If you display these 13 behaviors, you have a very strong personality

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When you have a strong personality it feels normal. 

But you may not realize just how intense and powerful you are. 

Here’s a look at the signs that you have a truly high-voltage personality that packs a serious punch and has a big impact on everyone around you. 

1) You have a vivid imagination 

Not everybody has an equally vivid imagination. 

If you read the books of J.R.R. Tolkien or watch the films of George Lucas, you can see brilliant and creative imaginations at work. 

Not everyone with a vivid imagination becomes famous or rich because of it. 

But they all make an impact. 

If you’re the type who’s always had a wild imagination, you can be sure that others around you appreciate and are wowed by this. 

2) You’re intensely ambitious 

Traveling around the world I’ve met a fascinating mixture of people. 

Various things have stood out, but one that’s very relevant to this article is the difference between those with ambition and those without ambition. 

I’ve met plenty of people who say “I want to be rich!” but they have no interest in starting a business or exploring a new career. 

Then I’ve met others who are working four jobs to make ends meet while developing an app and rethinking how to change and revolutionize an existing industry. 

If you’re someone with intense ambition you know exactly what I mean. 

It’s not just about money. 

It’s a fire in your belly, an intense drive and passion that moves you forward even when other people are standing still. 

3) You stay on-mission

Our digital age is full of distractions. 

Let’s face it:

Never before in history have there been so many rapid and random things competing for our attention!

Advertisements and popups everywhere we look, new styles, new pronouns, new controversies vying for our outrage and joy! 

In this world of gossip and distractions, the fact that you’re focused on your goals and going after what you want is a big distinction. 

People notice it and are impressed by it, as well as sometimes intimidated by it!

4) You speak in grand terms 

A very strong personality is often conveyed through the power of words. 

If this is you, then you have the gift of the gab. 

You can use your vivid imagination and deep knowledge to paint a picture for people and raise them up to the heights of inspiration or dash them in the depths of despair.  

Your way of talking and the words you use are intense. 

Your tone of voice and speed of speech also sometimes leave people breathless. 

This is a definite characteristic of a highly intense person

5) You stand your ground

As Tom Petty famously sang, “I won’t back down, and I’ll stand my ground.”

That’s you in a nutshell. 

You’re not in the habit of pretending to agree in order to get along or be accepted, and you’d rather be hated for who you are than loved for who you’re not. 

You don’t back down when you care about something, whether it’s at work, in your personal life or in any other context. 

You stand your ground, even if it makes other people uncomfortable or annoyed. 

You stand up to bullies and beat them down if necessary, while others pretend not to notice the bullies or pretend to be fine with their behavior. 

You don’t pretend. 

It’s just that simple. 

6) You rail against injustice 

When you see injustice and cheating you call it out. 

This may seem normal to you, but for many people this kind of risk is something they’d rather not take. 

They’d prefer to wait until somebody else takes a stand or does something about the problem. 

That somebody is you, in this case. 

And it’s not even that you’re necessarily so moral or perfect: it’s just that you can’t stand cheating and injustice going on against you or those around you…

And you’d rather speak out and cause a scene than betray your principles and sit quietly in shame. 

7) You’re a wealth of knowledge 

You’re highly knowledgeable and love sharing it. 

You may have a specific area that you know a lot about or various subjects and topics. 

Either way, you like sharing your wealth of knowledge with others and illuminating subjects. 

This is a valuable and intense trait!

8) You’re highly musical 

Whether or not you personally play an instrument, your love of music and involvement in it is a definite intense characteristic. 

Almost everyone I’ve met enjoys music, but those who are truly, deeply passionate about it are not as common. 

If this is you then you’re the type to sit back and listen with eyes closed to an album from first track to last…

You’re the type to practice guitar until your fingers bleed, or to introduce your partner to a new type of music that changed your life. 

9) You have hobbies you love 

Hobbies are a valuable and indispensable part of a life well loved. 

But for many people they’re just something you do every few weeks for an hour or two:

Repairing some classic cars, going out jet skiing, going rock climbing, scrapbooking, horseback riding and so on are examples of a few hobbies…

But when you really really love your hobbies and are extremely passionate about them and telling people about them it definitely makes you stand out. 

You’re not just doing hobbies sometimes to pass time, you love them and would be happy to share them with anyone who wants to try! 

10) You explore your spiritual side 

Many people are spiritual or religious in a private and low-key way. 

But if you’re more open and passionate about your spiritual quest, it can definitely come across as very intense. 

This isn’t necessarily intense in a negative sense, in fact some people may find it very inspiring. 

Others may find it weird or off-putting. 

Either way, the trend of being open about your spiritual journey is certainly an intense personality trait. 

11) You’re fiercely vulnerable 

We may typically think of a strong personality as somebody who’s all in your face all the time.

But that’s only one stereotype. 

Another of the indicators that you’re very much on the intense side is that you’re fiercely vulnerable. 

You open up about who you are and what you’re feeling even where another person would prefer to just stay silent. 

This isn’t about seeking attention or pity, it’s just about being fully authentic. 

You’re able and willing to open up to others and be honest about how you feel, which is a big sign of emotional intelligence and personal maturity.

It can also be really intense, especially for folks more used to putting on a mask emotionally around others… 

12) You’re suavely seductive 

There’s something to be said for the kind of man or woman who knows how to woo and seduce. 

Movies from forty or fifty years ago still displayed this type:

The man with the large presence who stands at the bar and eyes a woman with a mixture of respect and playful provocation…

The woman with a coquettish manner and flirtatious giggle who can still be taken seriously and isn’t just in it for a night…

Bogart and Bacall weren’t just icons, they were reflections of a different time and a different mentality…

These days, popular media and many people in modern societies have lost this art, making sex and seduction so physical, literal and pornographic that much of the tension and excitement is gone. 

But if you’re the type who still knows how to seduce slowly and artfully, be sure that this power is being perceived (hopefully by the people you want it to be perceived by!)

13) You love passionately 

Even the most modest person can fall head over heels in love, but some are more low-key than others. 

Not you. 

You fall hard or not at all, and when you do it’s either going to be a classic love story or a tragedy without much in between. 

You love fully, loyally and intensely, expressing your feelings to your significant other without shame and being open to commitment and a serious relationship. 

You have no interest in lukewarm love or “kind of” liking someone.

You’re either in or you’re out. 


The advantage of being an intense person

Being an intense person has its definite advantages and unique challenges. 

While some people will be scared off by your intense energy, others will appreciate and value it. 

Ensuring that you have moderated any behavior that might be over the top, go forward with confidence. 

You are worthy, valuable and unique: the world needs high-octane people, and you can count yourself blessed that you’re one of them! 


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