If someone uses these 12 phrases, they’re probably a natural empath

Natural empaths are born with the gift of awareness of other people’s emotions. 

Being with them makes you feel deeply seen, heard, and understood.

Wondering who among the people in your life are natural empaths?

Here are 12 phrases natural empaths often use so you can recognize them better. 

1) “I feel you”

You’ll know natural empaths because when they say “I feel you”, it feels genuine. 

Where other people will ask details they think are important— the who, what when where, the natural empath knows what matters most to YOU.

In a conversation, natural empaths are attuned to your emotional state—your pain, your joy, your pride, your hope.

In essence, a natural empath intuits what is most important for you, not what will be of most importance or benefit to them in an interaction.

2) “I’m with you on this”

Natural empaths not only sense how you feel, they also sense the depth of your intention.

In a space of conflict, even if the other person puts up a very nice and polite front, a natural empath will take your side because they can see through the act.

While everyone else who is there as a witness may see one thing, natural empaths are not only keen sensors of space and people, they are also highly adept at spotting people with ill intentions. 

If you have a natural empath on your side, you don’t have to worry about sharing your raw emotions because they sense the deep, authentic goodness in you at all times. 

3) “I appreciate you sharing this with me, I know it wasn’t easy”

Natural empaths are not only capable of feeling your emotions, they also appreciate your great effort of sharing yourself authentically.

They feel how challenging it is to open up, especially if it’s something that’s particularly traumatic.

As a natural empath, they never take trust lightly so they always express appreciation for being trusted with one’s truth. 

While others feel entitled or take it lightly when you share with them, a natural empath honors your trust and returns it. 

4) “You have me”

Natural empaths know from experience that people are not always looking for solutions to make their challenges go away. 

Often, what they need is for someone to hold space—that they are not alone.

So while natural empaths know they can’t always solve all problems, they offer their presence and support as much as they can.

This is also because they trust in your capacity to get through it, and that all you need is to know that they’ve got your back.

5) “I’m listening and I’m staying with you”

Natural empaths have the natural and developed capacity to stay still and truly listen

That’s because they expect that your sharing may take time and layers of telling before you get to the deepest truth.

No matter their busy schedule, they will make you feel as if they have all the time in the world to listen to what you are going through.

More importantly, they see the courage and honesty and so they state their commitment to be by your side, in advance.

6) “OMG! My heart is bursting with you”

Whether it’s effusive joy or deep grief, a natural empath expands and contracts, beats at the same pace as yours. 

For the moment you are together, and if your bond is close, even with distance, they will feel your heart as if it was theirs.

This is because natural empaths have the capacity to really be one with you, through the rollercoaster of emotions that is daily life. 

They feel it in their bodies. When your heart is bursting with excitement, their heart feels it too. 

7) “It hurts to be misunderstood… I get you.”

Natural empaths understand people beyond words and expressions. Simply put, they can see through people.

For instance, someone may say the most perfectly composed words but the empath sees the insincerity. 

The natural empath may also be close friends with someone who speaks rough, because they see through the real person inside.

A natural empath understands and feels you, sometimes even to an extent you don’t understand yourself yet. 

They will always see that your heart is in the right place, even when your expressions are not as refined as society wants you to be. 

8) “I don’t have the words, I’m  just listening”

During moments of great emotional turbulence, the natural empath rides it with you instead of trying to make you feel better fast because your discomfort makes them ill at ease.

This is why they can be comfortable with silence and quietly listening, gently affirming, supporting and giving you company and compassion.

They won’t give advice either because they usually can tell—even without you warning them—that you don’t need solutions, just emotional release.

This is why natural empaths are so comforting to be with. There really are no words great enough to compensate for listening from the heart

9) “I see through you.”

No amount of faking or masking can let you off the hook with a natural empath. If you are deeply depressed and faking a smile, they will ask, “How are you, really?”

They also know that even when you share deep anger over your partner or family, that there’s really deep love and affection there. 

They will not fan your anger at all because they deeply hear and feel the love underneath the hurt. 

No matter the layers or shifts in your emotions, the empath is there with you, understanding through each emotion, even when you are not aware of it.

10) “I have been there, and it sucks.”

A feeling is akin to a physical space for a natural empath.

When you say you are in the depth of grief, they implicitly feel you and you don’t need to exhaust yourself explaining all the details because they are with you in that moment.

It’s as if in your pain, they went there and sat beside you to visit the place where the hurt happened and kept you company when you felt so alone.

Natural empaths automatically access memories and emotions at the same time as you do and read you like a book.

11) “That is a valid thing to feel, I feel the same way too”

Natural empaths know that often all someone needs is an affirmation for what they are feeling. 

“Is it right that I feel this angry? Annoyed?”

“Am I allowed to feel happy in spite of that?”

Before you even ask these questions, the natural empath will already be a step ahead of you, validating your emotions and experience.

They will remind you of your goodness even when you know you are not in your Highest Self. 

They will constantly be a safe space, giving you the full permission you didn’t even know you needed to be righteously angry, scared, jealous, or shamed, without ever judging you for it.

12) “I get goosebumps!”

If you need a final test to see if someone is truly a natural empath, listen and keep an eye out for goosebumps.

Goosebumps mark “an empath moment” like listening to transcendent music, looking at art, or talking to someone who expresses deep life truths.  

Natural empaths get goosebumps when they are deeply moved, feeling intense emotions or feel aligned or in resonance with the person, moment or experience.  

They’ll say something like “I get goosebumps just listening to you describe the scene!”

When the natural empath is so into what the other person is sharing and feeling, they get this very strange sensation.

Last words

As beautiful as it is that people are now learning how to speak and behave in more empathic ways, growing into genuine empathy takes an honesty of intention. 

When words and phrases of empathy are used simply to seem nice and garner favor, empathy loses all meaning.

As difficult as it is to be a natural empath—absorbing the multitude and depth of feelings of people, animals, plants, even disasters in the world—their sensitivity and compassion is truly a gift. 

Once they are able to ground and protect their energy, they become powerful healers helping co-create a world where no one feels isolated and alone. 

If you have been blessed to know a natural empath, learn from them as you try to become one.

Of course, let them know you appreciate them and support them by giving them the space to recharge in full. 

They will give it back to the world in three-fold or more. 

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