If these 6 signs sound familiar, you’re probably a closet introvert

Sometimes, it’s easy for us introverts to feel like we’re relegated to the shadows.

But what if I told you that introversion might just be the key to unearthing a treasure trove of untapped potential?

Susan Cain once said: “The bias against introversion leads to a colossal waste of talent, energy, and happiness.”

Cain, the author of the book Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking, kind of nails it with this one.

At times, it can certainly feel like there’s a bias against introverts, which can make us feel somewhat like our contributions are overshadowed by those who are louder, more confident, or outwardly expressive.

Think about it. How many incredible ideas go unheard, how much brilliance remains tucked away, just because society often sides with the loudest voice in the room?

While introverts are stereotypically often portrayed as being quiet, shy or withdrawn, many of us actually have an inner strength that rises to the top in quieter, more reflective moments in life.

If this strikes a chord with you, then you might just be wondering whether you’re a covert introvert, or not.

To find out, read on for six more signs.

1) You have a wild, colourful imagination

Let me tell you: a vivid, colorful imagination is a tell-tale sign of a hidden introvert. 

It’s true! In my experience, I’ve noticed how introverts have this infectious ability to dive deep into their inner thoughts and fantasies. It’s brilliant to see.

For you, this might look like whiling away a Saturday evening with a captivating mystery novel or perhaps losing yourself in a long stroll in the countryside with nothing but the sounds of nature for company.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t to say that us introverts are trying to run away from our problems, turning to our overactive imaginations as a form of escapism.

It’s more so about embracing our reality and harnessing the full power of our senses.

In all honesty, we just experience the world around us in a different way. And that’s no bad thing.

Remember, you cannot underestimate the power of this level of innovative thinking and creativity—yep, even if others do!

This is the kind of rocket fuel that leads to grounbreaking ideas and artistic masterpieces. So don’t lose that spark.

2) You love your solo hobbies

As introverts tend to find plenty of comfort in solitude, it makes total sense that with this comes a lot of enjoyment.

That’s correct. Being alone doesn’t mean sitting in silence. 

Introversion can tie in nicely with a whole world of solo hobbies, be it painting by numbers, recording new songs on the guitar, or building model ships—you name it.

This is the magical thing with introverts: rather than relying on external sources for entertainment, we tend to create our own fulfillment.

Yeah, we can certainly be resourceful creatures!

The next time you immerse yourself in your solo pursuits, be proud of the fact that you’re tapping into your creativity and carving out a sanctuary in a big, busy world.

3) You excel at listening actively and deeply

Ever feel like when you listen to someone, you don’t just hear them?

Rather, you connect, empathize, and create a space where they feel truly understood. 

Well, that’s the essence of active listening—and it’s often a major commonality among hidden introverts.

Now, let’s delve into why being an exceptional listener often reveals the hidden introvert within.

Think about it this way: while the more extroverted people tend to thrive on external stimulation and social interaction, introverts tend to gather their energy through connecting on a deeper level.

And what better way to foster these connections than by being an attentive listener?

Being an active listener isn’t just about hearing words, it’s about understanding the emotions and nuances underneath them all.

It’s about showing empathy, building rapport, and rerflecting back—all qualities that often thrive in the quieter, more reflective corners of social interaction.

4) You need your personal space, particularly in crowded environments

So, you’re making your way through a busy subway station, feeling completely and utterly overwhelmed by the noise and constant movement.

What do you do? Do you force yourself to blend in?

Or, do you seek out a peaceful corner to recharge and collect yourself?

If you find yourself connecting with the latter, you’re likely a hidden introvert

And remember what we said, this is a strength, not a weakness!

It all boils down to finding a healthy balance that respects your own boundaries—recognizing and respecting this need for personal space is an act of self-care.

5) You prefer one-on-one social interactions, rather than party or group settings 

If you tend to find yourself gravitating towards the quieter corners of an event, or only taking up social opportunities with just one or two individuals, you might be a closeted introvert.

For introverts, larger social gatherings like parties, group dinners, or work conventions can feel, quite frankly, way too over-stimulating.

In this kind of setting, you might find your social batteries becoming rapidly depleted.

So, when you opt for a chill weekend coffee date instead of a big Friday night out, do not feel bad!

Seriously, if anyone tries to guilt trip you for it—they’re maybe not a true friend.

Instead, stay strong, and stay true to your inner introvert by seeking our friendships where your social needs are met, understood, and above all, appreciated.

6) You enjoy solo travel

Ah, the call of the wild. Ever felt that delightful urge to pack your bags and venture into the unknown, with only your own company for company?

If solo travel sets your soul alight, you might just be a closeted introvert. 

No itineraries, no compromises—just you and your every bucket-list destination ready to be ticked off. Sounds amazing, huh?

Solo travel means having the freedom to follow your heart’s desires without having to consider anyone else’s needs. It’s liberation in its purest form.

Surprisingly, it tends to be the introverts abroad who often forge the most profound connections.

And why is that? Well, stripped of the safety net of familiar faces, you’re more open to reaching out to strangers. In fact, you kind of have to in order to travel well.

With this kind of spirit, you might just find yourself sharing stories with locals over a cup of tea, forming bonds that transcend language barriers.

After all, us introverts cherish meaningful connections, and solo travel provides plenty of once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for those connections to flourish.

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