If someone uses these 15 phrases, they’re a naturally friendly person

Naturally friendly people make the world a better place.

They brighten up our day with their smile and the way they talk. 

I know a few particularly friendly and welcoming people who come to mind and always have a way of making me feel seen, appreciated and valued. 

These are some of the phrases that naturally friendly people use which cheer us all up. 

1) “Welcome!”

Being told you’re welcome is always a pleasant thing to hear. 

When it’s just being said as a matter of autopilot in a customer service setting it may not mean much. 

But when you’re told that you’re welcome somewhere in a genuine way by somebody who really means it there’s a great feeling that hits you. 

You’re being recognised and told you’re wanted. It’s nice to know. 

2) “Glad to have you here”

This is similar to the first statement and is also very nice to hear. 

When a person lets you know they’re glad you’re around, you feel appreciated and valued

You know that your voice is being heard and that you’re not just wasting your time. 

Friendly people are pros at making sure folks know their time and presence is seen and valued. 

3) “I love the way you look at it!”

When somebody is friendly they love to tell you that you’re unique and appreciated. 

By saying this, they pay tribute to your own unique perspective and how you see things. 

This makes you feel good, and I love being told something like this. 

Amiable people are so skilled at letting you know that your way of viewing matters is appreciated by them and understood. 

4) “Good to see you again”

We all like hearing that somebody is glad to see us. 

People who say this kind of thing spontaneously are usually quite genuine. 

They are doing their best to be friendly and build bridges, offering you an olive branch to be friends or at least on very cordial terms.

Why not accept? 

5) “I was hoping I’d bump into you”

Who doesn’t like hearing this?

When you know that somebody wanted to see you, you get a nice buzz. 

When you can see that they actually mean it, that buzz is redoubled. 

How nice to know somebody actually wanted to see you and has something to say to you. 

6) “Can I get you something else?”

Being asked what you’d like or what you need shows a high degree of thoughtfulness. 

Friendly people like to look after those they come across because it’s just in their nature. 

They don’t expect any reward, “good karma” or benefit: they just want to be of service and ensure that you’re happy if they can.

7) “You have the most fascinating stories”

This is another way that friendly folks show appreciation:

By applauding your anecdotes and stories. 

When you’re told that your stories are interesting and worth telling it encourages you to keep sharing. 

It’s also a big ego boost. 

8) “You look awesome today”

I was told this several days ago while walking past the drug store by a random young man hanging out with his girlfriend. 

I’m not sure why, but he was telling everybody really enthusiastic compliments and the responses were telling:

Surprise, gratitude, happiness. 

We all like being told we look good or are doing something right! 

9) “What are your main interests?”

When somebody shows interest in you it spurs further conversation and is often the start of a beautiful friendship. 

Friendly people are naturally curious and like to ask these kinds of questions. 

It is their way of demonstrating an openness to you and what you’re all about. 

This kind of an open-ended question is for you to answer in whichever way you’d like, by opening up to them and inviting them to open up to you in return.

10) “Maybe I can help you with that”

Friendly folks love to help. 

Adding maybe is their way of staying humble

They don’t like to make a promise unless they’re 100% sure. 

But by offering that they can likely help they indicate that they are on track to do their best to give you a hand. 

11) “I understand what you’re saying”

We all like to feel understood. 

This simple statement says a thousand words. 

It lets you know that you’re being heard and that it matters. 

Friendly people provide this kind of assurance regularly because they know how it feels to be ignored or misunderstood. 

12) “I haven’t been where you are but I’ve felt similarly”

This is a very empathetic thing to say.

The friendly person lets you know that while they themselves may not have gone through what you are, they have felt similar feelings. 

This is a way of empathizing with you while also maintaining a respectful distance and admitting that they can’t assume they fully get it. 

It’s nice to feel heard but also respected in your pain, and friendly people get that.

13) “What type of work are you looking for?” 

Naturally friendly folks have a penchant for networking

If you’re looking for a job or really any kind of connection they will do their best to set you up. 

They don’t expect anything out of this but enjoy the activity itself. 

Plus, chances are that when they needed a hand back in the day a friendly person helped them out, too! 

Pay it forward is the name of the game. 

14) “You would get along with my friend”

Another way in which naturally friendly people like to assist is in matchmaking and friendship. 

If they feel like you’d hit it off with a friend of theirs (romantically or platonically) they’ll let you know. 

Why not?

At worst you won’t like their friend. At best you will! 

They’ll be happy to introduce you.

Speaking of which… 

15) “I know somebody great who can help you with that”

When you’re told that there is somebody else who can help you with an issue or task you want done it’s a big relief. 

Friendly people love to refer you to the right person for the job if they’re not able to help you themselves. 

What could be friendlier than being pointed in the right direction to get help with what you need?

In summary

Friendly people rock! Let’s all give them a round of applause. 

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