecurities (who doesn’t?), you try to not take criticism personally.

You’re also very aware that it’s a good way to improve yourself and your work. And because of this healthy attitude, you keep growing.

12) You fight for the love you deserve

You don’t want to stay in a relationship that’s mediocre. 

You want compatibility and stability, and lots and lots of kisses and laughter.

And so, even if it’s tempting to just settle for what you have (because dating is hard and you feel like you’re running out of time), you’d rather keep looking.

Your conviction to get the kind of love that you want makes you stronger than most people who just accept the kind of partner who they know, deep down, can’t make them happy long-term.

13) You pursue your passions with gusto

Even if it doesn’t make you rich. Even if others think you’re just wasting your time doing them.

In a world where our value is measured on how much money we can make, pursuing one’s passions relentlessly is a form of rebellion.

So you knit and sketch and make cute purses…because why not? Doing them makes you happy.

Besides, you believe it’s your right to do so. And no one should ever shame you for it.

14) You know when to stay quiet

Even if you have the capacity to crush someone with your words, you keep your mouth zipped.

Hurtful words and gossip are weapons of the weak. 

You’d rather keep your cool and respectfully confront people instead of destroying them with your harsh words. 

You’re this way because you’re a mature and strong person.

15) You’re not afraid to be alone in life

You’re not afraid to let go of some people.

Of course, you don’t reach that point without a fight. You’ll try your best to fix the relationship.

But if they’ve become toxic for a while and it has become hopeless that your relationship will improve, you let go.

Most people find it hard to end relationships because they’re afraid to be alone. But you’re one tough cookie. You’d rather be alone than feel lonely and angry around certain people.

16) Failure doesn’t scare you

You’re not afraid of failing and making mistakes because, to you, they’re just part of any progress.

It’s also totally unrealistic to expect good results after the first, fifth, or fifteenth try.

If you’ve always been this way, this makes you a naturally strong person and you should be grateful you’re this way.

You have no idea how many people in this world are not able to reach their full potential because they’re so scared to fail.

Last words

If you find yourself nodding and feeling good about yourself while reading this article, then chances are…you’re one tough cookie.

Don’t you ever doubt yourself from now on. 

And if others make you feel that you’re weak, well…THEY have a problem. There’s no need to prove to them just how strong you are. 

Instead, just carry on…and while you’re at it, go inspire others to be a bit stronger in their own little ways.

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